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  1. Exploring Various Applications of Microcontrollers: A World of Tiny Brains
    Exploring Various Applications of Micro Controller Microcontrollers have become ubiquitous in the modern world with applications in nearly every industry. This student project aims to demonstrate various real-world applications of microcontrollers to showcase their versatility and importance across different domains. Exploring the functionality of microcontrollers…... Listed under:
  2. Easy Way to Learn Robotics Using Microcontrollers: A Beginner’s Guide
    The title, "Easy Way to Learn Robotics Using Microcontrollers," promises an accessible entry point for those curious about the exciting world of robotics. This commentary delves into the potential of this project, exploring its strengths, considerations for improvement, and resources to enhance the learning experience.…... Listed under:
  3. Mastering Microcontroller Programming: From Basics to Advanced Techniques
    ABSTRACT A microcontroller, comprising a CPU, RAM, ROM, and I/O ports, is a compact computer integrated into a single circuit board. Its significance in various aspects of daily life cannot be overstated. Unlike general-purpose computers, microcontrollers are specifically designed to carry out predefined tasks or…... Listed under:
  4. Unveiling the Many Faces of Microcontroller Applications
    Abstract. A microcontroller, also referred to as an MCU or microcontroller unit, represents an integrated circuit (IC) crafted for specific applications, tailored to execute designated tasks. While commonly employed in products requiring automated control, such as devices, power tools, automobile engine control systems, and computers,…... Listed under:
  5. Designing a Microcontroller Framework for PC-Based Control of Electrical Appliances
    ABSTRACT The preference for personal computers as a platform for designing and implementing control algorithms is growing due to the ease of writing, modifying, and updating software programs for these purposes. In this study, we utilize a personal computer to manage electrical appliances, enabling the…... Listed under:
  6. Understanding the Fundamentals: Exploring Microprocessor, Microcontroller, and Programming Basics
    Common computer organization The Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is a component designed to perform a range of operations, such as addition, shifting, AND, OR, and others, on specific on-chip registers. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) encompasses the control logic, relevant registers, and the arithmetic logic…... Listed under:
  7. Efficient Sun-Following Robot: A Solar Tracker with Microcontroller Control
    Abstract The impending global challenge of dwindling non-renewable fuel resources underscores the urgency of transitioning towards renewable energy alternatives like solar power. However, the efficacy of solar energy generation hinges on the intensity of solar irradiation. This project aims to address this by designing and…... Listed under:
  8. Crafting a Microcontroller-Based Temperature Monitoring System
    Abstract As technological advancements progress, processes become increasingly intricate, demanding a corresponding expansion in the parameters necessary for efficient analysis. Data acquisition, the systematic gathering of information regarding systems or procedures, involves automated collection from both analog and digital measurement sources such as sensors and…... Listed under:
  9. Designing a Door Access Control System with Programmed AT89C52 Microcontroller
    Abstract: Biometric door systems present limitations as they are unsuitable for widespread use due to hygiene concerns and accessibility issues for individuals with physical disabilities. To address these challenges, a novel approach was devised utilizing an AT89C52 microcontroller-based access door control system, integrating dual-factor authentication…... Listed under:
  10. Integrating Solar Power: Microcontroller-Based Approaches for Domestic Electricity
    Abstract: Microcontrollers have found extensive application in endeavors aimed at reducing power consumption. The availability of microcontroller development tools has made them easily accessible. Many nations grapple with energy challenges such as insufficient power capacity and escalating energy demands. Consequently, it becomes imperative to introduce…... Listed under:
  11. Building Blocks for Success: A Structured Framework for Microchip PIC Microcontroller Applications
    Abstract This paper introduces a framework designed for creating applications centered around a Microchip PIC microcontroller (őľC). Comprising both hardware and software tools, this framework facilitates the development and transfer of program code from a personal computer to the microcontroller, as well as the evaluation…... Listed under:
  12. Automated Room Temperature Monitoring System using Microcontrollers
    Abstract Monitoring the temperature within a computer server room stands as a crucial responsibility to uphold the server's performance amidst potential disruptions caused by elevated room temperatures. This study details the development and implementation of a room temperature monitoring system based on a microcontroller. Utilizing…... Listed under:
  13. Enhancing Microcontroller Programming Skills through Multi-Module 8051 Microcontroller Boards
    ABSTRACT In contemporary embedded systems, the microcontroller assumes a pivotal role. Mastery of microcontroller programming has become indispensable not only for engineering disciplines but also for various other fields such as computer science, electronics, and physics. Practical laboratory sessions have proven to be an effective…... Listed under:
  14. Efficient Power Generation with Microcontroller-Controlled Thermoelectric Generators
    INTRODUCTION The global demand for electrical energy continues to rise steadily, necessitating a shift towards renewable energy sources as traditional fossil fuels like petroleum and coal become increasingly scarce and contribute to environmental pollution. Consequently, there has been a surge in research focused on harnessing…... Listed under:
  15. Efficient Multichannel Data Acquisition with USB Connectivity using PIC Microcontroller
    1.¬†¬†¬†¬† INTRODUCTION With the rapid advancements in embedded technology, there is a growing demand for a data acquisition system that combines fast processing speed, compact size, low cost, and real-time data monitoring capabilities. The utilization of a microcontroller as a processor has gained popularity due…... Listed under:
  16. Exploring the World of PIC Microcontrollers: An Architectural Overview
    A Peripheral Interface Microcontroller (PIC), developed by General Instruments Microcontrollers in 1993, operates under software control and is programmed to execute various tasks, regulating production lines. PIC microcontrollers find application in diverse fields including smartphones, audio accessories, and cutting-edge medical devices. [caption id="attachment_40304" align="aligncenter" width="300"]…... Listed under:
  17. Mastering the Basics: Programming a PIC Microcontroller
    One lesson I've gleaned from parenthood is the formidable challenge of imparting knowledge to a child. Despite their keen interest and ample time and resources at hand, if a child isn't prepared or lacks essential foundational elements, grasping a skill or lesson can prove elusive.…... Listed under:
  18. Innovative Robotics: A Comprehensive Project Exploration
    A DC motor functions as an electromechanical device, translating electrical signals into mechanical movements. The rotation of the motor correlates directly with the applied input pulses, with the sequence of pulses determining the direction of the motor shaft's rotation. The speed of rotation is directly…... Listed under:
  19. An Integrated Approach to Developing Applications with Microchip PIC Microcontrollers
    1. Introduction In our daily lives, a variety of devices such as telephones, household appliances, and cars incorporate "smart" electronics, typically manifested as embedded systems. At their core, these systems involve a microcomputer designed to oversee specific processes within the application. Microcontrollers (őľC) or digital…... Listed under:
  20. Microcontroller-Driven AC Voltage Control with Soft Start Feature
    1. INTRODUCTION PWM-based AC voltage controllers find extensive application in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and high-power flexible AC transmission systems. This variable voltage output serves various purposes, including dimming street lights, adjusting heating temperatures in homes and industries, controlling the speed of fans and winding…... Listed under:
  21. PIC Microcontroller-Based IC Tester for Efficient Integrated Circuit Verification
    1. INTRODUCTION Within the electronics industry[1], as circuit complexity undergoes a drastic increase and the demand for higher reliability rises, a significant factor contributing to overall costs is the expense incurred during testing. Traditionally, distinct hardware circuits are required for testing different integrated circuits (ICs).…... Listed under:
  22. Advanced Techniques for Fault Detection, Indication, and Protection in Induction Motors
    1. INTRODUCTION The impact of microcontroller usage on our daily lives is remarkable. This versatile device is now prevalent in various control applications, utilizing a microprocessor as its central processing unit (CPU) while integrating features such as memory, timing references, and I/O peripherals on the…... Listed under:
  23. Innovative Approaches to Control System Design for 100KV Impulse Generators
    1. INTRODUCTION An impulse generator is an electrical device designed to generate short-duration surges of high voltage or high current. Impulse signals are characterized by their very high magnitude and extremely brief duration. These impulses are typically utilized for insulation testing by passing them through…... Listed under:
  24. Mastering PIC 24F Series: A Comprehensive Guide with MPLAB and Proteus
    Introduction The field of embedded systems plays a crucial role in modern society, with a myriad of applications across various sectors such as telecommunication, medical devices, industrial control, and more (Miha & Mihael, 2008). Microcontrollers form the backbone of these embedded systems, capable of executing…... Listed under:
  25. Smart Baby Incubator: Enhancing Care with PIC Microcontrollers
    INTRODUCTION Within the effective Baby Incubator system, the incubator serves as an infant-stimulation apparatus designed for the intensive care of newborns, particularly those who are premature or unwell. This system ensures a secure and hygienic environment, offering fresh air and sterile conditions essential for the…... Listed under:
  26. Exploring Versatility: GSM-Based Robotic Vehicle Technology
    Introduction To Robotics The term 'Robot' remains elusive, defying a precise definition due to its evolving usage. Initially, it referred to humanoid or human-like beings and originated from the Czech word meaning 'slave labor,' coined by Karel ńĆapek in his 1921 play, "Rossum's Universal Robots."…... Listed under:
  27. Wireless Control of Robotic Arm via PS2 Joystick and Microcontroller Technology
    1. INTRODUCTION A robot is a machine capable of performing a multitude of tasks [1]. Specifically, a robotic arm, functioning as a robot rigger, exhibits the ability to execute various functions akin to a human arm. In industrial settings, these robotic arms undertake diverse tasks…... Listed under:
  28. Microcontroller-Based Laser Pulse Code Detection: Harnessing Pulse Repetition Frequency
    This paper presents an enhanced system for detecting and tracking laser-guided weapons through a microcontroller-based decoding mechanism. The system utilizes a 4-quadrant laser detector to receive reflected pulses, and an electronic circuit processes these pulses. The processed data is then sent to a microcontroller for…... Listed under:
  29. Precision Temperature Monitoring in Boiling Water with PIC Microcontroller
    ABSTRACT In the industrial setting, accurately measuring the temperature of boiled water is a crucial undertaking. This paper presents the design and implementation of a temperature measurement system for boiled water utilizing a PIC microcontroller, specifically the PIC 18F452, and a temperature sensor from National…... Listed under:
  30. Optimizing Performance: A Guide to Stacking Precision Power Supplies
    1. Introduction Statement of Purpose Our project selection stems from the recognition that power supplies represent a crucial and costly aspect of any electrical project. In an industrial context, numerous product test setups demand precision voltage references, but the acquired supplies often exceed the required…... Listed under:
  31. A Comprehensive VR Disability Accessibility Design Document
    Introduction Problem and solution overview As technological advancements propel the evolution of virtual reality (VR) devices, incorporating features such as full-body capture and haptic feedback, the potential for diverse applications in gaming, education, and resource management continues to grow. However, the current state of VR…... Listed under:
  32. Intelligent Sips: Revolutionizing Dining with the SmartCup
    Abstract The SmartCup Attachment is a comprehensive system designed for restaurants to monitor the liquid levels in their customers' cups. This system comprises the attachment affixed to the base of cups, a hub responsible for processing data from all cups and converting it into Bluetooth…... Listed under:
  33. Programming HID Bootloader on PIC32
    The bootloader enables program installation on the PIC32 without relying on an external programmer such as an ICD2, and it operates without the need for any drivers on the computer. Software PIC Source Code For every new program, it is necessary to establish a folder…... Listed under:
  34. Hands-On Microcontroller Projects: BK300 Development Board Featuring PIC16F887 Chip Lab
    1. INTRODUCTION The study of microcontroller systems is experiencing a global surge across various fields within science, engineering, and technology departments of universities and polytechnics [1-2]. The utilization of microcontroller chips to oversee embedded system functions is witnessing rapid growth in daily technological design practices…... Listed under:
  35. Pitt Robotics Club’s Guide to PIC16F877A Programming
    The tutorials assume a foundational understanding of programming and electronics. If you're new to programming, it's advisable to grasp the basics of C or C++. Additionally, a basic knowledge of electronics and constructing simple circuits is recommended. Most of this information was gathered from the…... Listed under:
  36. The Digital Logic Smart Breadboard Experience
    1. Introduction 1.1 Problem and Solution In the realm of engineering prototyping, the breadboard stands as the primary choice for initial hardware testing. However, as the size of the prototyped system expands, such as in the case of a 4-bit calculator akin to the implementation…... Listed under:
  37. Exploring Leon’s Mini Random Number Generator (mRNG)
    Sales Pitch Feeling overwhelmed by choices? Who isn't? Decision-making can be a maze. White, rye, or wheat? Pinstripes or polka dots? Feast or fast? But fret not‚ÄĒassistance is at hand! Enter the world's inaugural, handheld, portable decision-maker, fueled by genuinely random numbers. While my competitors…... Listed under:
  38. Step-by-Step Assembly Guide for [Development Board Name]
    Getting Ready Let's initiate by conducting a basic test to ensure the accurate manufacturing of your PCB - checking for any potential short circuits between the power and ground rails. Employ the bench digital multimeter to assess the resistance between Vcc and GND. Follow the…... Listed under:
  39. Maximizing Wi-Fi Capabilities with the Explorer 16 Development Board
    As society progresses, the necessity for wireless communication is evolving from a mere luxury to an essential requirement. Wi-Fi, extending beyond conventional internet communication, finds myriad applications. This guide delineates the functionalities inherent in the Microchip Explorer 16 Development Board for Wi-Fi operations. It also…... Listed under:
  40. Designing Your Ideal Alarm Clock: An Introduction to PIC18
    Within this laboratory session, you'll employ the C language to create an alarm clock, delving into the implementation of "C" programs on the PIC18 microcontroller. Additionally, you'll gain insights into utilizing interrupts, executing digital-to-analog conversion, and incorporating music playback capabilities on the PIC18. This project…... Listed under:
  41. Revolutionizing Wearable Tech: Advancements in Self-Powered Microchips
    The potential for preventive healthcare could be driven by harnessing energy from body heat and movement. At the University of Virginia, researchers are crafting a low-power microchip capable of supporting real-time health monitoring directly on the body. This chip, fueled by sources such as body…... Listed under:
  42. Transform Your Home into a Smart Haven with DIY Wireless Automation
    Introduction Smart home technology has grown tremendously in popularity over the last decade. A recent survey found that 46% of consumers view smart home features as an important consideration for their current or future residence. However, many commercial smart home systems are quite expensive to…... Listed under:
  43. Audio Spectrum Analyzer
    We developed an audio spectrum analyzer as our final project for ECE 4760. This analyzer presented a histogram-style representation of audio signals. We successfully achieved real-time display of the audio signal's frequency spectrum using a monochromatic histogram layout, where bins extended from left to right,…... Listed under:
  44. Exploring the PIC16F88 Microcontroller for Remote-Controlled Robotics
    I. Design Summary The objective of this mechatronics system design project is to develop a straightforward control and interface platform for robotics using a Microchip PIC processor. The aim is to create a versatile platform capable of accommodating various sensors, displays, and outputs, and it…... Listed under:
  45. Thermistor Respiratory Monitor
    The concluding assignment in ECE 4760 involves the creation of a respiratory monitor tailored for use in resource-constrained settings. This device determines a patient's respiration rate by identifying temperature fluctuations as the patient breathes through a mask. Notable attributes of this device encompass an alarm…... Listed under:
  46. Video Project Development in the Midst of an Impromptu Online Semester
    Receiving robot parts in the mail was an unexpected conclusion to the Winter 2020 semester for students. However, when faced with a unique situation, innovative solutions were required, and the instructors of EECS 373: Introduction to Embedded System Design rose to the challenge. With the…... Listed under:
  47. Mastering the Art of Proportional-Derivative Control with Pulse-Width Modulation
    Project Goals Upon completion of this project, you will have gained the ability to: 1. Regulate the velocity and direction of DC motors using an H-bridge circuit. 2. Execute and fine-tune a proportional-derivative control algorithm to sustain the desired orientation of the hovercraft. 3. Implement…... Listed under:
  48. Crafting a Microcontroller Circuit: From Design to Programming
    Official Assignment Description For this week's project, the task was to create a board, which was relatively straightforward once I got the hang of EAGLE's idiosyncrasies. Afterward, the challenge was to instruct the board to perform a specific task, a process that proved to be…... Listed under:
  49. Simulating the Water Cycle in a Desert
    Abstract: The objective of my project is to create an automated watering system for succulent plants. In this project, an Arduino microcontroller is employed to periodically send a signal to activate a relay, which, in turn, powers a pump responsible for watering the plant. The…... Listed under:
  50. Basic Microcontroller Use for Measurement and Control
    Introduction Measurement and control systems play a crucial role in the field of biosystems engineering. In the digital era, these systems are pervasive and essential, serving the dual purpose of gathering data (measurement) and automating processes (control). As an example, consider weather stations that measure…... Listed under:
  51. Stepper Motor Control using 8051 Microcontroller
    I. Summary The core concept behind the project and its circuitry involves incrementally rotating a stepper motor by a specific step angle. To accomplish this, the project will employ an ULN2003 IC in conjunction with the L293D Motor Driver. This combination is necessary because the…... Listed under:
    INTRODUCTION The primary objective of this project is to execute the USB protocol and manage the reading and writing of packets of various sizes within the memory of the Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) microcontroller. Several test cases have been incorporated, which include: - Writing a…... Listed under:
  53. Pic Cross Development Support Tools
    The SMALpic Assembler When I embarked on a substantial PIC-based project for paid work, I encountered a common issue: most of the PIC tools were designed exclusively for Windows. Additionally, the Linux tools available seemed to require a significant time investment to upgrade my outdated…... Listed under:
  54. Microcontroller Implementation of a Small Robot Arm Controller
    Our senior project aims to design and develop assembly language for a small robot arm assembly controller, utilizing an enhanced 8051 microcontroller (80535). In addition to the controller's software, we will design and construct the microcontroller interface circuitry. Our investigation will focus on incorporating safety…... Listed under:
  55. Prototyping with Microcontrollers, Sensors, and Materials
    Prototyping Prototyping involves the creation of an initial model of a product to conduct testing. Whether the product is intended for consumers, government entities, or businesses, it typically starts as a prototype, which may not include all the components or functionalities present in the final…... Listed under:
    INTRODUCTION: In the ever-changing contemporary society, technology is not only progressing rapidly but also becoming increasingly prevalent in our day-to-day existence. The emergence of "intelligent" items is significantly transforming the way we design almost every conceivable product. From shoes integrated with chips that sync with…... Listed under:
  57. IoT Microcontroller Development Kit
    Our team developed an affordable microcontroller, which is open source and designed specifically for Internet of Things applications. Things used in this project Hardware components Texas Instruments LAUNCHXL-CC2650 SimpleLink CC2650 BLE Zigbee 6LoWPAN LaunchPad Texas Instruments BOOSTXL-CC2650MA SimpleLink BLE BoosterPack OSH Park Custom fabricated PCB…... Listed under:
    The¬†MYS-8MMX Single Board Computer¬†has a compact design with only 95mm by 65mm form factor. It is powered by¬†NXP‚Äôs first embedded multicore applications processor¬†i.MX 8M Mini¬†which features up to 1.8GHz quad-core¬†ARM Cortex-A53¬†plus 400MHz¬†Cortex-M4¬†processor, combining advanced 14LPC FinFET process technology to provide more speed and improved power…... Listed under: , ,
  59. Build this microcontroller controlled rainbow flying disc – and then throw it!
    Hello all and welcome to this super simple and inexpensive instructable. If you like throwing frisbees¬†AND you like¬†flashing lights¬†AND you like night time - then this instructable is for you! Have you ever waved a light or torch around and found that it 'draws' lines…... Listed under:
    Introduction This circuit is a battery characterizer that applies a fixed load to a charged NiCad or NiMH cell and measures milliamp-hour capacity as it discharges. There is no single load that can be applied to a battery to measure milliamp-hours. It depends on the…... Listed under: ,
  61. Determine capacitance by measuring the charging time using PIC16F688
    When TEST botton is pressed, RA3 pin is set to "1". R2 and R3 are divide the voltage to 1/2 Vra3 which is connected to RA2 pin to be a Vref for comparator. The C undertest is charging and the timer is start. When the…... Listed under: ,
  62. PIC 12F675 Programmable 12V Battery Monitor
    Being an active outdoor guy, I have a few different types of 12V lights and a variety of battery types. - For flying RC planes and quadcopters at night, we use sealed lead acid batteries to power our club tables. - For fishing, I have…... Listed under:
  63. Integrated Solar ChargeController, Inverter, PowerBank, Lamp
    Microcontroller based Solar PV System's charge controller, inverter, PowerBank & LED lamp with menu-based navigation system on LCD display. Story About this Project I have a few solar panels, 12 Volt batteries, transformers and few more stuff laying around for a while crying out aloud…... Listed under:
  64. RGB LED PWM Driver for High Power 350mA LEDs using PIC12F629
    Description This project combines a PIC and three constant current 'buck' converters to produce¬†an RGB LED controller that will operate with the the high power 350mA LEDs using PWM to control the LED brightness.¬† By driving the red, green and blue LEDs with varying pulse…... Listed under: , ,
  65. Voice Activated Power Sockets (Home Automation)
    Yet another voice controlled home automation system! As shown in the picture, the system can control any electrical appliance, by turning ON or OFF, that is connected into the electrical socket. The system does this using bespoke voice commands. The system uses a micro-controller board…... Listed under:
  66. Tiny ML for Big Hearts on an 8-bit Microcontroller
    Predict the possibility of arrhythmias on an 8- bit Microcontroller, without sending the corresponding sensor data to the cloud. Story In the course of the pandemic, the interest in creating a 8- bit Microcontroller more innovative medical devices has run high, as recent years showed…... Listed under:
  67. A digital thermometer or talk I2C to your atmel microcontroller using pic microcontroller
    Abstract: The Atmega8 microcontroller from Atmel has plenty of digital and analog input/output lines. It is the ideal device to develop any kind of measurement equipment. In this article we see how to interconnect the microcontroller to a linux PC over a physical RS232 interface…... Listed under:
  68. Bluetooth Wireless Voltage Meter using Wiimote + Pic Chip + AutoIt
    In this tutorial I'm going to be showing you how you can send voltage values to your pc using a Pic chip, Wiimote, and Autoit3 scripting language. The process works by wiring a pic chip to the button pads of a wiimote. Then using the…... Listed under:
  69. How to get started with TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers
    Want to build your own TinyML application? This is a detailed approach to getting started with TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers! Story Introduction In the summer of 2022 I was selected to participate in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) under TensorFlow. While trying to build…... Listed under:
  70. Programmable Stiffness Joint using pic-microcontroller
    Team Members Amanda Care (Senior in Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University) Eric Nickel (Graduate Student in Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University, BS in Biomedical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering) James Yeung (Junior in Electrical Engineering, Northwestern University) Overview The "Programmable Stiffness Joint" is a device…... Listed under:
  71. PIC16F1787 Programmer Board (for Almost all 40 pin 16Fxxx)
    Intro This is my first Instructable so I'm sorry for mistakes. Critics are always welcome ūüôā So in this project I made a development board for PIC16F1787. Now most of you guys aren't familiar with this particular model. Some might even think why I chose…... Listed under:
  72. Temperature Access Point Using an AVR¬ģ DA Microcontroller
    Inspired by COVID-19 prevention, we have developed a system that measures the temperature of persons before they enter a building by Temperature Access Point Using an AVR¬ģ DA Microcontroller. Story about temperature¬†Access Point During the pandemic, people are being asked to have temperature checked at…... Listed under:
  73. chipKIT Tutorial 7: Using Nokia 5110 LCD
    In Tutorial 4, we learnt interfacing¬†an HD44780-based LCD to¬†a chipKIT board for displaying alphanumeric output. Today, we will see how to connect a NOKIA 5110 graphical LCD (used in¬†Nokia 5110 cell phones), which is¬†a¬†84√ó48 pixel monochrome display of about 1.5‚Ä≥ diagonal in size. The display…... Listed under: ,
  74. chipKIT Project 5: Digital stopwatch on seven segment LED display
    In this project, we will use the chipKIT Uno32 board to build a digital stopwatch capable of timing minutes, seconds, and 1/10th of seconds, and with a basic start and stop control feature. A MAX7219-driven 8-digit seven segment LED display is used to display the…... Listed under: ,
  75. chipKIT Project 4: Digital light meter
    A light meter is used to measure the intensity of illumination in a given area. It is widely used in schools, warehouses, factories, hospitals, office¬†buildings, museums, art-galleries, parking¬†garages, stadiums, and many more,¬†to measure and maintain proper lighting levels. The intensity of illumination is usually expressed…... Listed under: ,
  76. Metal Detecting with PIC18-Q71 Microcontroller
    Distinguish between metal and non-metallic objects using Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) with the Metal Detecting with PIC18-Q71 Microcontroller. Story about Metal Detecting with PIC18-Q71 This application creates a simple¬†proximity¬†metal detector with the Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) in the¬†PIC18-Q71 family of microcontrollers (MCUs)¬†to differentiate between metallic…... Listed under:
  77. Universal Driver & Dev Board using PIC16F
    Description The simple 8 channel LED chaser has been a very popular project on Picprojects since it was first published a couple of years ago.¬† During that time there has been a demand for a board that could drive more LEDs so I started designing…... Listed under: ,
  78. On-Board Satellite Controller using ARM Based Microcontroller
    Satellite Subsystems Irrespective of the intended application, is it a communications satellite or a weather satellite or even an Earth observation satellite, different subsystems comprising a typical satellite include the following: Mechanical structure Propulsion Thermal control Power supply Tracking, telemetry and command Attitude and orbit…... Listed under: ,
  79. chipKIT Tutorial 1: Digital input and output
    Our first chipKIT tutorial is about reading and writing digital data (0 or 1) from and to an I/O pin of the chipKIT board. Digital inputs are useful to determine whether an incoming digital signal is logic HIGH or logic LOW. A simple application of…... Listed under: ,
  80. Tiny GNSS Module Interfacing With Microcontroller
    Interfacing ultra-low power REYAX RYS8830Tiny GNSS Module with Microcontroller. Story about Tiny GNSS Module while working with Tracking devices we need GPS Or GNSS receivers to get the geolocation details. These receivers must be precise by consuming low power, shouldn't have an external antenna, and…... Listed under:
  81. chipKIT Tutorial 2: Serial communication with PC
    The PIC32 processor on the chipKIT Uno32 board provides two hardware serial ports. One of these is used by the on-board FTDI chip to create an USB-UART interface that allows the MPIDE tool running on the PC to communicate with the Uno32 board through an…... Listed under: ,
  82. What is Chipkit Development Board?
    In order to understand the chipKIT platform, it is important to talk about Arduino first. Arduino is an easy-to-use and powerful open source environment for developing microcontroller based applications.Chipkit Development Board It has gained huge amount of popularity in past few years, specially among hobbyists.…... Listed under: ,
  83. chipKIT Project 3: Easy Pulse Meter
    This is a third project in our chipKIT tutorial series and today we are going to construct a simple pulse rate meter using¬†our Easy Pulse sensor¬†with Digilent‚Äôs¬†chipKIT Uno32 board. Digilent‚Äôs chipKIT Basic I/O shield is also used in this project for displaying the pulse waveform…... Listed under: ,
  84. In-depth: TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers – Part 2
    This blog details the inner workings of TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers and the role of Flatbuffers in them. Story of TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers Part 2/2:¬†This blog extends my¬†TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers tutorial.¬†I was selected in Google Summer of Code, under TensorFlow, to work on…... Listed under:
  85. chipKIT Tutorial 6: Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) communication
    I2C or IIC (Inter-Integrated Circuit) is a simple bidirectional serial interface, which requires only 2 signal lines for data transfer. It was originally developed by Philips in 1980‚Ä≤s to provide easy on-board communications between a CPU and various peripheral chips in a TV set. Today,…... Listed under: ,
  86. chipKIT Tutorial 5: Pulse width modulation (PWM)
    Pulse width modulation (PWM) is a technique of controlling the amount of power delivered to an electronic load using an on-off digital signal. The key idea behind this technique is that the average DC value of the digital signal, and hence the power delivered to…... Listed under: ,
  87. Voice Activated Robo Car on Microcontroller with TinyML
    Using voice recognition with the in-built microphone, Wio Terminal (Voice Activated Robo Car) will be able to recognize the go, stop and background noise by TinyML. Story of Voice Activated Robo Car In this article, I will be making a¬†voice activated Robo Car¬†with the in-built…... Listed under:
  88. chipKIT Project 2: Temperature and relative humidity logger
    This project is about building a PC-based temperature and relative humidity logger using the chipKIT Uno32 board and the DHT11 sensor. The project setup requires no additional wires (other than the USB cable) and components; the DHT11 sensor is directly plugged into four I/O pins…... Listed under: ,
  89. chipKIT Project 1: Digital thermometer using an LM34 sensor
    In Tutorial 3, we learnt how to use chiKIT ADC channels to read an external analog voltage and convert it into a digital number. We also discussed about interfacing a standard Hitachi 44780-based character LCD to the chipKIT Uno32 board in Tutorial 4. Now it‚Äôs…... Listed under: ,
  90. chipKIT Tutorial 4: Interfacing a character LCD
    Liquid Crystal Displays(LCDs ) are a very popular output device for displaying graphical and alphanumeric data in microcontroller based systems. They can also provide an interactive input interface to the users. The most common type of LCD controller used by hobbyists is the Hitachi 44780,…... Listed under: ,
  91. chipKIT Tutorial 3: Analog-to-digital conversion
      [caption id="attachment_12035" align="alignnone" width="570"] Analog-to-digital conversion[/caption] Theory Many embedded applications deal with physical variables such as motion, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, light intensity, and sound. A microcontroller cannot directly handle these entities because i) they are non-electrical signals, and, ii) they are analog quantities,…... Listed under: ,
  92. Pinguino Project: A PIC Microcontroller Based Arduino
    This is a complete tutorial to make a PIC Microcontroller based Arduino. This is a complete tutorial to make PIC microcontroller based¬†Arduino, which can run Arduino programs on¬†PIC18F4550¬†or¬†PIC18F2550¬†microcontroller, one advantage on this microcontroller is that it doesn't require any external programmers, since it has inbuilt…... Listed under:
  93. Frequency Counter by PIC16F628
    In this project we are building a basic and low cost frequency counter circuit . It can measure from 16Hz to 100Hz signals with a maximum amplitude of 15V. The sensitivity is high, the resolution is 0.01Hz. The input signal can be a sine, a…... Listed under:
  94. Curiosity Development Kit Board
    Satisfy Your Curiosity Your next embedded design idea has a new home. Curiosity is a cost-effective, fully integrated 8-bit development platform targeted at first-time users, Makers, and those seeking a feature-rich rapid prototyping board. Designed from the ground-up to take full advantage of Microchip's MPLAB…... Listed under:
  95. Keypad 4×5 for microcontrollers v. 1.1 using PIC16F877
    What's this? The circuit here described is a simple 4x5 keypad that can be used in particular with the PIC 16F877 microcontroller, for which it has been designed considering a supply of 5V, 16F877 I/O pins leakage current, the voltage level recognized as a high…... Listed under: ,
  96. Frequency Meter Using Microcontroller
    This tutorial simply states how to calculate frequency of a pulse source using a microcontroller. Story This tutorial simply states how to calculate frequency of a pulse source using a microcontroller. A high voltage level of pulse source is 3.3 V and low is…... Listed under:
    PIC microcontrollers ( Programmable Interface Controllers), are electronic circuits that can be programmed to carry out a vast range of tasks. They can be programmed to be timers or to control a production line and much more. They are found in most electronic devices such…... Listed under:
  98. Programming SMD Microcontrollers Without Soldering
    I failed in this wirelessly programming method, But I want to try more methods because finally, we are engineers. Story I tried to put my effort to program a single smd Arduino chip without soldering. But I get failed, and now I am here to…... Listed under:
  99. Infrared Remote Controlled (RC) Steerable Vibrobot Created by Naghi Sotoudeh
    Vibrobots (and bristlebots) are simple robots that use a tiny pager / cellphone vibrator motor (with an eccentric weight) to randomly bounce around -- they are the subject of many Maker / DIY projects as well as some well-known commercial toys (such as the $7.00…... Listed under:
  100. Remotely Controlled Microcontroller From a Browser
    Interface with a microcontroller from a web browser, using HTTPS and a simple Python server. Story I love microcontrollers. I also love controlling hardware remotely, say, from another room of my house. The idea of being able to do this through a browser, like from…... Listed under:
  101. Ultrasonic Range Finder Circuit AD605 PIC16F876
    Ultrasonic distance measurement, detection circuit pic16f876 microcontroller and ad605 (Dual Low Noise Variable Gain Amplifier singlesupply) integrated circuit diagrams used are C and asm software also Resimlerdede oscilloscope‚Äôs measurement. 40kHz ultra sonic transducers used as sensors. I2C Sonar Ultrasonic Range Finder In many embedded systems…... Listed under:
  102. Build a DIY Smart Watch Using Microcontroller
    Introduction Wearables (Smart Watch) are becoming increasingly more prevalent in today's markets; however cost continues to limit the demand for such devices. My project aimed at producing a smartwatch with comparable functionalities to those available today. While running a total cost of less than $100.…... Listed under:
  103. Amicus18: Arduino-style platform for PIC fans using PIC18F25K20
    Arduino needs no introduction; it is an easy-to-use yet powerful open source embedded system development platform that has gained huge amount of popularity in past few years, specially among hobbyists. The standard hardware consists of an 8-bit Atmel AVR processor with on-board headers providing access…... Listed under: ,
  104. RS232 – Infra-Red Interface
    Description This project is a Microchip PIC microcontroller with an RS232 serial interface on one side and an Infra-Red receive and transmit interface on the other. Important - All mention of RS232 on this page actually refers to RS232 waveforms operating at 5V TTL levels…... Listed under:
  105. Instrument-Based Color Sonification with the PIC32
    Sonification We created a system that can "see" colors in the environment and translate that data to interesting, fun musical instrument beats and patterns. Overview of the concept Sonification is the process of turning a collection of data into something that humans can hear. A…... Listed under:
  106. Automotive Voltage Monitor using PIC12F683
    Description Recently I got a new motorbike and on my second trip out, with only 50 miles on the clock the rectifier/regulator unit failed.¬† The battery on a bike is pretty small and with the head light permanently on and all the ECU, ignition and…... Listed under: , ,
  107. Audio CRO using PIC12F675 Microcontroller
    This project is a miniature Audio CRO. For those not familiar with the abbreviation "CRO," it means "Cathode Ray Oscilloscope" and this is sometimes shortened to "SCOPE or O-Scope." A "CRO" is a piece of test equipment with a screen. It produces a visual indication…... Listed under: ,
  108. Build a musical EKG with the Freescale FRDM-KL05
    Short Introduction: I have been following the Battle of the DreamBoards Championship with interest and I enjoyed the variation of functionality features put together in each of the dreamboards.¬† I especially had my attention attracted by the combination of audio inputs and outputs, analog to…... Listed under:
    The aim of this project is to send messages via Bluetooth using a web browser or smartphone to an LCD display that is connected to the STM32 board. 1. Introduction The project is based on¬†STM32 Nucleo-144¬†which controls¬†LCD display¬†using BleuIO. For this project, we will need…... Listed under:
  110. A new multi-function power supply unit for my Embedded Lab using PIC16F689
    One important parameter in embedded system designing is power consumption. This parameter is directly related to the battery lifetime, if the system is to be powered from a battery. In order to determine the power rating of your designed system, you need to know how…... Listed under: ,
  111. LED Scrolling Display Project Working With Circuit Diagram
    We normally use a simple static LED display screen to convey a message. Earlier, when we want to display large data, we used to change message for every few instances. Now scrolling displays are more preferred to static. By using a pre programmed controller, we…... Listed under:
  112. Serial Data Received from PC and Displayed on 16×2 Using USART of Pic16f877 Microcontroller
    Here is a simple tutorial on how to receive serial data from PC(Personal Computer) Hyperterminal and display it on 16x2 lcd using PIC16f877 microcontroller. Its not much difficult you just need to know how to use USART(Universal Syncronous-Asyncronous receiver transmitter) of PIC 16f877. Serial data…... Listed under:
  113. TIC TAC TOE game using PIC16F628
    This project is not to introduce Tic Tac Toe. Everyone knows this game. It's to introduce two features. Bi-coloured LEDs, microcontrollers and the skill of writing an ALGORITHM. You can use the project to learn the skills of creating the Tic Tac Toe program or…... Listed under: ,
    I know the general rule of world that ‚Äúreading makes man ready,writing makes man everyday but practice makes man perfect.‚ÄĚ Only theoretical knowledge is not enough for an E.C (Electronics and communication engineering)student. A project is one of the subjects in which we have to…... Listed under:
  115. Wireless controlled lightdimmer using PIC12F629
    The meaning from this design is to build it in -i.e. a shaded lamp- and to switch this lamp on and off the normal way, just like it was switched before the dimmer was build in, then you could by exception dimming the lamp more…... Listed under: , , ,
  116. Simple mass storage for your microcontroller project
    Do you want gigabytes of storage for your microcontroller? Would you like a simple way to tranfer files from your PC to your picaxe or arduino or other micro project? This little projects demonstrates the uDrive that can be set up as an extra drive…... Listed under:
  117. RFID Based Attendance System ‚Äď Circuit, Working, Source Code
    Attendance in colleges is generally paper based which may sometimes cause errors. Taking attendance manually consumes more time. So the proposed attendance system uses RFID technology to take attendance. In this system, each student is issued an RFID tag. Controlling unit is in the institute.…... Listed under:
  118. Know the Procedure of GSM Modem Interfacing with 8051
    The acronym of the GSM modem is Global System for Mobile Communications, it is a wireless communication module, used to¬† make a computer or any processor to communicate over a network. This modem uses a variation of TDMA(Time Division Multiple Access) and is the most…... Listed under:
  119. IN-8 single nixie tube clock using PIC16F84
    After receiving one IN-8 tube from a friend (thanks), I decided to build myself a clock. This clock is more an ornament than a useful machine because it consists of just one digit (tube) so it displays current time every minute for three times. It…... Listed under:
  120. Latest Microcontroller Based Electronic Project Circuits in 2014
    A microcontroller is a small computer on a single integrated chip that is programmed to control the devices. Most of the embedded-based projects require knowledge about programming the microcontroller. Once students get an idea about the circuit, schematics and their operations, it becomes really easy…... Listed under:
  121. Interfacing DC Motor with 8051 Microcontroller
    When we talk about controlling the robot, the first thing comes into the mind is controlling DC motors. Interfacing DC motor to the microcontroller is very important concept in Robotic applications. By interfacing DC motor to the microcontroller, we can do many things like controlling…... Listed under:
  122. How to implement free running counter in PIC16F84A using seven segment display
    This post provides the implementation of free running counter ( using c language ) for PIC16F84A micro-controller. This code is written in such a way that, the counter starts from a value of '0' ( displayed on the seven segment ) and then increments this…... Listed under: ,
    8051 Microcontroller based electronic locker¬†system CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as possible.The issue of security is very paramount at home doors and safe. An access control for doors in a security…... Listed under:
  124. PIC microcontroller power supply circuit by Chayapol
    This is 5V portable power supply circuit for pic microcontroller experiments. or PIC microcontroller power supply circuit. As The PIC16F627A microcontroller use 5 volts DC power supply. My son need to build it as 5V portable power supply circuit, because of the need for safe…... Listed under:
  125. Chapter 1: PIC16F887 Microcontroller – Device Overview
    The PIC16F887 is one of the latest products from Microchip. It features all the components which modern microcontrollers normally have. For its low price, wide range of application, high quality and easy availability, it is an ideal solution in applications such as: the control of…... Listed under:
  126. PIC16F84A timer0 code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the timer0¬†code for PIC16F84A microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page. It is assumed that you know how to blink an…... Listed under:
  127. How to work with inbuilt ADC Module of PIC18F4550
    A microcontroller, a digital device, can read, execute and transmit only digital signals. On the contrary, the outputs of the most of the transducers are analog in nature. Thus it is hard to interface these transducers directly with controllers. Analog-to-digital convertor (ADC) ICs are one…... Listed under: , ,
  128. Digital Temperature Sensor Circuit
    Temperature sensors are widely used in electronic equipments to display the temperature. You can see the digital clock displaying the room temperature value. It is due to the temperature sensor embedded in it. Generally, temperature value is analog. It is converted to digital value and…... Listed under:
  129. Interfacing 7-Segment Display With PIC Microcontroller – MikroC
    The 7-segment display is the earliest type of an electronic display that uses 7 LEDs bars arranged in a way that can be used show the numbers 0 - 9. (actually 8 segments if you count the decimal point, but the generic name adopted is…... Listed under:
  130. Air Sampler using PIC16F690 microcontroller
    Do you ever wonder what is in the air you breathe? Or maybe you have hay fever and want to know what kind of pollen makes you sneeze in spring? Questions like that prompted me to build a simple device for capturing airborne particles so…... Listed under: ,
  131. Breadboard module for 18-pin PIC16F microcontrollers (PCB version)
    Because of their compact size, ease of use and many built-in peripherals, the 18-pin PIC16F series processors (PIC16F628A, PIC16F88, and now PIC16F1827/47) have always been my favorite microcontrollers. Many of my projects and tutorials written in this blog also use PIC16F628A and PIC16F1827 microcontrollers. As…... Listed under: ,
  132. Password Based Door Lock System using 8051 Microcontroller
    Traditional lock systems using mechanical lock and key mechanism are being replaced by new advanced techniques of locking system. These techniques are an integration of mechanical and electronic devices and highly intelligent. One of the prominent features of these innovative lock systems is their simplicity…... Listed under:
  133. Echo MP3 player using PIC18LF452
    The EchoMp3 is a small DIY* MP3 player. It's cheap and of excellent quality. 64, 128, 256, 512MB and 1, 2, 4 GB MMC and SD(HC) cards used as storage. FAT (FAT16) and FAT32 supported. Low power operation with a single AAA (HR03) 1V2 Ni-Mh…... Listed under: , ,
  134. Breathalyzer circuit using 8051
    Last Updated on March 12, 2014 by admin in 8051 projects with 15 Comments   Alcohol Breathalyzer circuit using 8051 microcontroller (AT89S51). This article is about a breathalyzer circuit using 8051 microcontroller which outputs the blood alcohol content (BAC) from the breath. The BAC is…... Listed under:
  135. Tiny AVR Microcontroller Runs on a Fruit Battery
    Some of the fruit and vegetables we eat can be used to make electricity. The electrolytes in many fruit and vegetables, together with electrodes made of various metals can be used to make primary cells. One of the most easily available vegetable, the ubiquitous lemon…... Listed under:
  136. 30 volts Panel Volt Meter Using PIC MCU
    This is a simple application of internal 10-bit ADC(analog¬†to digital ¬†converter) of PIC16F676 can use this ¬†circuit ¬†to measure ¬†up to 30 v dc. the possible ¬†applications are on bench top power supply or as a panel meter in¬†various¬†system. Circuit description¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†…... Listed under:
  137. Interfacing DC Motor with PIC Microcontroller using L293D
    DC Motor and L293D We can‚Äôt drive a DC Motor (depends) directly with a Microcontroller, as DC Motors requires high current and high voltage than a Microcontroller can handle. Microcontrollers usually operates at +5 or +3.3V supply and it I/O pin can provide only up…... Listed under:
  138. Interfacing Dot Matrix led Display with PIC Microcontroller
    To know about Interfacing Dot Matrix led Display with PIC Microcontroller, we have to know about what is Dot Matrix Display? And how it work? Dot Matrix Display is an array of LED situated in a form of Matrix. See the architecture of a 7*5…... Listed under:
  139. PIC Countdown Timer using PIC16f84a
    Description : The purpose of this timer is to provide a countdown time from 1 second to 99 minutes & 59 seconds. I use it to control the lighting for the Ultra-Violet exposure of photosensitive PCB material. The project provides also an audible alarm at…... Listed under:
  140. LED Character Moving English Font Display Project (8√ó16)
    LED Character moving play Project is Very popullar and very valuable project in microcontroller field.In here we play English Language font on 8√ó16¬†play.You can Expand this 16 colun to up to 32 column.We use 16 LED columns and 8 LED Rows in this play.We use…... Listed under:
  141. PIC Development Board ‚Äď Hello World Project
    Hello friends, welcome to this exciting tutorial were we will begin our journey with latest PIC18F micros from Microchip Technologies. This tutorial will give you information on what software/hardware you will require and basic steps on how to get, install, configure and use them. After…... Listed under:
  142. Wave JT – Larson Scanner with Joule Thief
    I love LED chasers. A bunch of LEDs neatly turning on and off on a precise timing - lights running one way, then the other way‚Ķ It's relaxing, soothing, and hypnotic. There are so many LED chaser/scanner/sequencer circuits out there, some are made with discreet…... Listed under:
  143. DIY $1 PIC 12f675 JDM Programmer (Cheap and Easy)
    Hi EveryBody i am Again Doing something. and it is with PIC's! Almost Everybody do not want a Big Arduino in their projects or to control a rgb led with Arduino uno? Enjoy Compressing your projects with PIC and Attiny too. but in this wwe…... Listed under:
  144. Development board for Attiny84 Microcontroller
    This is a development board for Attiny84 microcontroller. Tha Attiny84 chip has 11 pins addressable with the Arduino IDE, 8k of flash memory for program storage, and 512 bytes of RAM available for the stack and program variables. One feature of the Attiny84 that is…... Listed under:
  145. DIY Muscle Sensor / EMG Circuit for a Microcontroller
    Measuring muscle activation via electric potential, referred to as electromyography (EMG) , has traditionally been used for medical research and diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders. However, with the advent of ever shrinking yet more powerful microcontrollers and integrated circuits, EMG circuits and sensors have found their…... Listed under: ,
  146. PIC MicroController Volume Adjuster Program(Proteus 8 Stimulation)
    Hello everyone, The important aspect of every learning is to induce curiosity and doing something meaningful to satisfy that.With the help of that curiosity, I'm here making a volume adjuster program which resembles the same in most devices but not that much, Here the default…... Listed under:
  147. LEDs sync to music (with pics of my awesome computer case mod)
    I'm finishing up my computer table i've been working on and one of the final touches is making LEDs sync to the speakers. ¬†I have some pics of my computer too. ¬†This project took me about 15 minutes and was free because i had the…... Listed under:
  148. How to get started with PICAXE 08M microcontroller
    This is instructable for how to get started with PICAXE 08M microcontroller. To get started, you need: - 08M Protoboard or same kind of board (Can be homemade) - A LED - AXE027 USB Cable - 3V Power supply Step 1: Connect the led to…... Listed under:
  149. Easy 16F84 Microcontroller Programmer – JDM
    In this instructable , I 'll show you how I built and tested this simple yet powerful circuit . The JDM Programmer is my favorite Microcontroller programmer. It is a simple circuit and compatible with many software loaders. I 've built this circuit many years…... Listed under:
  150. PIC 16F917 Gyroscope interface
    In this post we will study the ADC ( Analog-to-Digital ) Module of the Microcontroller PIC16F917 . We will study a real circuit of PIC16F917 interfacing to a semiconductor Gyroscope. The Gyroscope is a motion sensor that senses tilt in a certain direction . The…... Listed under:
  151. PIC 3x3x3 LED cube
    Here¬īs my 3x3x3 LED cube, it's controlled by a PIC16F628A microcontroller. This is my first microcontroller project that finally works, so i suppose is not that difficult to make for beginners. I hope you'll enjoy that instructable and even make your own LED cube! [embed][/embed]…... Listed under:
  152. Wireless Radio Frequency Module Using PIC Microcontroller
    It's a Microcontroller Based DIY Electronics Project. Named Wireless RF Module Using PIC Microcontroller. The RF module is a small electronic circuit used to transmit, receive, or transceive radio waves on one of a number of carrier frequencies. RF modules are widely used in consumer…... Listed under:
  153. Simple Button Keypad – Microcontroller
    Simple method for creating a custom button keypad that doesn't require¬†separate¬†hardware. ¬†Just your microcontroller buttons a few resistors. What we have here is 9 buttons and 6 signal lines (3 inputs, 3 outputs). ¬†The basic setup is in a grid pattern where the three input…... Listed under:
  154. How to Interface LCD with PIC16F877A Slicker
    PIC16F/18F Slicker Board The PIC16F/18F Slicker board is specifically designed to help students to master the required skills in the area of embedded systems. The kit is designed in such way that all the possible features of the microcontroller will be easily used by the…... Listed under: ,
  155. PIC16F84A LED blinking code + Proteus simulation
    This post provides the code to make an LED blink using PIC16F84A microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. This code is intended to be the first step in learning how to use PIC16F84A microcontroller in your projects.…... Listed under:
  156. Interfacing Temperature Sensor with Microchip PIC16F876A
    The tutorial aims at providing the necessary information for interfacing an analog type temperature sensor with a Microchip PIC Microcontroller. PIC (Peripheral Interface Controllers) was introduced in 1985. The PIC16F876A has 8K of Flash Program Memory, 368 bytes of Data Memory (RAM) and many other…... Listed under:
  157. Schematic design with the PIC16F84A microcontroller
    Many circuits on the Internet are built with a CD4017 counter IC. I myself chose to use a microcontroller for this job: the PIC16F84A. A microcontroller increases the complexity but it allows you to build a very flexible light computer. The circuit can be kept…... Listed under:
  158. Navigation Lights for Models for PIC12F629
    Description This project was inspired from a post on the Picprojects forum where a member had adapted the RGB Moodlight project for use as a strobe and beacon for a model aircraft. I thought this would be of interest to others so I've put this…... Listed under: ,
  159. EnvStick USB Temperature Sensor using PIC12F683
    The EnvStick is cheap, homemade temperature sensor that plugs into a USB port. It provides a simple way to collect a room‚Äôs ambient temperature. I made it for fun. EnvStick Features: - Temp sensor (+/- .5 deg C) - USB 2.0 - Windows/Linux software -…... Listed under: , ,
  160. Fire Fighting Robotic Vehicle
    We all are well aware of the major fire accidents that frequently take place in nuclear power plants, petroleum refineries, gas tanks, chemical factories and other large scale industrial units and result in very serious consequences. Thousands of people have lost their lives due to…... Listed under:
  161. Digital thermometer with PIC16F84 circuit
    This electronic project is a very simple thermometer that is based on the PIC16F84A microcontroller, designed by Microchip. Why to use a thermometer that is designed using a microcontroller and not a classic analog thermometer? Because you can design a complex solution using few external…... Listed under:
  162. Text in the air with PIC16F84
    Writing LEDs air Today, most electronic systems with complex functions, micro-controllers are designed using. Easily programlanabilmeleri, prices to be cheaper and less due to external hardware requirements microcontrollers have an important place in the field of electronics. For example, Series produced by the company Microchip…... Listed under:
  163. Tens Electronic Muscle Stimulation Device Circuit with PIC16F84
    Television for a period, Frequently electronic muscle stimulation device radio advertising saw the state of the PIC16F84 microcontroller ger√ßekleŇütirilimiŇü I used to be very similar to the device onarmńĪŇütńĪm had a microcontroller pic16f series and the circuit is very simple example of a useful in…... Listed under:
  164. Unipolar Stepper Motor Control Circuit with PIC16F877
    Hello friends, this article, unipolar stepper motor control circuit related work. The purpose of this circuit is connected to unpolar stepper motor I designed buttons, select the number of steps we determined the direction, speed, and with it a system that implements the step motor…... Listed under:
  165. DC Motor Speed Control using Microcontroller PIC-16F877A
    Micro-controller is a very widely used electronic component and today we are showing your another example of it. Today's' project topic is "DC motor speed control using Microcontroller PIC16F877A" and we are sharing full project report of it. This is a very good project work…... Listed under:
  166. Single-Axis PIC Controlled Solar Tracker DIY Kit using PIC18F1220
    Single-Axis PIC Controlled Solar Tracker DIY Kit Hi All I'm not going into as much depth with this instructable due to my current time constraints. ¬†That said, I fully plan on updating this instructable as time progresses with new algorithms and programs for optimization. Intro:…... Listed under: ,
  167. Shrieker using PIC16F676 Microcontroller
    Recently a cell phone ring tone was in the news - it's 17,000 Hertz and meant to be heard by teenagers, but inaudible to adults. ¬†Really got some people upset for some reason. ¬†It got me wondering - what frequencies can I hear? ¬†I made…... Listed under: ,
  168. Temperature Indicator using PIC microcontroller
    Hi friends, today we will see how to make temperature indicator using PIC microcontroller. The basic aim of this project is make you familiar with PIC microcontroller. It also explains how LM35 and 7 segment displays can be interfaced with PIC microcontroller. Components required: Following…... Listed under:
  169. Interfacing LM35 Temperature Sensor with PIC Microcontroller.
    The are many cool sensors available now a days, ranging from IR distance sensor modules, accelerometers, humidity sensors, temperature sensors and many many more(gas sensors, alcohol sensor, motion sensors, touch screens). Many of these are analog in nature. That means they give a voltage output…... Listed under: ,
  170. 2-Wire LCD Interface using PIC16C84
    Alphanumeric LCD displays have become very popular for microcontroller applications because they can add a lot to a project in a variety of different ways. A text message giving the user instructions as well as feedback can make the application seem much more "professional" and…... Listed under: ,
  171. Voltage, Temperature & Frequency Meter With PIC Micro controller
    Features‚Ķ Voltage, Temperature and Frequency can switching to each others using push buttons. Voltage Meter can measure DC voltage between 0v to 50v. Frequency Meter can measure frequency up to 65KHz. Temperature Meter can use between 00C to 1500C. Every functions can paused using push…... Listed under:
  172. Low Resource Microcontroller – 3 Phase BLDC Motor Speed Controller
    This could form the basis where high performance is not required This article focuses on a minimal resource microcontroller implementation for a 3 phase BLDC motor, closed loop speed motor controller application based on a Microchip PIC12 device. It shows how minimisation techniques can reduce…... Listed under:
  173. PIC16F877A timer0 code + Proteus simulation
    This PIC16F877A microcontroller tutorial answers the question, " How to use timer0 of PIC16F877A and how to handle its interrupts? " Using PIC16 simulator (Proteus) you can verify this PIC timer0 code and change it according to your needs.¬†This code is written in C language…... Listed under:
  174. Interfacing xbee with PIC microcontroller using MikroC
    In this tutorial, I will show how to interface an xbee module with PIC microcontroller.Here MikroC Pro for PIC compiler is used to write the code. Xbee modules communicates with host devices using serial communication.Most of the PIC microcontroller have UART module to support serial…... Listed under:
  175. Getting started with PIC18F Microcontrollers
    After writing quite a bit of experimental tutorials on PIC16F series of microcontrollers, I thought of moving forward to the enhanced-range family of PIC microcontrollers, the PIC18F, which was introduced by Microchip in late 90s. Although PIC16F series are excellent general purpose microcontrollers, certain limitations…... Listed under:
  176. PIC 12F675 Microcontroller Tutorial.
    A tutorial on the 12F675 PIC microcontroller which shows you how to program and use it with a series of projects starting out with a simple LED flasher and progressing on to more advanced projects.To use the tutorial files you need to have a PIC…... Listed under:
  177. Digital Barometer using PIC Microcontroller and MPX4115A Pressure Sensor – XC8
    The Motorola MPX4115A is an atmospheric pressure sensor powered by 5V and delivers and output from ~0.25V to ~4.75V based on the pressure detected at room temperature (25¬įC). The device provides a linear output based on pressure. As the pressure rises, the output voltage of…... Listed under: ,
  178. Metal detector robot using pic microcontroller
    This project describes hardware and software I have developed which allows a small 8 bit PIC microprocessor to function as a single frequency detector or tone decoder. Such a circuit can be used to detect the presence of a certain frequency within an analog signal,…... Listed under: ,
  179. Alarm Phone Dialer with MT8880 and PIC 16F84A
    Just hook this Alarm Phone Dialer up to something you would like to monitor, for example, a high water alarm, low temperature alarm, back window, garage door, etc. When the system is activated it will call a number of programmed numbers to let you know…... Listed under:
  180. Fire Fighting Controlling Robots Used in Dangerous Situations
    Robots can be used in many applications in industries, military, domestic. One of the major uses of Robots is an asset to human beings. Whether it is any kind of hazardous situations like a fire breaking out or a place full of landmines, Robots can…... Listed under:
  181. Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors In Industries using PIC Microcontroller
    The aim of this project is synchronization of multiple motors using wireless technology. This project uses radio frequency to synchronize motor speeds. This is applicable to many industries like textile mills, steel plants, and paper plants wherein all the motors used on conveyor are desired…... Listed under:
  182. Mini project board for PIC12F series microcontrollers
    The 12F series of PIC microcontrollers are handy little 8-pin devices designed for small embedded applications that do not require too many I/O resources, and where small size is advantageous. These applications include a wide range of everyday products such as hair dryers, electric toothbrushes,…... Listed under: ,
  183. Interfacing LCD with PIC Microcontroller ‚Äď CCS C
    In this tutorial we will see How to interface a 16√ó2 character LCD Module with PIC 16F877A Microcontroller using CCS C Compiler. 16√ó2 character LCD is a very commonly used LCD module in electronic projects and products. 16√ó2 means it can display 2 rows of…... Listed under:
  184. Up-Down counter on 16*2 LCD using 8051 microcontroller
    DESCRIPTION In this circuit 16*2 lcd IS used to show the value of count using 8051 microcontroller. The maximum value of count is 99 because. In this circuit we are using 8051-microcontroller, 16*2 lcd, 2 switches for up counting button & down counting button. Data…... Listed under: ,
  185. Ionization Smoke-Detector With Programmable Calibration
    Microchip Technology unveiled the RE46C180‚ÄĒthe world‚Äôs first Ionization Smoke-Detector IC with programmable calibration and programmable feature selection, and the first with horn synchronization and auto alarm locate. This Ionization Smoke-Detector ASIC also has expanded options for implementing hush operation, and more options for interconnect operation‚ÄĒincluding…... Listed under:
  186. IRMimic2‚ĄĘ Trainable IR Remote Control Transmitter with Macros
    Features: Simple to train - Can learn up to 57 commands, and each can be in a different format/protocol Two different operating modes - Keypad or MCU interface Supports up to 32 keys in keypad mode Any key can be a macro (multiple command sequence)…... Listed under:
  187. PIC Microcontroller Based Electronic Lock
    Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as possible. An access control for doors forms a vital link in a security chain. The microcontroller based digital lock for Doors is an access control system that allows…... Listed under:
  188. rtc microcontroller
    Interfacing an SPI-Interface RTC with a PIC Microcontroller - Maxim Application note describing how to interface an SPI-interface RTC with a PIC microcontroller. . PIC, real time clock, RTC, spi interface, pic microcontroller . -> Using a D Interfacing an SPI-Interface RTC with a PIC…... Listed under:
  189. Complete Circuit Board Lab & POV Business Card using PIC12F508 microcontroller
    Complete Circuit Board Lab & POV Business Card Introduction Though there are many Instructables on some aspect of how to make circuit boards, this one is different. It's an instructable on how to make the things you need to make circuit boards, specifically, a flamboyant…... Listed under: ,
  190. Mouse interfacing and communication using PIC16F877
    Introduction On this page a circuit is described, making it possible to interface a PIC and a PS/2 mouse. If you send me a request (read further), it is possible to obtain for free also the assembler program to communicate with the PS/2 mouse. The…... Listed under: ,
  191. 0-9999 seconds count down timer using PIC12F683 microcontroller
    The goal of this project is to construct a simple 0-9999 seconds count down timer with an alarm and a display. The time is set through two tact switches and the count down seconds are displayed on a 4-digit seven segment LED display. The project…... Listed under:
  192. PIC16F877 i2c code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the i2c¬†code (using the¬†i2c module¬†built in the hardware[1]) for PIC16F877 microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page. It is assumed that…... Listed under: ,
  193. Projects on Speed Checker To Detect Rash Driving On Highways
    While driving on highways, drivers should not exceed the maximum speed limit permitted for their vehicle. However, accidents keep on occurring due to speed violations as drivers follow their¬†speedometers¬†and control their speed according to them, and reduce the speed if they find it to be…... Listed under:
  194. PicoDetector : a PIC-based simple and cheap metal detector
    A short video clip is sometimes better than a long explanation¬†: The idea of this circuit is to hack PIC oscillator circuit, by replacing the crystal by a coil¬†: the frequency of the oscillator then depends on presence of metal near the coil, just like…... Listed under:
  195. PIC16f628 DS18B20 Adjustable thermometer circuit
    A friend of mine and I want to share with you what I did to set the thermostat circuit. As I used the circuit temperature sensor Ds18B20. 3-digit, 7 shows the screen with dijit. Please note that the range of 0 to 99.9. When the…... Listed under:
  196. Rotary Encoder Interfacing with PIC Mirocontroller
    i am currently working with some power supply design and i can say using conventional pots(potentiometer) ¬†and rotary ¬†switch ¬†to adjust the voltage and other stuff is quite old school. so i have decided to go for a bit high tech ,¬†actually¬†bit digital. so here…... Listed under:
  197. PIC16F877A LED blink
    The Microchip PIC16F877A has 40 pins 33 of them can be input or output. In this simple project I am going to configure this microcontroller to blink a 33 LED each LED is connected to one I/O pin. The PIC16F877A has 8 analog channels, so…... Listed under:
  198. RC5 Protocol Remote Control Decoder
    This project shows how to decode IR remote controls which uses Philips RC5 protocol with microchip PIC16F84A microcontroller. You can find details about RC5 on Wikipedia Related topics: Philips RC5 & LG TV Remote Control Decoder IR Remote Control Based On PIC Microcontroller The RC5¬†…... Listed under:
  199. PIC16F877 timer1 code and Proteus simulation
    This PIC16F877 microcontroller tutorial answers the question, " How to use timer1 of PIC16F877 and how to handle its interrupts? " Using PIC16 simulator (Proteus) you can verify this PIC timer1 code and change it according to your needs.¬†This code is written in C language…... Listed under:
  200. Pic Projects With Schematics And Source Code - Electronic Projects, Electronic - Project list | pic microcontroller, ¬Ľcircuit digital clock using pic16f628a microcontroller schematics ¬Ľ they act only ones ‚Äď right then, when it¬īs really necessary ¬Ľ how to burn or program pic. Electronics projects circuits, over 1050 top electronics…... Listed under:
  201. Analog Input Using PIC Microcontroller (assembly Language)
    So this tutorial should show you how to get an analog input using a PIC microcontroller (I'm using a PIC16f887) in assembly language. You may have a demo board (which makes programming way easier) just a chip. I'm using just a plain 40 pin chip…... Listed under:
  202. Solar energy measurement using pic microcontroller
    In this post we will discuss about the Solar energy measurement using pic microcontroller: The solar energy marketplace is one of the most quickly growing renewable energy advertise in the United States. Currently, we have seen an important enhancement in requirements for remote monitoring and…... Listed under:
  203. USB Human Interface Device Communication with PIC Microcontroller – MikroC
    Figure 1: USB Communication Circuit Diagram The HID device class code is "0x03, this class is used for devices operated by human, devices like keyboard, mouse, joystick and so forth. The advantage of HID devices is that, they don't require to install drivers, in most…... Listed under:
  204. Digital Ammeter circuit using pic microcontroller
    In this project we have a tendency to design a circuit to build an electronic voltmeter while not making use of any microcontroller. Here we have a tendency to employing a very moderate IC for voltage activity particularly ICL7107/CS7107. Making use of ICL7107, we are…... Listed under:
  205. USB NEC Infra-Red Transmitter and Receiver
    This project is a spin-off of another project I am working on and since there is a Remote Control 2017 contest on Instructables I thought I post this project. So if you like this project, please vote for it. Thanks. As you may know, I…... Listed under:
  206. Darkroom Timer using PIC16F84 microcontroller
    Source Code for PIC16F84 and CD4511 decoder Also, there is an updated version with NPN drivers replacing the 4511 and many new features by Brendon Archibald [websales ¬†] DARKROOM TIMER The purpose of this project is to present a device that is useful and…... Listed under:
  207. Top PIC Microcontroller Projects with Embedded C Programming
    Peripheral Interface controller (PIC) family is one of the most powerful advanced microcontroller which is developed by the microchip technology with Harvard architecture, i.e., it has a minimum set of instructions. The PIC microcontroller projects are programmed with the embedded C programming language. PIC devices…... Listed under:
    The circuit diagram is quite simple. I have powered my circuit with 4 AA batteries that gives 6 V supply. A diode is used in series to drop the voltage down to 5.4 V as the operating voltage for the PIC microcontroller should be below…... Listed under:
  209. 1. Serial interfacing LCD with Pic Microcontroller
    Parallel interfacing LCD with MCU at least need 6 I/O pins (4 bit mode) and maximun can up to 11 I/O pins (8 bit mode). The I/O pin can be cut down to 3 pin by serial iterfacing using shift register. They were few shift…... Listed under:
  210. ‚ÄčBluetooth Controlled- Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car Using PIC32 Microcontroller
    "Robot-Car: Design Fused with Obstacle Avoidance Technology" Recently, there is an intensive research undertaken in the field of intelligence robotics and autonomous mobile robot applications. Through the this project we wanted to explore this field by building a robot car that can potentially avoid the…... Listed under:
  211. Speed Control of DC Motor using Microcontroller by using PWM ECE Project
    This is a good Electronic project report on Speed Control of DC Motor using Microcontroller by using PWM. In this system, a micro controller is interfaced with a LCD, Keypad and DC motor driver. The Micro controller is used for controlling the DC motor by…... Listed under:
  212. Password Based Circuit Breaker using PIC Microcontroller with C code
    Here i am going to explain you a simple Password based circuit Breaker Project using PIC Microcontroller. This project is much similar to my previous one, ‚ÄúPassword Based Door Locking System‚ÄĚ. Circuit breakers are electromechanical devices used in the power system to connect or disconnect…... Listed under:
  213. HD44780 16×2 Char LCD Interfacing with microcontroller
    Project Description:- In this project we are going to learn various things about this chip set and¬†displaying text on this LCD. The HD44780 16x2 char LCD screen Use 8bit and 4 bit parallel interface with backlight. This Primary¬†Objective¬†in this project are:- 1. ¬†Displaying ¬†"Hello Word!!…... Listed under: ,
  214. Strobe Lights Project
    Stroboscopic effects of lights for nightclubs are realized by bringing into play old white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) swapping the ejection lanterns/lamps for superior effectiveness at minimal cost. This control is achievable by instantaneously changing the Light Emitting Diodes on & off at elevated volts…... Listed under:
  215. Home Security System with GSM Using 8051 Microcontroller
    Security is a big challenge everywhere because thefts are increasing day by day owing to the unsafe and insecure security systems in homes, commercial complexes and industries. Several conventional technologies are available to keep home properties safe from intruders, but most common smart home security…... Listed under: ,
  216. How to interface RFID with PIC18F4550 Microcontroller
    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification and Detection) is widely used everywhere from highly secured defense laboratories to school attendance system. By employing RFID, much secured entry systems can be developed without incurring huge costs. These are the reasons of excessive use of RFID technology. In this…... Listed under: , , ,
  217. Line following Robotic Vehicle using Microcontroller
    The project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle that follows a specific path. This project uses a microcontroller of 8051 family for its operation. A pair of photo sensors comprising IR transmitter and photo diode is interfaced to the controller to detect the specified…... Listed under:
  218. PIC 16F88 Microcontroller PIC based Tengu
    Tengu derives its name from a mythical¬†Japanese creature known for getting into¬†mischief. Our Tengu, however is more earthly in nature.¬†¬†It responds to voice and sounds and takes on different facial features depending on the intensity of the sound. If no sound is heard for some…... Listed under:
  219. LM386 based stereo audio amplifier with digital volume control using PIC18F2550
    Due to its simplicity (requires minimum external components) and high availability, LM386 is very popular among hobbyists for use in low-voltage audio amplification applications. Most of the time a potentiometer is used at the input side of LM386 to provide a volume control in the…... Listed under: ,
  220. Microchip PIC Serial Port Programmer
    About the Programmer This is a Simple com port based Microchip PIC microcontroller Programmer,This Programmer is based on JDM programmer.The entire programmer is built around commonly available components Features Does not support the usb to¬†serial converter. Works with most of PIC mcu. Works with 18F2550…... Listed under:
  221. How to Build your Own USB PIC Programmer?
    This DIY PIC programmer is a continuation of our PIC programming basics tutorial. By using this USB PIC programmer, you can program microchip PIC series of 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F, 24F, 30F. This is also an EEPROM programmer as it supports 12Cxx EEPROM. The main…... Listed under:
  222. Serial Controlled RGB LED PWM Driver PIC12F629 based PWM controller for RGB LEDs
    Description If you want to build your own multiple RGB LED display that you can control from either a PC or a dedicated controller then this project will let you do just that. The project on this page came about when while I was developing…... Listed under: , ,
  223. [Simple] Generating Pulse Width Modulation using PIC Microcontroller ‚Äď Mikro C & Proteus Simulation
    How to generate Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)¬†using PIC microcontroller?¬†This is going to be a continuation of our microcontroller online tutorial series. This article covers the detailed explanation and simulation of PWM generation using PIC16F877A microcontroller.What is a Pulse Width Modulator? A PWM has series of…... Listed under:
  224. PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Circuit Using PIC16F877A Microcontroller
    In our last PIC online tutorial we have covered PWM generation using PIC Microcontroller. As I told earlier PWM has wide application in electronics and robotics engineering.In this article I‚Äôm gonna show you one of the important applications of PWM in Robotics, it is called…... Listed under:
  225. Lazer Duel
    For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed and built a¬†Lazer Duel game system¬†involving two¬†guns¬†and a¬†base station¬†commucating over ultra low power RF tranceivers.¬†We can shoot and detect shooting useing an IR emitter/receiver on the guns. The base station will coordinate the game by allowing two…... Listed under:
  226. DC Motor Interfacing With PIC Microcontroller Using L293 Motor Driver IC
    L293d is an H Bridge bidirectional motor driver IC used to interface DC motor and stepper motors to Microcontrollers. already discussed about the working principle of L293 IC with an example of bidirectional motor driver circuit.It is very easy to make a DC motor…... Listed under:
  227. GSM Based Digital Wireless Notice Board Using PIC16F877A Microcontroller
    Are you looking for Final year Electronics Engineering Project? Here¬†CircuitsGallery presents GSM based electronics and telecommunication engineering projects for students. You can submit this as your academic project. Our project is nothing but a GSM based notice board using PIC that is capable of displaying…... Listed under:
  228. Interfacing GPS Receiver with 8051 Microcontroller -AT89C52
    How to interface GPS receiver with 8051 (AT89C52)? GPS receiver is an electronics device capable of receiving Global Positioning System (GPS) signals to decide the device‚Äôs location on Earth. Today GPS receiver is popular in vehicles and other navigation equipment. As we know that GPS…... Listed under:
  229. Home Automation and Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA8 with Arduino Programming
    Home automation and security systems have become very popular these days, today industrial automation techniques are widely adopted by luxurious homes and apartments. Here I‚Äôm going to give a worthy home automation security and monitoring project for engineering students. On the whole this microcontroller based…... Listed under:
  230. Digital DC Power supply using PWM with PIC microcontroller
    In our lab I saw many DC power supply which have a variable knob to regulate the output. I was dreaming to make such a project where I can regulate the voltage using push button.As I am not an industrial level expert so this project…... Listed under:
  231. Introducing Easy Pulse: A DIY photoplethysmographic sensor for measuring heart rate
    When I first built the¬†Heart rate measurement through fingertip¬†project, the infrared LED and photodiode used for finger photoplethysmography were actually from salvaged parts, and therefore, I could not provide specifications for them in the article. As a result of that it takes quite a bit…... Listed under: , ,
  232. Vehicle Theft Control System by Using GSM and GPS Systems
    At the present time, the rate of crime is increasing rapidly because it is a kind of evident from the actual fact that thefts became a matter of routine. Particularly these vehicles may incur huge losses on the part of the amount invested on these…... Listed under:
  233. Tampered Energy Meter Monitoring Conveyed to Control Room by GSM with User Programmable Number Features
    The main concept of this project is to reduce the power theft by using an integrated energy meter such that whenever an energy meter is tampered, it sends an alert message to the concerned authorities through the GSM modem for indicating power theft. Day by…... Listed under:
    Introduction This program is a network power resetter. It controls a solid-state-relay that is in series with 110VAC that supplies power to a satellite internet receiver, various routers, etc. Once every 24 hours it drops power for 10 seconds to allow the receiver and routers…... Listed under: ,
  235. Blimp-F-O is a remote-controlled flying machine designed with a PIC32 microprocessor.
    Introduction Flying drones have a wide range of applications and are becoming more and more popular. With that in mind, we decided to construct a balloon copter capable of fluid navigation in any direction. At the same time, we wanted our design to be reliable…... Listed under:
  236. Naked Clock using PIC16F877 Microcontroller
    Why have an enclosure? ¬†The enclosure of a clock doesn't tell you the time! ¬†So I built this PIC clock with no part that doesn't serve an electrical function. ¬†The hanger is the ground. The microcontroller is the 40-pin PIC 16F877. ¬†I set it up,…... Listed under:
  237. Converting a Proxxon MF70 Milling Machine To CNC ‚Äď 2 using PIC18F4620
    My layout is shown below. It may not be as intuitive or informative as the layout on a PC display, but contains everything I have found necessary for control of the Mill. (and previously the DRO‚Äôs on my other Milling Machine and Lathe.) I should…... Listed under: ,
  238. Bicycle Persistence of Vision Light Display using PIC16F84
    In February of 2007 I spent a little while prototyping a board that turns any bicycle wheel into a moving display billboard using a single string of LEDs. The idea was to do something that would be very visible, turn itself on and off automatically,…... Listed under: , , ,
  239. Speech Recognition Eye Test
    For our final project we implemented a speech recognition eye test that is capable of performing the entire Snellen eye test on its own. It starts by displaying large letters and waits on the user to guess which letter has been displayed. The user speaks…... Listed under:
  240. Servo Motor Controller using PIC12F629
    This project controls two servo motors - both clockwise and anticlockwise and has variable speed. You can use the Joy Stick to "pan and tilt" a remote camera or provide "left-right-up-down" action for a crane or an animation on your model layout. The project also…... Listed under: ,
  241. USB and PIC Microprocessors 16C745 and 18F2455
    Introduction This page describes a project a colleague and I completed between September, 2000 and March, 2001 as part of the Engineering Physics degree program at the University of British Columbia.¬†¬† In summary this project involved building a USB device using the PIC 16C745 microprocessor…... Listed under: , ,
  242. Using an LCD’s for Graphics Animation using PIC16C84
    This project uses Myke's 2-Wire LCD Interface from last week and will help teach you "Graphics Animation" using LCD's. Last week, I showed how the PICMicro could be connected up to a Hitachi 44780 LCD using only two wires. This week, I wanted to use…... Listed under: ,
  243. A PIC16F819 DYMOCLOCK
    I wanted to build a clock as simple as possible : built around a little 18 pins PIC no 7 segment display, only LEDs no decoder, no buffer, no driver for the LED display a cheap temperature sensor The solution of direct LED driving comes…... Listed under:
  244. Interactive Blitz Chess: A Physical Blitz Chess Board Powered with PIC32
    Introduction We created a companion system for physical chess boards to help players enjoy their fast paced blitz game with a chess clock, a visual board to keep track of the game, a display for available moves based off of what piece that players want…... Listed under:
  245. Making a binary clock using a PIC16F88
    You can use a PIC microcontroller and an LED matrix to create a binary clock (or if you prefer you can wire up individual LEDs). This project uses an LED matrix block as it saves lots of wiring.¬† So what is it ? Its an…... Listed under:
  246. dsPIC30F2012 breadboard
    Bernard introduces us to the dsPIC microcontroller. He shows us his Arduino like project board for a dsPIC and gives advice on software development tools. This article was submitted by Bernard Klinc as part of the ‚ÄúHobby parts for articles‚ÄĚ program. Bernard received a graphic…... Listed under: ,
  247. FTS-8 subtone encoder
    Many Yaesu transceivers from the 1990s and thereabouts could use an optional FTS-8 module, that provided subtone generation for transmission, and subtone decoding for CTCSS reception. One of the radios that used this module was the FT-736 multiband, multimode full-duplex VHF-UHF rig. I bought one…... Listed under:
  248. Hand Sign Lock
    Introduction Security using technology is a growing and expanding field to protect against the user's identity or property. As more advanced tools are developed, security has begun to expand to utilize a person's physiology as a key instead of a password; for example, newer models…... Listed under:
  249. Arduino to PIC Communication using PIC18LF4520
    One very common thing in electronics is the need for two intelligent devices to communicate with each other. When you first see a PIC and Arduino you might think that they are two differeny systems and don't share much in common, but you'd be wrong!…... Listed under: ,
  250. Voice controlled wheelchair
    The Project aims at controlling a wheelchair for handicaps by means of human voice. The speech recognition system is a useful way of implementation and is easy to use programmable speech recognition circuit. Programmable, in the sense that user can train the words (or vocal…... Listed under:
  251. Two way Simple Very Small Telephone Exchange
    This is a very small telephone exchange attached only two ordinary Tele phones. Fully bi-directional facility with an intercom system. When a phone is in off hook condition , Exchange will detect it & send ringing pulse to other phone. When it will be picked…... Listed under:
  252. How to interface keypad with PIC12F675
    This post provides a simple method to interface any keypad (e-g 4x4 or 4x3 etc)¬†with PIC12F675 microcontroller. The code for PIC12F675 is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this…... Listed under: ,
  253. Barcode Scanner
    Introduction In our final project, we used CMOS camera to identify interval binary 0 and 1 sequence represented by black and white bars. Then, we used WIFI module to transmit the sequence to personal computer and displayed it on a web page. In our projects,…... Listed under:
  254. PIC16c71 four channel digital voltmeter
    This electronic circuit project is a simple four channel digital voltmeter with display and keyboard . This four channel digital voltmeter is based on PIC16C71 manufactured by Microchip Technology . The PIC16C71 device‚Äôs I/O ports have an improved sink/source specification. Each I/O pin can sink…... Listed under:
  255. PIC16F84A LCD interfacing code (In 4bit mode) and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the LCD[1]¬†interfacing code¬†in¬†4bit mode¬†using PIC16F84A¬†microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page. It is assumed that you know how to make an…... Listed under: , ,
  256. How to display custom characters on LCD using PIC16F84A
    This post explains the idea of creating custom characters on any LCD ( e-g on 16x2 LCD ) which has HD44780U controller in it. Almost all 16x2 or 20x2 LCDs have HD44780U controller in them[1]. This controller provides the functionality of CGRAM ( Character Generator…... Listed under: ,
  257. 15×7 Display using a PIC16F628 Microcontroller
    This project is what you have been waiting for. Remember the scrolling signs you see in shops and on advertising billboards? Now you can program your own moving sign with all the effects you can think of. We have provided a blank canvas in the…... Listed under: ,
  258. Wake-U-Up System
    This project is aimed to design a ‚ÄėSleep and Wake-up Assistant‚Äô. Different from a normal alarm clocks which can only make noise, this alarm clock is designed to wake up a person in a comfortable and effective way by involving sound, light stimulation, motion detection…... Listed under:
  259. DC motor and Fan speed control using pic 16f877 Microcontroller
    Here is a simple project on how to control fan or dc motor speed uisng pic 16f877 microcontroller. There are numerous ways to control the speed of motor(or fan). Varing current,voltage and resistance etc. But when it comes to controlling the speed using microcontrollers. Then…... Listed under:
  260. PIC16F877 LED blinking code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the code to make an LED blink using PIC16F877¬†microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. This code is intended to be the first step in learning how to use PIC16F877¬†microcontroller in your projects. You can…... Listed under: , ,
  261. A memory game using a PIC16F84A microcontroller
    This article describes a game we all know. It is SIMON. It uses 4 switches, 4 colored lights and a speaker to produce a sequence of tones and flashes that has to be repeated. After each correct sequence, the computer adds another tone with its…... Listed under: ,
  262. 20 LED BADGE using PIC12F629 Microcontroller
    This project drives a number of LEDs via a very clever circuit. There are 3 ways to dive a LED from an output of a micro. The simplest is called "dump." This is where the LED is connected directly to the output via a resistor…... Listed under: ,
  263. Displaying Images on Graphical Lcd(JHD12864E) using Pic16f877 Microcontroller
    Here in this post i am going to teach you how to display images on Graphical lcd using Pic Microcontroller(16F877). I am using JHD12864E graphical LcD in my Project. JHD12864E is 128x64¬†dimension¬†lcd. 128x64 means it has 128 coulombs and 64 rows. So total dots it…... Listed under:
  264. Clicker Clone
    This project aims to implement a protocol-compatible iClicker substitute to provide students with a cheaper alternative to in-class polling while allowing the university to keep its existing investment. High Level Design Rationale Our motivation from this project comes from our personal experience. iClickers are inconvenient…... Listed under:
  265. PIC18F252 Programming
    1. Introduction This investigation was started after I ordered the free sample kit for the Circuit Cellar contest, called Mad Dash for Flash Cash. There seems to be many ways to program the device. Here I have investigated two ways of programming the PIC18F252. 2.…... Listed under:
  266. Getting Started with MPLAB XC8 Compiler ‚Äď LED Blinking
    In this tutorial we will learn How to Blink an LED with PIC Microcontroller using MPAB XC8 Compiler. Recently Microchip released a series of development tools including MPLAB X IDE and MPAB XC Compilers. MPLAB X IDE is a software that runs on a computer…... Listed under:
  267. Digital “Etch A Sketch” Glove
    Introduction For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed, constructed, and tested a glove-operated system that dynamically simulates the classic toy, Etch A Sketch, on a TFT LCD screen. In deciding what to build, our team wanted to create a device that would utilize several…... Listed under:
  268. How to Glow an LED using PWM with PIC Microcontroller
    Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a technique in which the width of a pulse is modulated keeping the time period of the wave constant. One cycle has a fixed time period called ‚ÄėPeriod‚Äô and a varying on time called ‚ÄėDuty cycle‚Äô. The entire wave can…... Listed under:
  269. 3 LED Bike Light for PIC10F200
    Description This project is a multi-function LED bike (cycle) light using 3 LEDs. It is based on a PIC10F200 baseline microcontroller, running from a supply voltage of 2 to 5 volts.¬† In standby mode it consumes a current of less than 1¬ĶA making it perfect…... Listed under: , ,
  270. Online Monitoring of Temperature of Conductors Using Zigbee and GSM
    Project Summary An on-line monitoring system of temperature of conductors and fittings based on GSM SMS and Zigbee is produced in this project, by which the temperature of conductors and fittings can be monitored in real-time and some accidents caused by the increased temperature can…... Listed under:
  271. Android App Home Automation via Bluetooth Using PIC16F628A Microcontroller
    We have been posting several latest and advanced¬†PIC microcontroller based projects and here is another wonderful wireless home automation project for Engineering/ Diploma students, Android Bluetooth Home Appliances Control System. Android phones are very popular today due to their limitless possibilities, have you thought about…... Listed under: ,
  272. Keyboard Gloves
    Introduction We created gloves that allow users to type on any hard surface as if they were using a QWERTY keyboard. The gloves recognize the standard QWERTY keyboard layout by recognizing which finger is pressed, and how bent the finger is. It is limited to…... Listed under:
  273. Universal High-Power LED Driver – Firmware update using PIC16F1823
    Here's the updated firmware for my¬†Universal High-Power LED Driver. This version has on-board current set up function, so you can change the drive current without re-programming the PIC microcontroller. You can either download the ZIP file¬†containing¬†the while project, or just the HEX file. After upgrading…... Listed under: ,
  274. Digital Voltmeter Using PIC Microcontroller 16F877A and Seven Segments Display (0-30V)
    We are all aware of about voltmeters (voltage meter), which is nothing but a device used to measure voltage between given two terminals. Apart from the basic usage digital voltmeters are also employed as panel meters for automation systems and robotics. There are analog and…... Listed under:
  275. PIC and EEPROM Programmer
    Project Summary In this project we are building a JDM programmer that can handle PIC12, PIC16 and PIC18 family microcontrollers and some popular 24C family EEPROMs. The programmer also provides ICSP feature that allows In-Circuit Serial Programming. So if you desire, you will not have…... Listed under: , ,
  276. GPS Navigator for Runners
    The basic idea of this 4760 final project is to build a GPS navigator for runners who are new to their neighborhood. For example, if someone is new to Cornell University, College of Engineering, and wants to run around the engineering quad every day, this…... Listed under:
  277. PIC 16F877 / 16F874 Development Board
    The Development Board v. 1.1 connected to an LCD display. It is well visible (read further, in the description) the row of LEDs used to check the logic state of up to 8 I/O ports or external circuits' pins. Of course, if you own an…... Listed under: ,
  278. Interfacing EM-18 RFID Module with PIC Microcontroller
    EM-18 RFID Reader Module is the one the most commonly used module for Radio Frequency Identification Projects. It features Low Cost, Small Size, Low Power Consumption and Easy to use. It can be directly interfaced with microcontrollers using UART communication. Software UART can be used…... Listed under:
  279. The Super-Simple pocket size mp3 player using PIC16LF877A
    It is based on the PIC 16LF877, with plenty of processor time to spare. There is a bare bones assembly version, and a new C version with more features and stability. It uses compact flash cards up to over 100 gigabytes (once they exist) including…... Listed under: ,
  280. Introducing the Science of Microchip PIC14
    Engineers of my generation in the UK will remember the Science of Cambridge Mk14. Intended to be Sir Clive Sinclair‚Äôs first home computer kit for the general public, it served to train a generation of electronics engineers in how to program microprocessors. The Mk14 was…... Listed under: ,
  281. Automatic Signal Transformer and Custom Filter Designer
    This laboratory aims to implement a custom filter designer on the PIC32 microcontroller for the purpose of real time signal transformation. The project gets its premise out of the frequent requirement for arbitrary digital signal filters in a laboratory setting. For a video of our…... Listed under:
  282. How to Implement SPI Using PIC18F4550
    The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a high speed, synchronous, serial communication standard. This communication protocol is basically a Master ‚Äď Slave implementation where the master device controls the clock based on which the slave devices operate. The master communicates with a slave or a…... Listed under:
  283. LCD Module Control over IR Link using PIC16F690
    Recently I got my hands on a couple of HSDL-1100 based IR transceivers and a KS070B LCD display module. This was a nice opportunity to experiment with three things: (1) controlling an LCD module, (2) serial communication between two PIC microcontrollers, and (3) making this…... Listed under: ,
  284. How To Use PIC Microcontroller For Voice Input And Output
    Microcontrollers are purely digital devices which work on logic0 and logic1 voltages; still they are widely used for analog signal processing. There are specialized signal processors chips available which are custom made for particular applications; however a general purpose microcontroller is more than enough for…... Listed under:
  285. EMG Signal Controlled Game
    The idea of this project is to design and implement two channels EMG signal controlled video game. The player controlls the motion of the ball to the left or to the right to avoid the descending obstacles. Electrods will be placed to the back of…... Listed under:
  286. Alarm Clock Retrofit using PIC16F877
    I had some beef with my (very) old alarm clock. ¬†It had a radio which was nice to wake up to, but two problems: 1) I would be in bed and think "Wait, did I set the alarm?" ¬†I would have to get up, turn…... Listed under:
  287. Generating PWM with PIC Microcontroller ‚Äď MPLAB XC8
    Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is the one of the simple and most commonly used technique to produce analog voltages from digital signals. It has a wide variety of applications such as Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), DC Motor Speed Control, Sine Wave Inverters, Brightness control…... Listed under:
  288. 3-D Game on LED Cube with PIC32 Microcontroller
    Introduction: Bringing games played on 2-dimensional screens into 3-dimensional space. When games are played on flat 2-dimensional screen, it greatly limits the player's interaction with the game. It simply kills some of the exciting aspects and new possibilities within the game that we might be…... Listed under:
  289. Picaxe LED night light
    This is a little night-light that comes on when it gets dark, to illuminate dark rooms or hallways. I'm sure you can buy these cheaply ready made but it's more fun to make your own, and this way it can be customised exactly how you…... Listed under:
  290. Digital DC watt meter project using pic microcontroller
    Measuring the voltage and current will always be helpful while making or debugging any electrical system. In this project we are going to make our own¬†Digital Ammeter using PIC16F877A Microcontroller and current sensor ACS712-5A. This project can measure both AC and DC current with a…... Listed under:
  291. Nokia 3315 / 3310 LCD interfacing with Microcontroller
    Displaying content on a normal¬†alphanumeric¬†display is very limited ,we have to be limited with the font size and we can't draw any graphics also. but convention Graphics lcd are really very expensive so here is the¬†solution,¬†you can use Nokia 3315¬†/ 3310¬†monochrome¬† LCD to display your…... Listed under: ,
  292. Cell Phone Detector
    Project Summary This is a mobile phone sniffer circuit that can detect the signals being used in the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) band at about 900 MHz. Since the signals are digitally encoded, it can detect only the signal activity, not the speech…... Listed under:
  293. Robotic Candy Sorter
    Introduction Many embedded systems leverage a hierarchical structure in their product architecture for a more robust and efficient product. The more complex the product becomes, it is more preferable to segment tasks according to the processing unit‚Äôs role to observe optimal tradeoffs in the system.…... Listed under:
  294. PIC 16f877 microcontroller based RPM Meter
    Summary: The speed of the motor is measured in Rotations per Minutes,RPM.The RPM Meter is to read the running speed of Motor like DC MOTOR. Here the speed of the DC Motor is sensed with the help of a speed sensor and it is signal…... Listed under:
  295. PC Based Digital Voltmeter Using PIC 16F877A
    This is a simple voltmeter which measures 0-5V at a precision of 4.8 mV. This is a simple design using inbuilt ADC of PIC 16F877A. PIC 16F877A have 8 channel 10bit ADC. This is a computer interfaced project. Measured voltage is output in serial interface…... Listed under:
  296. Sending SMS Text Message using PIC Microcontroller – Flowcode
    ¬†Figure 1: Controlling and Monitoring devices with a Cellphone A GSM modem is a wireless modem that works with a GSM wireless network. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications, this architecture is used for mobile communication in most of the countries in the…... Listed under:
  297. PIC Controlled Relay Driver using PIC16F84A
    Project Summary This circuit is a relay driver that is based on a PIC16F84A microcontroller. The board includes four relays so this lets us to control four distinct electrical devices. The controlled device may be a heater, a lamp, a computer or a motor. To…... Listed under: , ,
  298. ParkBot: The Autonomous Parallel Parking Car
    Abstract Parallel parking is often the most difficult part of ordinary drivers, and one of the most feared tasks for some. Big cities specifically require great amount of parking skills as parking spaces are often limited. Removing the difficulty, stress and uncertainty of this task…... Listed under:
  299. Design and Development of an Automated Home Control System Using Mobile Phone
    Abstract This paper presents design and development of an Automated Home Control System (AHCS) using mobile phone. A cell (mobile) phone acts as a modem for the control of electrical home appliances. This is achieved when the mobile phone number is dialed and an appropriate…... Listed under: ,
  300. Single Pic Micro single shot bi stable Relay
    Project Summary Build yourself a single shot Pic Micro Controlled by stable Relay FEATURES 1. One touch activated for on or off 2. Open connections for other sensors 3. 10 -12 volt operation 4. Led indicators for on off status 5. Can be Rf controlled…... Listed under: , ,
  301. Microcontroller measures heart rate through fingertip
    Step 1: Sensor assembly The sensor unit consists of an infrared light-emitting-diode (IR LED) and a photo diode, placed side by side, and the fingertip is placed over the sensor assembly, as shown below. The IR LED transmits an infrared light into the fingertip, a…... Listed under:
  302. Night Light Saver V3.2 using PIC12C508
    Introduction It's time for 8-pin microcontroller Microchip PIC12C508, the SAVER V3.2, my latest design of a device that turns a night light on and off everyday. The circuit uses only a PIC12C508 8-pin CMOS micontroller and a small triac, MAC97A6. The Saver V3.2 also demonstrates…... Listed under: ,
  303. A Programmable Home Automation System
    Introduction The PIC Mesh is a distributed programmable network capable of building motion sensitive alarm systems, automatic lighting, door alarms and various other home automation systems in a matter of minutes. In this project, we built a mesh network of PIC32 devices using low-cost, low-power…... Listed under:
  304. Temperature controlled fan using PIC 16F877A
    You might have come across several applications where we need to control a specific device based on analog parameter. This Embedded system works in a similar concept where we are about to control the speed of a DC motor using based on the external temperature.…... Listed under:
  305. Autonomous Foosball Table
    I was contacted by somebody who suggested I should enter our senior design project here. Seeing as how we found and used the AX-12s from Trossen Robotics, I figured this would be a great place to post. This project was our senior design, a semester…... Listed under:
  306. PIC16F84 Based Morse Code Reader
    So you want to become a HAM, or you've got one of those no-code licences, but like me feel somewhat lacking,... not having obtaining that age old badge of proficiency that differientiated the HAM from other radio operators. However, like thousands and thousands of others,…... Listed under:
  307. Harmonic Distortion Meter using PIC18F2550
    The 3rd harmonic distortion meter has been designed for measuring the quality of AC supply. The meter is built with a PIC18F2550 project board and the full wave rectifier front-end circuit. The AC power line, 220VAC is measured through the step down isolation transformer. The…... Listed under: ,
  308. Green Charger
    Introduction Have you ever gone to the beach on a hot summer day with your family only to complain that your phone is so low on battery that you can‚Äôt even take a selfie? Have you ever been concerned that you‚Äôre not putting on enough…... Listed under:
  309. Blink LED with XC8 compiler using external Oscillator
    In the simple tutorial we are going to blink few simple led with PIC18F microcontroller, using an external 20MHz crystal oscillator and the '__Delay ()' function of XC8 Compiler. Most of the previous tutorials here dealt with internal oscillator of pic18F4550 where mostly the delays…... Listed under:
  310. Microcontroller Adc Project Circuit
    The microcontroller projects resources., Pic microcontroller tutorials, resources and projects ranging from simple to advanced designs with schematics and source code. free for non-commercial use.. Related Article Microcontroller Adc Project Circuit : The best microcontroller projects and resources. Pic microcontroller tutorials, resources and projects ranging…... Listed under:
    1. Introduction Microwaves are maybe, one of the greatest discovers of the 20‚Äôth century. With a vavelenght between 30 cm and 3 mm and a power between 1 mW and 500 KW are practically used in all fields from medicine to industry. Microwave thermal and…... Listed under:
  312. Homemade Scope Clock DG7 tube and PIC16F876
    Powersupply and CRT deflection and microcontroller test circuit. I was lucky to purcase two used but working DG7 tubes and a transformator cheap, one from Mullard and one from Phillips. Other CRT Cathode Ray Tube types can be used, you can even rip one from…... Listed under: , ,
    High-Level Design The project can be logical separated into two different components: the glove and the car. The glove is the main way the user will interact with the car. Several fingers on the glove are outfitted with flex sensors to capture events when the…... Listed under:
  314. 100KHz Square Wave generator using PIC16C84
    Following on from the LED flasher circuit, we can reduce the delay in the loop to 10uS (10 microseconds) and produce a 100Khz square wave. Given a 4 Mhz PIC 16C84, the program below will generate a 100Khz square wave on PORTA bit 0 (i.e.…... Listed under: ,
  315. Electronic door codelock with PIC
    description This is my electronic codelock to use with an outdoor gate. The lock itself is implemented in software. It operates a relay (for example to open a door) for a few seconds if someone enters the valid code. The secret code can be changed…... Listed under:
  316. Dual programmable keypad code lock using PIC18F452
    Open electrical doors with your secret code only! Here are the technical specifications: Up to two keypads may be connected to drive both relay outputs. Professional, outdoor or other keypads may be used. Relay outputs are configurable: output voltage +6 to +24VDC (from power input)…... Listed under: ,
  317. Whistle Controlled Light Switch
    Introduction For our final project, we built a whistle controlled light switch. We were motivated by the daily struggle of getting out of bed to turn on/off the light. You can attach our final product on any light switch that can be commonly found in…... Listed under:
  318. Understanding ICSP for PIC Microcontrollers
    Programming microcontrollers isn't hard. Building a programmer makes a great first electronics project. The goal of this instructable is to explain the simple 'in circuit serial programming' method used with Microchip PICs. Step 1: Why ICSP? Programming a big DIP (through hole) chip is easy.…... Listed under:
  319. Touch Switch using PIC12F629 Microcontroller
    You can add this circuit to all sorts of projects that require on-off control. Our design allows up to 4 touch sensors using a PIC12F629. The output of each touch sensor is active LOW and this can be connected to an additional circuit to control…... Listed under: ,
  320. SOLAR TRACKER-1 using PIC12F629 Microcontroller
    This project will improve the output of your solar panel by about 40%. It uses a motor and gearbox from a 3.6v power screwdriver, however a number of different voltage motors can be used. The project has its own 6v power-supply made from five 1.2v…... Listed under: , ,
  321. SKY WRITER using PIC12F629 Microcontroller
    We have seen many projects using a set of LEDs to produce words "in the air," but none have the clever feature we have included. Most of the projects are "shaken in the air" and produce messages that are "all over the place." But if…... Listed under: ,
  322. Electronic Tuner Design
    This project aims to implement an electronic tuner which is able to analyze sound samples and display the notes contained in the sound. It utilizes a PIC32 microcontroller, a microphone circuit, and a TFT LCD to achieve that purpose. The intuition of making this project…... Listed under:
  323. MUSIC BOX using PIC12F629 Microcontroller
    This project is an extension of a number of musical projects (Happy Birthday and It's a Small World) and puts 11 melodies into a single design. It's called EVOLUTION. From the previous projects we learnt a lot about producing a tune. The first thing we…... Listed under: ,
  324. Lift Counter using PIC12F629 Microcontroller
    This project has been developed due to a request from Mr Moshweunyane ([email protected]). He asked for a circuit that would count up when someone entered a lift and count down when someone exited, using two infra-red sensors. All we had to do was take the…... Listed under:
  325. Audio spectrum analyzer using PIC18F4550
    Introduction This project implements a real-time audio spectrum analyser using a PIC18F4550 8-bit microcontroller. The spectrum frequency analysis is performed by a highly optimised 16-bit Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) routine coded entirely in C. The output from the FFT is displayed using a 128x64 graphical…... Listed under: ,
  326. Seven Segment Multiplexing using PIC18F4550 Microcontroller
    As explained earlier, a seven segment interfaced with PIC uses almost an entire port (minimum 7 pins) to display a value. But a real time application, like watch, calculator etc., usually requires at least 3-4 seven segments. In such a case it is not advisable…... Listed under:
  327. LAWL-E: The Platform Stabilizer
    Introduction The purpose of this final project is to implement a microcontroller-based platform stabilizer. The major components of the platform stabilizer is an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and two 180 degree rotation servos. The IMU uses a combination of a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis…... Listed under:
  328. Precision Delay Timer for PIC16F628A
    Description This project is a crystal controlled precision timer providing accurate delays from 1 second to 15 hours 45 minutes.¬† The timer delay is set using a 10-way DIP switch.¬† The timer is started by pressing a switch on the main PCB or from an…... Listed under:
  329. Breathe-Easy EEG
    Introduction By measuring brain activity using electrodes and an amplifier circuit, electroencephalograms (EEGs) are at the intersection of electrical engineering and neuroscience. By using signal processing techniques, we can examine the effects of external stimulation, such as music and meditation, on brain waves. We primarily…... Listed under:
  330. Automatic Charger Sharing for Motorcycle Battery Charger using PIC16F628A
    Description This project came about because I have three motorbikes and being a bit of a fair weather biker they don't get used much over the winter months.¬† I have an OptiMate‚ĄĘ 4 charger that I connect to the bikes but this needs me to…... Listed under: , ,
  331. PIC Harmonic Distortion Meter
    The 3rd harmonic distortion meter has been designed for measuring the quality of AC supply. The meter is built with a PIC18F2550 project board and the full wave rectifier front-end circuit. The AC power line, 220VAC is measured through the step down isolation transformer. The…... Listed under:
  332. PIC32 Gaming Console w/ Rapid-Developing Engine
    Introduction Our project design is an exquisite PIC32-based gaming console that supports NTSC video output, audio output and takes input from a NES Controller. Also we have fully developed an easy-to-use game engine that PIC hobbyists can rapidly develop any favorite game on the console.…... Listed under:
  333. Breakout board for PIC16F1847 microcontroller
    This is an improved version of my 18-pin PIC16F series breadboard module that I have used in many of my PIC tutorials and projects published in this website. The new version has got a +5V power supply regulator on-board and a 2.1mm female barrel jack…... Listed under: ,
  334. PicBerry Oscilliscope and Function Generator
    Introduction We created an affordable Digital Oscilliscope and Function Generator that is able to plot and produce (at the same time) generated electric signals (voltage) changing over time along a calibrated scale. The device provides the basic Digital Oscilliscope functionality of plotting the varying voltage…... Listed under:
  335. Interface a HD44780 Character LCD with a PIC Microcontroller
    Introduction An HD44780 Character LCD is a liquid crystal display (LCD) display device designed for interfacing with embedded systems. These screens come in a variety of configurations including 8x1, which is one row of eight characters, 16x2, and 20x4. The most commonly manufactured configuration is…... Listed under:
  336. Revised version of the PIC12F microcontrollers breakout board
    The 12F series of PIC microcontrollers are handy little 8-pin devices designed for small embedded applications that do not require too many I/O resources, and where small size is advantageous. These applications include a wide range of everyday products such as hair dryers, electric toothbrushes,…... Listed under: , ,
  337. Serial LCD Module using PIC16F88
    Many times when I'm working with a small MCU such as 8 pins or 18 pins MCU. I found that I don't have enough MCU pins for parallel LCD display. So it's good to have a one-pin-require LCD module for experiment. Acctually, serial LCDs are…... Listed under: ,
  338. Build your own Wireless Network detector using PIC12F629
    What This Is This project is for a small electronic unit that allows the user to sense the presence and relative signal strength of wireless hotspots. It can be worn as a pendant or carried in a pocket. It is "always on" and communicates the…... Listed under: , , ,
  339. Automated Resistor Sorter with GUI
    Introduction Our project is a resistor sorter that allows users to input multiple resistors, measure their resistance, and sort them into predefined bins or return them to the user. For a video of our sorter, please see our¬†Project Demo. From the onset, we wanted to…... Listed under:
  340. DIY remote control based on PIC16F628
    Control up to 8 devices by this easy constructable remote control. It can work as a radio or infrared remote control, depending on the components. Each device output can be configured to be momentary (turned on while you press the button) or latched. Latched outputs…... Listed under: , ,
  341. Blink a LED with Assembly Language & a PIC
    To state the blindingly obvious, there are many flavors of microcontroller in the world.¬† There are innumerable applications for them too.¬† This Instructable will cover the steps necessary to blink a LED using a PIC microcontroller and Microchip assembly language, showing you how to access…... Listed under:
  342. The IR Widget Using pic12f629
    Simple IR capture for multitasking operating systems The IR Widget captures the infrared signals used by remote controls. It operates in a way that makes it compatible with modern multitasking operating systems. It is able to determine the carrier frequency and demodulate the carrier in…... Listed under:
  343. PIC 16F84 Serial Programmer
    The Microchip PIC 16C84 was one of the first serial in-system programmable microcontroller. I saw PIC serial programmers published in Electronic magazines in 1993. Today, many PIC programmer circuits - for serial and parallel PC ports - are published on the Internet. Despite its somewhat…... Listed under: ,
  344. A DCF77 Clock with RS232 Interface using PIC16F84
    Description: The clock is synchronised via the German time signal DCF77. It has a display with automatic brightness control and a RS232 computer interface. Design Overview: The clock is built around a PIC16F84 microcontroller from Microchip. I chose this microcontroller since its FLASH memory is…... Listed under:
  345. EMG Robotic Hand
    Introduction The goal of the project was to create a robotic hand that is controlled by sensing the muscular contractions in the arm of the user and to replicate the movements on the robotic hand. Electrodes will be placed on multiple areas on the arm…... Listed under:
  346. Ir On-Off using PIC12F629 microcontroller
    Turn ON or OFF electrical devices using remote control is not a new idea and you can find so many different devices doing that very well. For realization of this type of device, you must make a receiver, a transmitter and understand their way of…... Listed under: ,
  347. 1Hz Clock Generator using PIC12F675
    Based on the idea from have created a 1Hz Clock Generator. I use PIC12F675 as it's available locally. Its price is just about US$1. The concept is using 32.768kHz crystal as a clock for the PIC. Therefor, the internal instruction clock is 32768/4 =…... Listed under:
  348. Pic-Plot2 GPIB to USB converter using PIC16F628
    Pic-plot now goes to USB! A perfect low cost solution to quickly get screen plots of your GPIB instrument on your laptop PC without complex software. It emulates the HP7470A operation on the GPIB side, and outputs the HP-GL data at the USB port to…... Listed under: ,
  349. How to build your own PIC-Programmer using PIC12C50x
    Which types of PIC microcontrollers and EPROM‚Äôs are supported? You can use this PIC-Burner for PIC12C50x, PIC12F62x, PIC16FFxx, PIC16F62x and EEPROM 24Cxx. This PIC-Programmer was tested with PIC12C508 (A), PIC12C509 (A), PIC12F629, PIC12F675, PIC16F84A, PIC16F627, and PIC16F628. The PIC-programmer is easy to build and compact.…... Listed under: , ,
  350. 3D MOUSE APP
    Introduction We design a wireless 3D mouse to control a music player to change songs and stop and play the song. The 3D mouse responds to all-direction movements as it has a built-in accelerometer. The user gives the commands by moving this mouse to the…... Listed under:
  351. PIC16F628 4 RGB LED PWM Controller
    I am a big fan of LEDs.¬† Bright, colorful, flashing LEDs.¬† So, given my affinity for LEDs, I decided to work on a controller that me and a few of my friends could use as an art project/passive information display.¬† I have posted videos from…... Listed under: , ,
  352. An Easy to build & multifunctional counter with 7-Segment Led Display using PIC16F628 microcontroller
    Just one PIC to use it as counter with multiple functions. Here is the pin information:   PIN FUNCTIONS: CLEAR/COUNT - GND to clear count, VSS to count. SAVE COUNT - GND start from zero on power up, VSS continue last count. C CATHODE/C ANODE…... Listed under: ,
  353. Read analog values without an ADC using PIC12F675 microcontroller
    Digital electronics and Analog electronics doesn't mix easily. A Microcontroller can't get analog values unless an Analog-to-Digital converter is used, however, you may find a little complicated the use of an ADC and it need lots of Input/Output ports.   Some Microcontrollers, like the small…... Listed under: ,
  354. Pic RGB color generator using PIC12F629
    Description PIC RGB is a circuit that generates random RGB colors using a RGB LED and fades between them. The idea for this circuit came from the candle simulator [1] and another project called TinyRGB [2] . The challenge was to create an algorithm that…... Listed under: ,
  355. LED Cube with SnakeGo
    Introduction The idea of our final project is to design and implement a PIC32-drived 8x8x8 LED cube with 3-dimensional display. Besides 3D display feature, another major feature of this magical LED cube is that it provides a playing field and users can play 3D snake…... Listed under:
  356. Power Pic RGB with Infrared remote control using PIC12F675
    Power Pic RGB with Infrared remote controlis a circuit that generates colors using a RGB LED and can be controlled using any infrared remote controller capable compatible with the Sony¬ģ Sirc code. This circuit is the third evolution of Pic RGB project [1] in which…... Listed under: ,
  357. Cooking Timer using PIC16F819 microcontroller
    Cooking Timer This is a school project but I thought it can be fun to all of you cooking people out there, that still use old stoves without timers. The timer uses different formula for meat, chicken or egg, but also has a separate timer…... Listed under: , ,
  358. Minty JDM PIC Programmer using PIC18F4550 microcontroller
    Minty JDM PIC Programmer This project details how to build a JDM style programmer to program PIC Microcontrollers using Microchip's ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) and freeware software (PICPgm).¬† Total project cost: less than $10.¬† This device has been tested on both the PIC16F877 and…... Listed under: ,
  359. Smart-O-Pan ECE4760
    A smart control knob and pan designed for the absent-minded chef! The Smart-O-Pan takes the constant vigilance out of your culinary creations, making cooking bdddoth simple and safe. [caption id="attachment_34026" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Figure 0. Handle, Pan, and Hotplate Together[/caption] I designed the smart-o-pan with people…... Listed under:
  360. An LED Dice using a PIC 16F84 (or 16F88)
    An LED Dice using a PIC 16F84 (or 16F88) This is a re-print of a project that I made a number of years ago - I was trawling the web, and discovered that others had been making it, so I decided to put the detail…... Listed under: ,
  361. Reverse Engineering to Emulate Ink Cartridges for a Epson Printer using PIC18F
    Reverse Engineering to Emulate Ink Cartridges for a Epson Printer For the past two years, I‚Äôve been planning to build myself a 3D printer from some old Inkjet printers that I had collected over the years. But not until two weeks ago had I actually…... Listed under: ,
  362. Analog to Digital Converter Using PIC16f877A Microcontroller – Beginners Guide using pic microcontoller
    What is meant by Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)? An ADC converts analog signal to it's corresponding digital signal. How to convert analog signal to digital signal? has already posted ADC using LM324 IC, in that ADC tutorial¬†I had already explained Analog to Digital…... Listed under:
  363. IoT Hand Gesture Video Control
    Introduction In this project, we designed and implemented a system that will utilize light & shadow and relative distance to to recognize the single hand gesture in the air and use different gestures as commands like volume up or speed up to control a video…... Listed under:
  364. JDM2 based PIC Programmer
    JDM2 based PIC Programmer Schematic & layout for an updated JDM2 PIC Programmer. Includes clock & data filter, Vpp voltage divider for modern PIC microcontrollers (eg USB PIC 18F2455/4455). Prior to reading sites like & I had worked only with the Amtel/AVR line…... Listed under: ,
  365. Traffic Light Controller using pic microcontoller
    1.a¬† History: The first single-chip microprocessor was the 4-bit Intel 4004 released in 1971. With the Intel 8008 and more capable microprocessors available over the next several years. These however all required external chip(s) to implement a working system, raising total system cost, and making…... Listed under:
  366. Wooden LED clock using PIC16LF876A microcontroller
    Wooden LED clock I really like concept. So many different types of wooden clock have been already built. I've seen many of them but I still don't have my own. What a shame. I'm going to fix it right now. Project is very simple and…... Listed under: ,
  367. Automated Ice Cream Topper
    Introduction Controlled by a PIC 32, the automated ice cream topper stores individual ice cream topping preferences, outputting the user's ideal solid, liquid, and whip cream topping amount with the push of a button. Our project demo can be viewed here:¬†Project Demo. The automatic ice…... Listed under:
  368. Bluetooth Wireless Voltage Meter using PIC12F683 microcontroller
    Bluetooth Wireless Voltage Meter using Wiimote + Pic Chip + AutoIt In this tutorial I'm going to be showing you how you can send voltage values to your pc using a Pic chip, Wiimote, and Autoit3 scripting language. The process works by wiring a pic…... Listed under: ,
  369. Audio spectrum analyzer on PIC32 using pic microcontoller
    This simple audio spectrum analyzer is based on PIC32 proto board on PIC32MX360F512L with 320√ó240px colour LCD (LVC75Z779 Eval Board).¬† The analyzer can be connected to unamplified audio source like PC‚Äôs sound card, MP3 player and so on. SSD1928 Module Schematic diagram The reference voltage…... Listed under:
  370. Usbpicprog ‚Äď A free and open source USB Microchip PIC programmer (Software and Hardware) for Linux, Windows e MAC
    Usbpicprog is an USB in circuit programmer for Microchip PIC processors family PIC10F, PIC12F, PIC16F, PIC18F, PIC24F, PIC32F and I2C Eeprom 24xx. The hardware is as simple as possible, the current version only contains one PIC18F2550, 4 mosfets, and besides the connectors a hand full…... Listed under:
  371. Computer-Controlled Light-Up Water Fountain
    System Overview La Fontaine Du Campus Est (The Fountain of East Campus) is a computer-controlled, servo-actuated, LED and halogen-lit, sump-pump powered water fountain. It features five streams of water that can each be individually controlled (on/off) as well as pivoted (90 degrees of freedom). Each…... Listed under:
    We have been wanting to design and build an open-design, relatively inexpensive but fully functioned charge regulator for solar PV, wind, pedal and small hydro systems for a while now. The majority of off-grid renewable energy systems are based upon lead acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries…... Listed under:
  373. Spectrum analyzer based PIC18F4550
    The project demonstrates the implementation of the sound spectrum analyzer for 8-bit microcontroller PIC18F4550 manufactured by Microchip . Spectrum analysis is performed using an optimized fast Fourier transform algorithm (Fast Fourier Transformation, FFT), written entirely in C language. Data Visualization (spectrum) is carried out in…... Listed under:
  374. The Wooden Menace – a Mighty Robotic Arm Powered by Servos using pic microcontoller
    Introduction When I first started in the field of robotics, electronics and sensors I had always wanted to make my own robotic arm. The idea of being able to make such an advanced idea come to life out of simple parts found around the house…... Listed under:
  375. ECE 4760 Final Project: Motor Dynamometer
    Introduction For our final project we built a dynamometer that measures various performance characteristics of small electric motors, such as torque, rpm and efficiency. The final goal was to be able to produce a motor efficiency map like this one, but for this class project…... Listed under:
  376. Induction Heater with CKM005 Microcontroller
    UPDATE 11/7/12 ‚Äď More pics of device and full disassembly uploaded by Ad.¬† Thanks!. A user nicknamed ‚ÄúAd‚ÄĚ has taken some pictures of the inside of a new induction cooktop by Better China, see their original comments at this article.¬† This device is interesting because…... Listed under:
  377. Haptic Feedback Weathervane
    Introduction When sailing a boat, one of the most important factors is the direction of the wind. If they want to keep a steady heading, sailors need to be able to dynamically adjust the direction they steer as the wind changes. Unfortunately, the ability to…... Listed under:
  378. 2.4GHz WiFi & ISM Band Scanner. Part 1 – Description and Schematic using pic microcontoller
    Have you ever wondered exactly what is going on in the 2.4GHz WiFi and ISM band around your house. What channel is it best to set your wireless router to? Why are you getting such poor performance across your WiFi network? Is your neighbour on…... Listed under:
  379. Disco Lights Project using pic microcontoller
    What does it do? The Disco Lights project is what you get when you combine the fantastic beat detection circuitry of my ever popular beat triggered strobe light with coloured halogen lamps! In other words, four coloured lights flash in a variety of patterns in…... Listed under:
  380. Borkbit: A Wifi-Enabled Smart Collar
    Introduction "A smart, wearable device for your pet." Borkbit is a smart, wearable device for pets that helps owners track their pets from afar. As any pet owner can attest, being away from one's animal friend is difficult. Today, an increasing number of people are…... Listed under:
  381. How to Interface GSM Module SIM300 with PIC 16F628A Microcontroller for sending SMS and making Calls using pic microcontoller
    We have seen many Electronics Engineering projects use GSM Modem. GSM modems are widely integrated with GSM security system, GSM alarm to provide easy user interaction of user to the embedded project. What is a GSM module? A GSM module lets you to make calls,…... Listed under:
  382. How to drive a Dot Matrix LED Display. using pic microcontroller
    Driving a 64 LED dot matrix LED display is quite simple and just requiresONE TRICK! Here you can find out how to drive an led dot matrix with 64 LEDs (8 rows by 8 columns - 8x8 display) or less e.g. 35 LEDs (7 rows by 5…... Listed under: ,
  383. An Inexpensive Microcontroller Based Data Logging System
    INTRODUCTION Attempts to understand and analyze environmental variables need data sets that track both temporal and geographical changes. These data can be collected using networks of recording instruments or instruments connected to commercially available data loggers (e.g., Silliman and Booth, 1993), but the cost of…... Listed under: ,
  384. 1Hz – 2MHz Function Generator with XR2206 using pic microcontoller
    1Hz - 2MHz Function Generator with XR2206 Component List: XR2206 - Function Generator IC Function Generator PCB RCA Gold Plated Connector SW1 - 4-DIP Switch SW2 ‚Äď (Sine / Triangle) / Square Switch SW2 ‚Äď Sine / Triangle Switch 1x 3-PIN Gold Plated Male Header…... Listed under:
  385. EOG-Controlled Video Game
    Introduction The goal of this project is to develop an electrooculography (EOG) system that can record potentials across a user‚Äôs eyes, and use the resulting signal to control a simple video game. An electrooculograph is a device that measures the standing potential across the human…... Listed under:
  386. USB 0-500MHz RF Power Meter with AD8307 using pic microcontoller
    AD8307 USB 0-500MHz RF Power Meter Component List: 1x PIC18F2550 Programmed Microcontroller 1x AD8307 RF Power Meter IC 1x RF Power Meter Probe PCB 1x USB IO Board PCB 1x USB Type B Connector 1x 20MHz Crystal Resonator 1x 470K Resistor (yellow purple yellow gold)…... Listed under: ,
  387. USB IO Board PIC18F2455 / PIC18F2550 using pic microcontoller
    ¬†USB IO Board Component List: 1x PIC18F2455 / PIC18F2550 Programmed Microcontroller (MCU) 1x USB Type B Connector 1x 20MHz Crystal Resonator 2x 10K Resistor (brown black orange gold) 1x 470 Resistor (yellow purple brown gold) 1x 470nF Ceramic Capacitor 1x 100nF Ceramic Capacitor ¬†¬†Technical Specifications:…... Listed under:
  388. ESR Meter using pic microcontoller
    The ESR meter is perfect for any electronics repair technicians, engineers or hobbyist. This handy meter measures electrolytic capacitor equivalent series resistance (ESR) in the circuit. ESR is a very important characteristic of capacitors greater than 1 microfarad. This meter makes measurements which are often…... Listed under:
  389. BA1404 HI-FI Stereo FM Transmitter 88 – 108 MHz usnig pic microcontoller
    BA1404 Stereo FM Transmitter Components: BA1404 IC 38KHz Crystal L1 - 3.5 Turns Variable Coil 1x PCB 1x 38KHz Crystal Oscillator 1x DIP-18 IC Socket 1x 3.5T Variable Precision RF Coil 1x 10uH Inductor 4x 10uF/50V Gold Audio Capacitors 4x 1nF Ceramic Capacitors 2x 1nF…... Listed under: ,
    INTRODUCTION   Sound Bite   A sleep quality meter that uses heartrate, breathing rate, and movement metrics to judge the quality of the user's sleep. The What and the Why We created a system that monitors the quality of the sleep of its user. As…... Listed under:
  391. Voltmeter Ammeter using pic microcontroller
    ¬†Voltmeter Ammeter Component List: 1x PIC16F876A - Programmed microcontroller 1x 2x16 LCD with Green or Blue Backlight 1x High quality PCB with red solder mask and plated through holes 1x 4MHz Resonator 1x LM7805 5V Voltage Regulator 1x 16x1 Gold Plated Female Header (PCB) 1x…... Listed under:
  392. 60MHz Frequency Meter / Counter using pic microcontroller
    ¬†Component List: 1x 16x2 LCD Display with Green/Blue Backlight 1x PIC16F628A Pre-programmed MCU 1x PCB 1x 18-DIP IC Socket 1x 4.000MHz Crystal 1x LM7805 5V Voltage Regulator 1x 1x16 Gold Plated Female Header (for PCB) 1x 1x16 Gold Plated Male Header (for LCD) 2x 1x2…... Listed under:
  393. Pickit 2 clone The Universal Microchip PIC Programmer /Debugger
    The PICkit‚ĄĘ 2 ¬†Programmer/Debugger¬†is a low-cost development tool with an easy to use interface for programming and debugging Microchip‚Äôs Flash families of microcontrollers. The full featured¬†Windows¬†programming interface supports baseline,¬†mid-range, PIC18,8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers, and many Microchip Serial EEPROM products. With Microchip‚Äôs powerful MPLAB Integrated…... Listed under:
  394. Infrared Camera on the PIC32
    Introduction The purpose of this project was to create thermal images displayed on the TFT screen of the PIC32 using data inputted through a thermal camera. A thermal image is an image where the colors are representative of the amount of heat radiated by that…... Listed under:
  395. How to burn or program PIC Microcontroller?
    This DIY PIC programmer is a continuation of our PIC programming basics tutorial. By using this USB PIC programmer, you can program microchip PIC series of 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F, 24F, 30F. This is also an EEPROM programmer as it supports 12Cxx EEPROM. The main…... Listed under:
  396. Blinking LED using PIC Microcontroller with Hi-Tech C
    A lot of you may heard about microcontrollers and its applications. Well it is a bit difficult to start learning microcontrollers. And the guides and tutorials also do not start from zero level which makes learning far more difficult than anticipated. I have tried to…... Listed under:
  397. Simple RS232C Level Converter using Transistors using pic microcontroller
    There're many, who built the Easy Programmer or C-52 EvaluationBoard, asking for the RS232C level converter chip, DS275. Many have changedto MAX232 instead, because of not available in his home. Here is anothersimple and cheap circuit using small signal transistor providing TTL toRS232C level converter.…... Listed under:
  398. PIC32 Digital Synthesizer
    Introduction Our final project for ECE 4760: Digital Design Using Microcontrollers is a portable keyboard digital synthesizer using the PIC32MX250F128B microcontroller. The PIC creates various sound effects using direct digital synthesis (DDS) and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis which can be modified using user input on…... Listed under:
  399. The IDE Project
    4 prototype boards arrived today. After going over them carefully, I found 4 lines that crossed each other. After some quick surgery with a knife and some solder and wire, the IDE project is now semi portable. The power supply is still out of a…... Listed under:
  400. PIC Light Chaser
    This month I am continuing with the PIC projects that I started in August. To be able to build this circuit you must build the August circuit which allows you the ability to program PIC's. The circuit this month is a simple 8 light chaser…... Listed under:
  401. Interfacing DS1307 RTC Chip with AVR Microcontroller
    Real Time Clocks, as the name suggests are clock modules. They are available as integrated circuits (ICs) and manages timing like a clock. Some RTC ICs also manages date like a calendar. The main advantage is that they have a system of battery backup which…... Listed under:
  402. CNC Controller Motion Schematics (Rev. D) using pic microcontrollers
    Table of Contents Introduction Power Supply I/O Microcontroller RS422 and Limit Switches X, Y, Z, and Z Axes Selenoid and Motor Control Printed Circuit Board Issues Introduction The parts list is kept in a separate file. Power Supply The power supply schematic is shown below:…... Listed under:
  403. Programmable IR Station
    Introduction The programmable IR remote controller is an IR remote control platform based on PIC32 that can record and resend the Infrared signal. To help users control programmable IR remote controller, an infrared wave server related to database and website is implemented in this project.…... Listed under:
  404. Remote-Control Light Dimmer using pic microcontroller
    The lamp in my bedroom is a very cheap lamp from Wal-Mart. It stands in one corner of my room, opposite of the door. This is where the problem is: If it is dark, I have to walk across the room, not trip on anything,…... Listed under:
  405. USB data logger project using pic-microcontroller
    Introduction: In this project, PIC 18F4550 is programmed to perform the function of an oscilloscope. Communication is set up between the computer and the PIC through USB, so that bulk data transfer mode is implemented. Analogue circuits are carefully designed so the user can select…... Listed under:
  406. XBee radio communication between PICs using pic-microcontroller
    Overview Typically, two pics communicate by RS-232, a wired transmission. However, it may be desirable to communicate via a wireless link. This wiki page demonstrates using XBee radio modems which conform to the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol. These radios will allow for wireless communication between two…... Listed under:
  407. Final Report – VGA Video Game
    Introduction Do you ever find yourself lamenting that you live in a warehouse of unused VGA monitors, but don‚Äôt have any VGA signals to feed to them? Do you ever wish that you had a cheap way to drive these displays at high spatial and…... Listed under:
  408. Line Follower Robot ‚Äď Build it from scratch using pic microcontoller
    Line Follower Robots are the most common type of robots that are built by hobbyist and student interested in robotics and embedded systems. The reason for the popularity of the Line Follower robot is the fact that is simple to build and easy to understand…... Listed under:
  409. Touch-A-Sketch
    Introduction For our final project, our team built a touch screen controlled Etch-A-Sketch we call Touch-A-Sketch. The Touch-A-Sketch is the first of its kind that allows users to draw on the touchscreen and sketches the drawing on the Etch-A-Sketch by controlling the knobs on either…... Listed under:
  410. Interfacing DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor with PIC16F877A using pic microcontoller
    After interfacing the DHT11 with Arduino uno board at the following post: ARDUINO Humidity & Temperature Measurement Using DHT11 Sensor Now we are going to see how to interface this sensor with microchip pic16f877a. There are some descriptions of how this sensor work¬† in the…... Listed under: ,
  411. SD-Card with CCS C Compiler using pic microcontoller
    Description This project shows how to use a SD-Card with FAT16 file system. It is based on the example MMC/SD-Card driver (mmcsd.c) and FAT file system driver (fat.c) delivered with the CCS C compiler. Unfortunately, the example didn't work properly for me. So I searched…... Listed under:
  412. Driving a piezo speaker with a PIC using pic-microcontroller,
    Overview A Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) output from a PIC microcontroller can be used to play tones on a piezo speaker. With this, musical scales and simple songs can be played on the piezo speaker. Piezoelectric speakers operate by the converse piezoelectric effect: when a…... Listed under:
  413. Heat Control System using pic-microcontroller
    Introduction This project was the first stage of developing a controller for a radiant floor heat system. The microcontroller will use inputs from thermostats, thermocouples, a flow meter, and pressure switches to control the operation of the pumps and valves to achieve improved efficiency of…... Listed under:
  414. Real Time Stock Monitor
    Introduction In this project, we demonstrate a real-time stock monitor that uses the popular ESP8266 Wi-Fi module controlled by a PIC32. We decided to build a fun device that fetches chosen stock prices in real-time and displays them on a screen. The goal was driven…... Listed under:
  415. Interfacing with a Secure Digital (SD) card using pic-microcontroller
    Overview Secure Digital Cards, or SD cards, are used to hold information in many common electronic devices from digital cameras to mobile phones and come in sizes as small as 4 MB and as large as 8 GB. In this lab, we will establish communication…... Listed under:
  416. Switch Relay using pic-microcontroller
    INTRODUCTION: The Switch Relay was designed to give clients control over two different switch-activated devices using only one switch. Pressing and releasing the switch will directly control the first device. However, when the client presses the switch for a minimum duration of time, the device…... Listed under:
  417. Pong Bot
    Rationale The project‚Äôs focus is to accurately simulate the movement of a human arm on a small-sized robotic arm, such as aiming and throwing small objects, i.e. a ping pong ball. We use motion-controlled, 3-DoF robotic arm that takes the user‚Äôs throwing motion as a…... Listed under:
  418. Simple Project on LED blinking by PIC 16 Microcontroller using pic Microcontroller
    Today I will show you how easily you can build your first project on blinking LED by using PIC 16¬†microcontroller. In my previous post Step by step Project guide on PIC Microcontroller I was mansion that for¬†start-up¬†we need 1 Proteus 7 Professional (where we Make…... Listed under:
  419. Scrolling Text on LCD by PIC Microcontroller
    Scrolling Text on LCD by PIC microcontroller is very simple but very important one. For moving forward we need basic knowledge on how to display the text on LCD by pic Micro controller. For that please see my previous post on that ‚ÄúDisplaying text on…... Listed under:
  420. IoT Security Platform
    We developed a WiFi enabled doorway security system accessible from anywhere in the world. One of the motiviations behind this project was derived from the contemporary notion that the concept of IoT presents security vulnerabilities. We thought that it would be a not only ironic…... Listed under:
  421. Lm35 interfacing with pic 16f877 through adc0808
    Here I discus on very good project on digital thermometer. I made this project by Lm35 interfacing with pic 16f877 through adc0808. Pic16f877 microcontroller has inbuilt ADC (Analog to Digital¬†Converter¬† but I use external ADC IC (adc0808) because of simplicity of project if I use…... Listed under:
  422. Automated Railway Gate Controlled by PIC16F877A
    Here I give you my project on Automated Railway Gate Controlled by PIC16F877A . It is very good project and if it is implemented by railway then they can save lots of money to paying salary for this purpose. For that project I use PIC16F877A,…... Listed under:
  423. Interfacing GLCD with PIC16F877A
    Today I discuss on Interfacing GLCD with PIC16F877A. To overcome the limitation of LCD display we use GLCD (Graphical LCD). By using GLCD now we can display image draw line and shapes page by page which are not possible in normal LCD. So to know…... Listed under:
  424. Interfacing Proteus with Matlab
    It is very important topic that how Interfacing Proteus with Matlab is done? And it is obious that after interfacing Proteus with matlab lots of way is open for simulating microcontroller based project. We know that in Proteus there has lack of sensor soif we…... Listed under:
  425. ECE 4760 Final Project: 3d lidar imaging system
    Introduction The goal of this final project was to create a lidar 3d imaging system while on a limited budget. This is a system which takes many distance readings while pointing at many different angles. These distance readings are then converted into cartesian points and…... Listed under:
  426. Servo motor control by Microcontroller PIC16f877 and MATLAB GUI
    Here you see how a Servo motor controls by Microcontroller PIC16f877 and MATLAB GUI? It is well known to us that now a day‚Äôs use of servo motor extended in the field of Robotics. Servo motor can rotate with definite angle and we can easily…... Listed under:
  427. Interfacing GSM module with PIC Microcontroller
    In connection with today‚Äôs advance technology and field of embedded electronics project, interfacing GSM module with pic microcontroller is very important for remote and wireless communication. GSM stands for Global system of mobile communication is widely used chip and reliable mobile network. If we done…... Listed under:
  428. Password controlled sliding door with SMS alert by pic Microcontroller
    In today‚Äôs world implementation of any expert system with maximum data and networking security becomes a real necessity in home, academic organizations as well as in industrial communities. To provide this security here I give my project on ‚Äúpassword controlled sliding door with SMS alert…... Listed under: , ,
  429. Interfacing android with pic microcontroller via Bluetooth
    To forward our first step in the field of wireless communication by interfacing android with pic microcontroller via Bluetooth open lots of way to work on. Once we can send and receive data between a microcontroller and android mobile then use of android mobile we…... Listed under:
  430. Autonomous Drone
    Introduction The main goal of my project was to add autonomous flight capabilities to a simple drone framework. I have seen many projects in the past which attempt to develop a flight controller for a drone. While the theory behind this is rather simple, it…... Listed under:
  431. PIC microcontroller based fastest finger press quiz buzzer project
    The fastest finger press quiz buzzer is very popular in school, Collage, different T.V. show, different quiz competition. Here in my pic microcontroller based fastest finger press quiz buzzer project you will find four tables with push button. For any instant if four teams on…... Listed under:
  432. Interfacing Relay with PIC Microcontroller
    To control our high voltage device like home appliance by pic microcontroller, we have to have clear idea on interfacing relay with pic microcontroller. Here I try to answer your very important question with simulation that how to interface relay with pic microcontroller? To discuss…... Listed under:
  433. Image Plotter
    Introduction Our ECE 4760 final project was an image plotting system with high-level processing done in a MATLAB script we wrote and the low-level control software done on the PIC32MX250F128B microprocessor. Our MATLAB program takes images and extracts endpoints of line segments and sends the…... Listed under:
  434. Automatic street light control by pic microcontroller
    The main purpose of this project ‚Äúautomatic street light control by pic microcontroller‚ÄĚ is to minimize the cost of electricity and also cost of man power to manually on- off the street light. In the field of modern embedded world this project ‚Äúautomatic street light…... Listed under:
  435. Interfacing Internal EEPROM with PIC Microcontroller
    In this project ‚Äú Interfacing internal EEPROM with PIC Microcontroller ‚ÄĚ, we will see how we can easily interface EEPROM, send data from microcontroller, store data in EEPROM and read data from EEPROM. In many time we feel that we need to store some data…... Listed under: ,
  436. Interfacing external EEPROM with PIC Microcontroller
    In this project ‚ÄúInterfacing external EEPROM with PIC Microcontroller‚ÄĚ, we will see how we can easily interface EEPROM via I2C Protocol. The need of external EEPROM as a permanent storage of data in any project is enhanced. So now question how to interface external EEPROM…... Listed under: ,
  437. Interfacing DS1307 Real time clock with PIC16f877
    In any advance project we need real time clock synchronize with our work and for this purpose the best option is DS1307 (RTC Ic). Interfacing DS1307 Real time clock with PIC16f877 is done by I2C communication. To know I2C protocol you may refer my previous…... Listed under:
  438. Blue Hunters: Bluetooth RSSI Locator Robots
    Introduction We built 2 small cars which used Bluetooth Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) measurements to navigate towards a stationary base station. The cars and base station used a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0 module to take the measurements and a PIC32MX250 microcontroller. The cars…... Listed under:
  439. Digital Voltmeter (0-50v) using PIC Microcontroller
    If we know how inbuilt ADC work then we can easily build Digital Voltmeter using PIC Microcontroller. In my previous post, we can see how easily we build ‚ÄúDigital thermometer with auto saving log file in excel by Pic microcontroller‚ÄĚ. Using the same principle here…... Listed under:
  440. MCP4921 12 bit DAC interfacing with PIC16F877 microcontroller via SPI Connectivity
    In any real time project, MCP4921 12 bit DAC interfacing with PIC16F877 microcontroller via SPI Connectivity is very essential. Because in real world most of the input sensors and output devices are analog. So if we want to work with those we need to know…... Listed under:
  441. Interfacing Camera with PIC Microcontroller via Matlab GUI
    For project on security systems, Interfacing Camera with PIC Microcontroller via Matlab GUI¬†is mostly desirable. But size internal ROM and RAM of PIC16F877 is very small. So it is very difficult or other word imposible to direct Interfacing Camera with PIC16f877 Microcontroller . But we…... Listed under: ,
  442. LED blinking using timer0 of pic16f877 microcontroller
    Here I discuss very good knowledge based project LED blinking using timer0 of pic16f877 microcontroller. You can see in my Earlier project ‚ÄúSimple Project on LED blinking by PIC 16 Microcontroller‚ÄĚ where I have used delay program for LED blinking. For LED blinking we have…... Listed under:
  443. Electronic Voting Machine Using PIC Microcontroller
    Here you see how easily we can make Electronic Voting Machine Using PIC Microcontroller. By using this machine we can conduct any voting function like audience poll in school, college quiz competition or any small scale general election. Project Description: To make our project ‚ÄúElectronic…... Listed under:
  444. A recording studio for the PIC32
    Introduction We built a miniature recording studio using the PIC32 that allows the user to record a short soundtrack, play it back, then layer on additional sounds. We chose to support sounds for three tonal instruments: piano, guitar, and bass, as well as eight unique…... Listed under:
  445. LDR Based Line follower Robot Car using PIC Microcontroller
    Here I give you description of my project ‚ÄúLDR Based Line follower Robot Car using PIC Microcontroller‚ÄĚ. This project is very interesting and the concept implementing for making this project is also very interesting. Project description: In this project ‚ÄúLDR Based Line follower Robot Car…... Listed under:
    INTRODUCTION Our Smart Station hardware consists of a PIC32MX250 microcontroller with a 3.5mm jack for speakers, a TFT display, keypad, NeoPixel LED ring, microphone, and a host of I2C environmental sensor breakouts: i.e. accelerometer, temperature, humidity, and luminosity sensor breakouts. All of the electronics are…... Listed under:
  447. FM radio using TEA5767 and PIC16F877A micro-controller
    TEA5767 single-chip FM stereo radio. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * High sensitivity due to integrated low-noise RF input ampliÔ¨Āer * FM mixer for conversion to IF of the US/Europe (87.5 MHz to 108 MHz) and Japanese (76 MHz to 91 MHz) FM band * Preset tuning to receive…... Listed under:
  448. Led matrix project using shift register and pic16f628a micro
    This is aproject to move words on led matrix display we use 1-pic16f628a as microcontroller :cheap,program memory 2k,has internal oscillatror,two ports A,B and alot of things. 2-led matrix 8*8¬† rows common anode and columns common cathode 3-shift register i use 74ls164 it is simple than…... Listed under:
  449. Simple manual control of stepper motors without a PIC or PC
    This instructable will show you how to control stepper motors (Unipolar OR Bipolar) manually with a knob, without the use of a PIC or PC, so no programming is needed.¬† The position of the knob determines the position of the motor shaft, which will stay…... Listed under:
  450. Pic32 Oscilloscope
    Introduction For this project, we constructed an oscilloscope using the PIC32. The inspiration for this project came from the oscilloscopes we used in lab throughout the semester. These oscilloscopes allowed people to view and understand the behavior of a circuit. Without oscilloscopes, many of the…... Listed under:
  451. Servo Motor Control by using Microcontroller PIC16F877A
    PIC16F877A is an easy micro controller for the beginners Here in project: 1) How PIC switches servo motor forward and back ward When we push one switch it goes to positive 90 degree , on second switch it moves backward to¬† negative 90 degree a.…... Listed under:
  452. Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot
    Introduction Our project was creating a rubiks cube solving robot that utilized image processing, Kociemba's algorithm, and servos acting as claws/arms to turn the cube. We had a goal of being completely self contained and would not need any human interaction after the initial cube…... Listed under:
  453. Constellation Glasses
    INTRODUCTION: The Constellation Glasses allow you to find out what you are looking at in the night sky with the click of a button. On one side of the glasses, there is an accelerometer- magnetometer mounted, which allows us to determine the position of your…... Listed under:
  454. Groovy Times
    Introduction¬† Our team being excited by the recent trend towards more active forms of entertainment, such as those provided by motion-control systems and virtual-reality headsets, set out to create a similar type of device. We were further inspired by the games¬†Rhythm Heaven¬†and¬†Dance Dance Revolution, in…... Listed under:
  455. Automatic School Bell
    This project is an Automatic School bell system. Such a system triggers a bell (or operates any other load) at predifined time. In this version some advanced features are introduced: - 16x2 LCD Display ( Displays current date, time and day) - 4x4 Keypad for…... Listed under: ,
  456. The Cell Phone Drone
    The Mission We knew that this would be tough. There's a reason all of the drones you see on sale today have four motors, and that's because they're naturally much more stable than a drone with two motors and they're overall more fun and practical.…... Listed under:
  457. DATA LOGGER measures and stores voltage using PIC16F876
    Introduction This circuit is a data logger that records voltage samples at specific time intervals. I've used it to record the voltage discharge curve on NiCad battery packs. The data file can be dropped into a spreadsheet and plotted. I've also used it to record…... Listed under: , ,
  458. WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL for Raymarine ST4000 Autopilot using PIC16F628
    I had designed a remote unit for my ST4000+ autopilot. It did prove out the concept and I used it a lot, but it sported an unsightly coil cord (and of course unsightly coil cords have no place on boats) so I decided to build…... Listed under: ,
  459. Analog & Digital propeller clock using PIC16C84
    An Analog & Digital propeller clock i made! It isnt Real its just because your so awfully slow!!! ūüėČ based on an afterimage phenomenon, ie the reaction slowness of the retina, the illusion of reality our brains are "lying" Picture's made 12-12-1997 by Luberth Dijkman…... Listed under:
    INTRODUCTION Sometimes it is difficult to judge the ripeness of fruit visually, or we simply forget about our fruits until they are rotten. By using spectroscopy to monitor the change in the color of fruits, this device can track the ripeness of a variety of…... Listed under:
  461. Stepper Motor Controller using PIC16C84
    For another project I started I needed to control the motion of a stepper motor. A stepper motor is used when precision control of movement is needed. With each movement of the motor, the drive shaft steps a precise amount of distance (usually a few…... Listed under: ,
  462. Digital Watt meter using PIC16F876
    Updated 3. Sep. 2002. If you are from Denmark ! read the Danish version !! In the good old days I had some parts but now This Wattmeter is in ELEKTOR MAGAZINE OKTOBER 2002, they will sell PIC and PCB The extra input B is…... Listed under: ,
  463. PIC programmer using PIC16F84A Microcontroller
    Essential when experimenting with PIC. Programs PIC16Fxxx and PIC18Fxxxx series (8, 18, 28 and 40 pins) 16F84A, 16F877A, 18F452 (DIL and PLCC) tested successfully with the IC-Prog software. 18F4550 (DIL) works fine with the PICPgm programmer software. Also programs EEPROMs (8 pins) type 24LCxx with…... Listed under: ,
  464. Guitar Hero MMMMDCCLX
    Introduction: We created our own version of Guitar Hero which can play any song that has a MIDI file by using our custom controller and UI.¬†We are big fans of the original Guitar Hero game, but felt limited by its inability to only play a…... Listed under:
  465. Weather station using PIC18F452 Microcontroller
    Weather station with pressure reading, relative humidity, indoor & remote outdoor temperature display. Both Celsius or Fahrenheit & mbar/hPa or mm Hg¬† supported. With calendar & clock. Easy 3-button user-menu. 42 hour-history display (curve). Auto-memory & display of all high and low-values. PIC 18F452 running…... Listed under: , ,
  466. PIC based UPS Schematic / Firmware / PCB Layout
    Microchip‚Äôs Digital Pure Sine Wave Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Reference Design is based on the dsPIC33F ‚ÄúGS‚ÄĚ series of digital-power Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs). This reference design demonstrates how digital-power techniques when applied to UPS applications enable easy modifications through software, the use of smaller…... Listed under: , , ,
  467. Making a Digital Clock using PIC16F628A
    Please check the update at === Digital Clock Updated Version === --- Original Version --- As I am a WIS so I built a clock as my first microcontroller project. The clock is controlled by PIC16F628A from the PIC book . The idea was making…... Listed under:
  468. A Simple Clock using DS1307 and PIC16F877A
    Even I have posted about "DS1307 + PIC16F877A", I didn't have chance to make a real prototype of the clock. I have done only on the simulation software. Today, I have received a comment about that post. ah_bear followed my code and schematic on that…... Listed under:
  469. Self-Balancing Robot
    Introduction The inverted pendulum is an interesting case in the study of control systems because of its unstable nature. A pendulum is considered inverted when its center of mass is placed above its pivot point, meaning that its only equilibrium point is when its center…... Listed under:
  470. 6 Digits LED 7-Segment Multiplexing using PIC16F627A
    In the post 'LED 7-Segment Multiplexing', I have explained about the concept and benefits of multiplexing. Multiplexing implementation is very similar to driving Led Dot Matrix. I use Timer0 interrupt for switching through each digit. Timer0 or TMR0 is an 8-bit timer which overflows every…... Listed under: ,
  471. Making your own Digital Clock using PIC16F887
    Small LED dot matrix development board I was very busy for the past two months so this blog just didn't move. As you may know, the LED dot matrix display is my favorite device. I have designed a small development board for testing my led…... Listed under: ,
  472. RGB LED Controller using PIC18F452
    A very popular type of LED that has finally come about is the tri-color, RGB LED. The RGB stands for: red, green and blue since the LED is capable of displaying all three colors, independently. This means that an RGB LED can display any color…... Listed under: ,
  473. PICKit3 Programming With MPLABX
    The PICKit3 is microchip's newest official PIC programmer and while people argue about how good it is, this programmer has never done me wrong. I upgraded away from the old ICD2 clone programmer that I had used for years when I saw that microchip sells…... Listed under: ,
  474. The Sound Designer – A Portable Digital Synthesizer
    Introduction For this design project, we built a portable digital synthesizer capable of creating a wide variety of sounds designed by the user. The system consisted of a full octave (13 key) keyboard with two-voice polyphony, three rotary encoders for user input, a TFT LCD…... Listed under:
  475. IR Proximity Motor Control using PIC18F4520
    Infrared proximity sensors are very fun to play with. In the past we have used them to make Digital Theremins and Control Robots, always using its proximity sensing (how far away an object is from the sensor) as the main feature. Today, we're going on…... Listed under: ,
  476. The Annoy – A Tiny Intelligent Buzzer using PIC10F202
    A while back I made a blog post about a PIC10F200 Project: The Annoy. In this project they combined the simplicity in design along with the creativeness that I always look for, into a project with no real use other than for fun. However, the…... Listed under: ,
  477. How to drive an led display matrix using PIC16F88
    Here you can find out how to drive an led¬†matrix with 64 LEDs (8 rows by 8 columns - 8x8 display) or less e.g. 35 LEDs (7 rows by 5 columns - 5x7 dot matrix). It uses persistence of vision to let you drive the…... Listed under: , ,
  478. 3-DOF Self-stabilizing Quadcopter Frame or: How We Learned To Stop Trying and Not Build the Drone
    Introduction We created a 3 rotational degree of freedom quadcopter frame. The result was so that when placed on the small surface area of roughly a finger tip, the quadcopter can maintain its stability and recover from perturbations. The four motors increase and decrease in…... Listed under:
  479. A Real Time Clock using PIC16F88 Microcontroller
    This PIC project uses an I2C Real Time Clock IC (DS1307) and a four digit seven segment display to create a standard desk clock. Note:¬†If you typed DS1703 Real Time Clock to find this page you probably mis-spelled the chip type. Anyway you can find…... Listed under:
  480. 50MHz 7 segment frequency counter using PIC16F877A
    In the same way as the LCD project this frequency counter circuit uses TMR1 in 16 bit counter mode to count the input signal edges. Counter overflows are accumulated to give the total count in multiples of 65536. Adding the current value of the counter…... Listed under: ,
  481. Frequency Counter using PIC16F877A Microcontroller
    A frequency counter is a useful addition to an engineer's toolbox and you can create the design described on this page for free. All you need is a PIC microcontroller (or any microcontroller that has a high speed timer input module) and a 2 line…... Listed under: , ,
  482. PIC18F452 UART code and Proteus Simulation
    This post provides the¬†UART code (compiled in MPLAB + HI-TECH C) for PIC18F452¬†(e-g to connect PIC18F452¬†controller with PC using serial adapter). Complete project code and the proteus simulation can be downloaded from the Downloads¬†section at the bottom of this post. The following diagram shows the…... Listed under: ,
  483. Sign Language Learner
    Introduction We designed a device that can aid in learning the alphabet in American Sign Language. We built a glove with various sensors to identify the hand position of the user closely and use that to give feedback on what they are doing right or…... Listed under:
  484. PIC18F452 PWM Code and Proteus Simulation
    This post provides the PWM code (using C language) and Proteus simulation for PIC18F452 micro-controller CCP1 and CCP2 modules ( written using MPLAB and HI-TECH C18 compiler ). There are many uses for PWM signals, e-g you can control dc motor speed using PWM. CCP…... Listed under: ,
  485. PIC12F675 LED blinking code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the code to make an LED blink using PIC12F675 microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. This code is intended to be the first step in learning how to use PIC12F675 microcontroller in your projects.…... Listed under: ,
  486. Simple Digital Voltmeter (DVM) using PIC12F675 (Code+Proteus simulation)
    This post provides a simple digital voltmeter circuit¬†using PIC12F675 microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page. In this post, it is assumed that you…... Listed under: ,
  487. PIC12F675 PWM Code and Proteus Simulation
    This post provides the PWM¬†code for PIC12F675 microcontroller using timer0. There are many uses for PWM signal, e-g you can control dc motor speed using PWM. Timer0 is¬†initialized¬†in the start of the main function and using timer0 interrupts, PWM is generated. This code is written…... Listed under: ,
  488. Bluetooth Hydration Wearable
    Introduction We developed a wearable hydration monitoring system that will track an individual‚Äôs hydration levels by measuring the bioimpedance of the skin, that will transmit the data via Bluetooth to his or her cellphone, and that will provide a visual cue corresponding to their hydration.…... Listed under:
  489. PIC12F675 based digital clock using LCD display (Code + Proteus simulation)
    This post provides a simple digital clock implementation¬†using PIC12F675 microcontroller and an LCD display. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page. In this article, it…... Listed under: ,
  490. PIC12F675 based simple calculator ( Code + Proteus simulation )
    This post provides a simple calculator project implementation for PIC12F675 microcontroller. This is a simple one digit[1]¬†calculator which implements only 4 functions addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication(x) and division(/).¬†The code for PIC12F675 is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this…... Listed under: ,
  491. How to use PIC12F675 GPIO pin as input (Code + Proteus simulation)
    This post provides an example code to use PIC12F675 GPIO pins as inputs. After going through this example, you will understand how to make PIC12F675 pins as inputs and how to read their value in the code. This code is written in C language using…... Listed under: ,
  492. IOT Home Automation
    For our ECE4760 final project we built a wireless star network with the PIC32 ¬†for remote monitoring and automation. Meant to augment users' abilities to gain insight into their homes through a monitoring station, our system is designed around reliable communication between individual low-cost nodes…... Listed under:
  493. PIC16F84A LED blinking code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the code to make an LED blink using PIC16F84A microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. This code is intended to be the first step in learning how to use PIC16F84A microcontroller in your projects.…... Listed under: , ,
  494. PIC16F84A PWM code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the PWM¬†code for PIC16F84A¬†microcontroller using timer0.¬†There are many uses for PWM signal, e-g you can control dc motor speed using PWM. Timer0 is¬†initialized¬†in the start of the main function and using timer0 interrupts, PWM is generated. This code is written in C…... Listed under: ,
  495. PIC16F84A LCD interfacing code (In 8bit mode) + Proteus simulation
    This post provides the LCD[1]¬†interfacing code using PIC16F84A¬†microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page. It is assumed that you know how to make an…... Listed under: , ,
  496. PIC16F84A based digital clock using LCD display (Code+Proteus simulation)
    This post provides a simple digital clock implementation¬†using PIC16F84A microcontroller and an LCD display. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page. In this article, it…... Listed under: ,
  497. RF Motion Controlled Robot
    Introduction For our final project, we designed and implemented a remote-control car with a user-controlled steering wheel interface. We wanted a user interface that was immediately intuitive and familiar, which we thought a steering wheel with an onboard accelerometer definitely accomplished. Additionally, we wanted a…... Listed under:
  498. How to interface keypad with PIC16F84A
    This post provides a simple method to interface any keypad (e-g 4x4 or 4x3 etc)¬†with PIC16F84A¬†microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page. In this…... Listed under: ,
  499. PIC16F84A based simple calculator (Code+Proteus simulation)
    This post provides a simple calculator implementation for PIC16F84A¬†microcontroller. This is a simple one digit[1]¬†calculator which implements only 4 functions addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication(x) and division(/).¬†The code for PIC16F84A¬†is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the…... Listed under: ,
  500. PIC16F84A interrupt based software UART code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the interrupt based software UART (Bit Banging)¬†code for PIC16F84A microcontroller. As we know,¬†PIC16F84A¬†microcontroller doesn't have built in UART module, so we can create UART functionality in it's software. This post provides the details of how to program software UART functionality in¬†PIC16F84A.¬†This code…... Listed under: ,
  501. PIC16F84A i2c (bit banging) code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the i2c bit banging¬†code for PIC16F84A¬†microcontroller. As we know[1],¬†PIC16F84A¬†microcontroller doesn't have any built in i2c modules, so we have to create it in the software. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this…... Listed under: ,
  502. Robot Car Controlled by Hand Motions
    Introduction: For our final project in ECE 4760: Design with Microcontrollers, we decided to explore the concept of controlling a vehicle with the user‚Äôs hand orientation relative to the ground. By the end of the semester, we designed a cheap and effective hand controlled vehicle…... Listed under:
  503. PIC12F675 interrupt based software UART code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the interrupt based software UART (Bit Banging)¬†code for PIC12F675¬†microcontroller. As we know,¬†PIC12F675¬†microcontroller doesn't have built in UART module, so we can create UART functionality in it's software. This post provides the details of how to program software UART functionality in¬†PIC12F675.¬†This code is…... Listed under: ,
  504. PIC12F675 i2c (bit banging) code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the i2c bit banging¬†code for PIC12F675¬†microcontroller. As we know[1],¬†PIC12F675¬†microcontroller doesn't have any built in i2c modules, so we have to create it in the software. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this…... Listed under: ,
  505. Interfacing of PIC12F675 with DS1307 (RTC) code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the¬†code for interfacing DS1307 RTC with PIC12F675¬†microcontroller. This¬†DS1307¬†RTC¬†has i2c based interface and PIC12F675¬†doesn't have any built in i2c modules, so software i2c module is created in the code.¬†This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can…... Listed under: ,
  506. PIC16F877 PWM (2 channel) code and Proteus simulation
    This post answers the question, "How to make a pulse width modulator using PIC16F877" ? Also, using PIC16 simulator (Proteus) you can verify this PWM code and change it according to your needs.¬†You can download the complete project code and¬†Proteus¬†simulation from the 'Downloads' section at…... Listed under: ,
  507. Autonomously Hovering Quadcopter
    We designed, constructed and tested an autonomous quadcopter that used an IMU to control its attitude and a radio to transmit data to a controller, which we also built. The project focused on making the quadcopter as autonomous as possible, so only high level commands…... Listed under:
  508. PIC16F877 external interrupt code and Proteus simulation
    This post answers the question, "How to capture a pulse to generate an interrupt in PIC16F877" ? Also, using PIC16 simulator (Proteus) you can verify this external interrupt code and change it according to your needs.¬†This code is written in C language using MPLAB with…... Listed under: ,
  509. PIC16F877 UART code and Proteus simulation
    This post answers the question, "How to use interrupt based UART in PIC16F877" ? Also, using PIC16 simulator (Proteus) you can verify this UART code and change it according to your needs.¬†This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You…... Listed under: ,
  510. PIC16F877 LCD interfacing code (In 4bit mode) and Proteus simulation
    This PIC16F877 microcontroller tutorial¬†answers the question, "How to interface LCD[1]¬†¬†in 4bit mode with PIC16F877" ? Also, using PIC16 simulator (Proteus) you can verify this LCD code and change it according to your needs.¬†This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler.…... Listed under: , ,
  511. PIC16F877 based digital clock using LCD display (Code+Proteus simulation)
    This PIC16F877 microcontroller tutorial answers the question, " How to implement a digital clock using PIC16F877 ? "   Using PIC16 simulator (Proteus) you can verify this digital clock code and change it according to your needs.¬†This code is written in C language using MPLAB…... Listed under:
  513. How to interface keypad with PIC16F877
    This PIC microcontroller tutorial provides a simple method to interface any keypad (e-g 4x4 or 4x3 etc)¬†with PIC16F877 microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this…... Listed under: ,
  514. PIC16F877 internal EEPROM code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the internal EEPROM reading and writing¬†code for PIC16F877 microcontroller. As we know[1], PIC16F877 microcontroller has 256 x 8 bytes of built in EEPROM data space with an address range of 0x000 to 0x7FF. This code is written in C language using MPLAB…... Listed under: ,
  515. Interfacing of PIC16F877 with (i2c based) 24LC64 EEPROM (Code + Proteus simulation)
    This post provides the¬†code for interfacing 24LC64 EEPROM with PIC16F877 microcontroller. This 24LC64 EEPROM has i2c based interface. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page.…... Listed under: , ,
  516. Interfacing of PIC16F877 with DS1307 (RTC) code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the¬†code for interfacing DS1307 RTC with PIC16F877 microcontroller. This¬†DS1307¬†RTC¬†has i2c based interface.¬†This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page. It is assumed that…... Listed under: ,
  517. Twitter Emote Robot
    Introduction Social Media outlets like Twitter and Facebook have become dominating players in the field of human interaction. Indeed many interactions have become mediated by digital technology. We believe the loss of the physical component of interaction has had negative effects on human relationships overall.…... Listed under:
  518. PIC16F877 ADC code and Proteus simulation
    This post provides the ADC¬†code using PIC16F877 microcontroller. This code is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download this code from the 'Downloads'¬†section at the bottom of this page.   It is assumed that you know how to interface…... Listed under: ,
  519. PIC16F877 stop watch code and Proteus simulation
    This PIC16F877 microcontroller tutorial answers the question, " How to implement a stop watch using PIC16F877 ? " Using PIC16 simulator (Proteus) you can verify this stop watch code and change it according to your needs. Using three push buttons (As shown in figure below)…... Listed under:
  520. PIC16F877 up down counter code and Proteus simulation
    This PIC16F877 microcontroller tutorial answers the question, " How to implement a up down counter using PIC16F877 ? "   Using PIC16 simulator (Proteus) you can verify this¬†counter¬†code and change it according to your needs. Using one push button (Labeled as Count, as shown in…... Listed under:
  521. PIC16f877 based simple calculator project
    This PIC microcontroller tutorial provides a simple calculator implementation for PIC16F877 microcontroller. This is a simple one digit[1]¬†calculator which implements only 4 functions addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication(x) and division(/).¬†The code for PIC16F877 is written in C language using MPLAB with HI-TECH C compiler. You can download…... Listed under: ,
  522. Project – VR Sword Defense Video Game
    Introduction In this project, we constructed a virtual reality (VR) video game. The video game uses several peripherals to give the user an immersive gaming experience. This includes providing visual, auditory, and tactile feedback from the game. The game features a headpiece with a TFT…... Listed under:
  523. How to display text on 16×2 LCD using PIC18F4550
    Several automated and semi-automated devices require a message to be displayed in order to indicate their working status. In continuation to LCD interfacing with PIC18F4550, this article explains how to display a message or string on a 16x2 character LCD. In the previous article, a…... Listed under: ,
  524. PIC Microcontroller timer Video Project
    PIC Microcontroller timer Video Project
    PIC Microcontroller timer/counter by Dr. Tom Lombardo  ... Listed under:
  525. UFO round LED Chaser with speed control for PIC16F628A
    Description This is an updated version of the UFO LED Chaser project, revised to use the PWM LED Chaser code version 3.0.0 with support for variable chase speed.¬†¬† The basic LED chaser 'engine' firmware is the same as that used with the 481/483 LED chaser…... Listed under: ,
  526. Sound Localization
    INTRODUCTION We constructed a triangular arrangement of microphones to localize the direction an arbitrary sound is coming from. By recording input from the three microphones, we can cross-correlate the recordings to identify the time delay between the audio recordings. Since the physical placement of the…... Listed under:
  527. UFO round LED Chaser Kit for PIC16F628A
    Description This page is has been written to support construction of the UFO LED Chaser Kit #432K. This neat little circuit provides 8 LEDs directly driven from the PIC along with a single mode control switch.¬† The firmware elsewhere on this page drives the LEDs…... Listed under: , ,
  528. 8 Channel PWM LED Chaser for PIC16F628A and PIC16F88
    Description This neat little circuit provides 8 LEDs directly driven from the PIC along with a single mode control switch.¬† The firmware elsewhere on this page drives the LEDs with a 5 bit PWM signal providing each of the 8 LED channels with four levels…... Listed under: ,
  529. 8 Channel PWM Power MOSFET LED Chaser for PIC16F628A
    Description Update: Variable chase speed option kit now available (see here for details) This neat little circuit provides 8 LEDs directly driven from the PIC along with a single mode control switch.¬† The firmware elsewhere on this page drives the LEDs with a 5 bit…... Listed under: , ,
  530. 8 Channel PWM LED Chaser for PIC16F628A
    Description Update: Variable chase speed option kit now available (see here for details) This neat little circuit provides 8 LEDs directly driven from the PIC along with a single mode control switch.¬† The firmware elsewhere on this page drives the LEDs with a 5 bit…... Listed under: , ,
  531. Electronic Flute
    High-level Design The goal of this project is to create an electronic flute. The musical instruments like keyboards, guitars, etc. have adjustable keys in order to play sounds at different scales. However, flutes are designed for only one scale and therefore need to be changed…... Listed under:
  532. Binary/bcd to 7-segment decoder for PIC16F627A
    Overview This is a building block project I developed to try out a few ideas.¬† It decodes a 4-bit binary word to outputs that will drive a 7-segment LED display.¬† Functionality is similar to the 7447 BCD-to-seven-segment decoder/driver IC however, because it's implemented using a…... Listed under: ,
  533. 4-digit Up/Down counter with preset, reset, hold and overflow output using PIC16F88
    Overview A four digit decimal counter for the PIC 16F88 with the following features: Count up / down Reset Free running or hold on count over/underflow User count preset Over/underflow output Description This is a 4 digit decimal counter which can operate as a free…... Listed under:
  534. 4 Channel DMX512 Driver for PIC16F1823
    The original DMX512 driver project #800 is now redesigned to incorporate the optional address configuration switch on the main PCB. The no-switches in-band DMX configuration feature is still retained Double sided PCB has resulted in a more compact board size. Firmware has been updated to run…... Listed under: ,
  535. RGB LED Strip Controller high-side LED drive for PIC12F629
    Recently I acquired a 5M length of RGB LED strip using SMD5050 RGB LEDs.¬† It has built in current limit resistors designed for operation from a 12 volt supply.¬† Having thought this would directly attach to the Picprojects MOSFET RGB LED driver project¬† I went…... Listed under: ,
    Overview In this project, we create a mesh network of PIC32 microcontrollers connected using ESP8266 wifi modules. The mesh network is able to fully connect itself through a variety of graph topology algorithms and is able to route packets through the network using a shortest…... Listed under:
  537. RGB LED PWM Driver Standalone PWM controller for RGB LEDs using PIC12F629
    Want to build an RGB LED controller that you can program with your own custom sequences and effects? Then read on.¬† The RGB LED controller has proved to be very popular project and has been the most frequently downloaded code on the site since it…... Listed under: , ,
  538. Pickit 2 Download & Develop Your own USB pickit ii programmer
      PICkit 2 Introduction: There are many PIC programmer available, commercial and DIY devices. As Microchip introduces the new microprocessors the programming software got to be updated accordingly playing catch-up with the PIC manufacturer. That is the root of the problem with third-party PIC programmers.…... Listed under: , , ,
  539. OBD-II ELM327 compatible AllPro adapter using PIC18F2455
    Overview This adapter allows you to interface with your car's OBD-II bus. It provides you a USB interface using the ELM327 command set and supports all major OBD-II standards: SAE J1850 PWM SAE J1850 VPW ISO 9141-2 ISO 14230-4 ISO 15765-4 CAN Hardware The¬†adapter kit…... Listed under: , ,
  540. Spectrum Analyser
    Introduction The webpage describes the development of an Audio Spectrum Analyzer based on PIC32 microcontroller with the following features: [embed][/embed] Real time speech signal acquisition Spectrum and spectrograph visualization of Mel Frequency bands Serial interface for forwarding Mel Frequency Band Power Spectrum coefficients Recording and…... Listed under:
  541. Function Generator using PIC16F870 microcontroller
    Sine Triangle Square Saw Burst Sweep Noise - runs on a PIC16F870 After the recent demise of our multifunction signal generator, we decided to make one of our own.¬†¬† The circuit uses a PIC16F870 (about $3), an R/2R resistor ladder network (for a real fast…... Listed under: ,
  542. Tiny GSM alarm system using PIC16F84A
    After¬†GSM call alarm¬†and GSM SMS alarm as two independent modules, I introduce the Tiny GSM alarm system.¬†The main characteristic of this new version is that this device can operate standalone or as a module for existing alarm system.¬†In previous versions we had only¬†the "enable" pin…... Listed under: , ,
  543. SMS Box project using PIC16F877A Microcontroller
    This device acts as interface between your microcontroller project and a GSM phone. It handles all modem data communication between the GSM phone and your micro-project. The best thing is that it decodes PDU into TEXT on the fly! You can easily SMS-enable your any…... Listed under: ,
  544. 2-Axis Gesture-Controlled Camera Platform
    Introduction For the ECE 4760 final project, we designed and implemented a 2-axis gesture-controlled platform for DSLR cameras. The platform can actuate a camera based on the orientation of the user‚Äôs hand with relative high accuracy and low latency. Our 2-DOF gesture-controlled platform can point…... Listed under:
  545. Home Automation and Safety via GSM Remote
    Objectives:¬† To test a level of understanding for my final year project. To present about programmable control home safety via gsm modem; the performance or what have been achieved. To improve myself, in term of knowledge, presentation and communication. Content / Procedure:¬† Refer to FYP…... Listed under: ,
  546. LC meter using PIC16F628A Microcontroller
    I needed a good LC meter for my one of my next projects so I went and built the famous LC meter by Phil Rice. This LC meter design is pretty old but since it is a perfectly good device there was no need to…... Listed under: ,
  547. Build a digital clock with its digits levitating in the air using PIC16F84
    Red digits on this photo appear to float in the air in front of the clock. This illusion is based on inertia of a human eye. If LED-formed digits will periodically and frequently enough flash, they will appear solid and steady. And since the matrix…... Listed under:
  548. Digital Oscilloscope using PIC16F688
    Far and away my most ambitious project to date, this digital oscilloscope can sample up to four channels at a rate up to 100kHz. ¬†And the best part? It only cost me about $40 in components. The user interface is an application running on a…... Listed under: ,
  549. Web Controlled Multifunctional Car
    Introduction In our final project, we have built a multi-functional car controlled by a web application on the PC, which allows users to drive the car as well as play music from the interface on the website. All the requests from the website are collected…... Listed under:
  550. Gear Clock using PIC16F676 Microcontroller
    I can't take credit for the design of this one. ¬†I bought the gear as a clock a few years ago. ¬†It was mounted on a frame and had one of those cheap clock units running it. ¬†The gear is designed to be driven by…... Listed under:
  551. Distributed PIC Synthesizer
    Introduction In this project, I have created a musical synthesizer with the ability to generate realistic instrumental sounds and to record songs for playback with harmonization. Controlled by a PIC32 microcontroller, the synthesizer has over a full octave of buttons, laid out like a piano,…... Listed under:
  552. Microchip pic16f877 to FTDI USB interface
    Introduction This is a simple design that interfaces a PIC 16F877 microcontroller to the USB bus using the FTDI FT245 USB FIFO device. It has been designed using a simple single sided PCB with only one surface mount device, the USB chip itself. All schematics,…... Listed under:
  553. Rs 232 Relay Control Board using PIC16F84A
    Project Summary Computer Controlled, relay board designed to be either operated manually via switches on the board or nine way Type Connector via PC or laptop. Provision has been made for USB serial adaptor. The Project utilises PIC Micro technology with windows visual interface written…... Listed under: ,
  554. Make your own PIC Programmer using PIC12C508
    ezPIC is low cost serial port programmer for PIC microcontroller and I2C EEPROM. The programmer does not need external power supply and it takes all necessary power and signal from RS232 Serial Port. Features * No external power supply required * High quality 3M ZIF…... Listed under: ,
  555. Electronic combination lock based on PIC16f84
    description This is my electronic combination lock to use with an outdoor gate. The functionality is implemented in software. It turns on a relay (usually to open a door) for a few seconds if someone enters the valid code. Alternatively, it works as an ON/OFF…... Listed under: ,
  556. Happy Little Mixer
    Introduction The Happy Little Mixer is an automatic ink mixer which accepts a hex user input and creates that color by measuring out cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) ink. It includes open-loop feedback using a color sensor to correct the generated color, making it…... Listed under:
  557. Line following robot using PIC16F84
    Design Goal: The JavaBot1 is a small line following robot designed to follow a black line drawn on a dry erase board. It is designed to follow very tight curves. The software still has lot's of room for improvement but works well as is. Motive…... Listed under: ,
  558. Propeller Clock Mechanically Scanned LED Clock using PIC16C84
    This is the first clock I ever built. I've built a few LED signs, but they get boring because I already know the message. How this clock works: A motor spins the "propeller", and a small microprocessor keeps track of time and changes the pattern…... Listed under: ,
  559. Digital Thermometer Using PIC16F688 microcontroller
    Digital thermometers are cool devices as they show temperatures in human readable formats. This digital thermometer project is based on a PIC16F688 microcontroller and a DS1820 temperature sensor, and it displays temperature on a character LCD screen in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. I selected…... Listed under: ,
  560. Wireless MultiMeter using PIC18F452 Microcontroller
    This project comes as a KIT. It includes these components: Low-cost DMM (digital multimeter) M830D TX (transmitter) circuitand¬† wireless module TX-433. These are mounted within the DMM housing. RX (receiving) circuitwith a¬† wireless module RX-433, LCD and piezo buzzer. The general idea is to read…... Listed under: , ,
  561. Microcontroller based Diode and Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) tester using PIC16F688
    Introduction Most of the digital multimeters these days have built-in features for testing diodes and sometimes transistors. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate a simple way to construct a testing device for diodes and bipolar junction transitors (BJTs) using a microcontroller. The testing…... Listed under: ,
  562. ECE 4760 Project: Kendo Sword Trainer
    Introduction For our final project, we built a system to aid in practicing kendo sword strikes by providing feedback to a kendo practitioner for improving their form. A set of three piezoelectric sensors on a helmet were used to detect the location and strength of…... Listed under:
  563. A Digital temperature meter using an LM35 temperature sensor using PIC16F688
    Introduction A digital thermometer is a good choice of project for beginners who just stepped in to the world of microcontrollers because it provides an opportunity to learn using sensors to measure the real world signals that are analog in nature. This article describes a…... Listed under: , , ,
  564. Experimenting with a thermistor using PIC16F1937
    Recently i won a bid for a batch of 10K thermistors. The only thing that i knew when i got them in my hand, was that those things are 10K thermistors. As far as i know, the 10K nominal resistance is at room temperature (25ÔŅĹC).…... Listed under: , ,
  565. VGA display using PIC18F452 microcontroller
    For quite some time I've been wanting to create a device that outputs VGA signals. My main goal was of course to be able to display whatever I wanted on the monitor I was currently using. After extensively researching to see if this project had…... Listed under: ,
  566. 2 Digit up/down Counter using PIC16F628A
    This project comes via two circuits on 2 boards. The first circuit is designed around a PIC16F628A. It has been presented on an experimental PC board using surface-mount components and was built in less than 1 hour, with about 2 hours to write and finalise…... Listed under:
  567. ECE 4760: Latte Art Machine
    Introduction For our final project ECE4760: Microcontrollers, our group created a cappuccino art designer that would automatically pour milk into coffee, while creating the classical latte art design. For this project, our group used a Houston Instrument Omnigraphic 2000 X-Y Plotter and a peristaltic pump…... Listed under:
  568. Wifi robot vehicle controlled by PIC16F628A
    Introduction Wifi Robot: A remote control car that can be driven over the internet or with a laptop wirelessly from up to 500m away. It has a live-feed network camera so that it can be driven without line of sight and a horn so that…... Listed under: , ,
  569. Motion detection alarm using a PIR sensor module with a PIC12F635
    Introduction This project describes a motion sensor alarm based on a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor module. There are many vendors that manufacture the PIR sensor modules and almost all of them are pretty much the same in function. They have a single output that goes…... Listed under: , ,
  570. HAPPY BIRTHDAY using PIC12F629 Microcontroller
    Why spend $10.00 on a Happy Birthday musical card when you can produce the tune yourself. This project uses just 4 components and a small prototype PC board to produce a project that will teach you a lot about programming. The circuit uses a piezo…... Listed under: , ,
    This is where you start with programming. Build the PIC Programmer MkV and build the World's Simplest circuit on a PC board for a PIC12F629 chip, LED and resistor. When the World's Simplest Program is "burnt" into the chip, the LED will flash. This is…... Listed under: ,
  572. Drawing Bot
    1. Introduction For our final project, we designed a drawing robot that can turn any computer image into line drawings. Our drawingbot features a pen that moves up and down, a base plate with a piece of paper attached that moves in the x-y plane…... Listed under:
  573. Programmable digital timer switch using a PIC16F628A
    Digital timer switches are used to control the operation of electrical devices based on a programmed schedule. This project describes a programmable digital timer based on a PIC16F628A microcontroller that can be programmed to schedule the on and off operation of an electrical appliance. The…... Listed under:
  574. Digital alarm clock using PIC16F877 microcontroller
    This is an alarm clock I built. It was very effective during the sort time I used it, because I programmed it to play a very annoying tune through a speaker. I actually started to wake up before the alarm went of, so other people…... Listed under: ,
  575. Internal Oscillator Recalibration Utility for PIC12F629
    Description The PIC 12F629 and 12F675 come equipped with an internal 4MHz oscillator, eliminating the need for an external crystal or RC network. This feature not only frees up one or two pins for I/O purposes but also facilitates integration into designs with minimal component…... Listed under:
  576. Bot Ross
    Introduction Bot Ross is a moderately sized 2-D contour plotter, capable of drawing images with a resolution of roughly 1 mm. The design consists of a pen with degrees of freedom in the x and y directions, actuated using threaded rods controlled by two stepper…... Listed under:
  577. IR Remote Control Repeater using PIC12F629
    This circuit receives the signal from a IR remote control, like those used to control your TV or DVD player and allows the signal to be repeated in another location.¬†¬† To get a 40Khz carrier requires an output to be toggled on and off 40,000…... Listed under: ,
  578. PIC12F675 microcontroller as Flip Flop
    Code to make a 12F675 operate as a D-type or JK-type flip flop Since I implemented a D type flip flop using the PIC Logic Elements I thought I might go the other way and implement an entire D type flip flop in a single…... Listed under: ,
  579. Heart rate measurement from fingertip using PIC16F628A
    Introduction Heart rate measurement indicates the soundness of the human cardiovascular system. This project demonstrates a technique to measure the heart rate by sensing the change in blood volume in a finger artery while the heart is pumping the blood. It consists of an infrared…... Listed under: ,
  580. Build A Digital Tachometer/RPM Counter using PIC18F452
    A tachometer is a tool that mechanics or engineers in general use very often. A normal tachometer will be able to tell you how fast something is moving in a complete rotation. A good example is on cars, you will see a tachometer counting the…... Listed under: , ,
  581. AIR BASS
    INTRODUCTION AirBass is an air bass guitar that allows the user to play distinct notes without the added weight and cost of an actual bass guitar. It implements various sensors for input to output sound that is accurate both in terms of frequency and duration.…... Listed under:
  582. A Beginner’s data logger project using PIC12F683 microcontroller
    It is a very simple data logger project based on PIC12F683 microcontroller. The microcontroller reads temperature values from a temperature sensor on a regular interval basis and stores them into its internal EEPROM memory. The recorded temperatures can be later transferred to a PC through…... Listed under: , ,
  583. Radio Button Switch Control using PIC12F629
    Overview The original purpose behind this circuit was to provide manual switching of three relays such that only one relay was on at any time.  It was also a requirement that there was a specific overlap (or make-before-break) period.  The code was then further developed…... Listed under: ,
  584. PWM DC Motor Controller for PIC12F683
    Description There are lots of designs on the Internet for DC power controllers using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control the speed of a motor or power to a resistive load.¬† Most of these use analogue methods to generate the PWM signal which in turn…... Listed under: , ,
  585. LED Chaser for PIC16F84A and PIC16F628A
    Description This simple circuit functions as a 12 LED chaser.  A single illuminated LED 'walks' left and right in a repeating sequence, similar to the effect seen on KITT, the car in the Knight Rider TV series. Fully commented source code and programmer ready HEX…... Listed under: ,
  586. EEG Error Correction Interface
    Introduction Our project was an EEG-controlled brain computer interface that allowed a user to correct errors in machine behavior. The project was modeled as a trial-based ‚Äúgame.‚ÄĚ In each trial, a solid colored green block or dotted yellow block was placed on a conveyor belt.…... Listed under:
  587. How to make a contact-less digital tachometer using IR-light reflection technique using PIC18F2550
    Tachometer is a device that measures the rotational speed of any shaft or disc. The unit of the measurement is usually revolutions per minute or RPM. The traditional method of measuring RPM of a rotating shaft was based on velocity feedback concept where a dc…... Listed under: , ,
  588. The Outlet Nanny
    We designed a power monitor that could communicate with the PIC32 through UART to give both power and current readings for any device(s) (that use NEMA plugs) plugged into our box. These readings are then accessible on a website interface, on a graph. We chose…... Listed under:
  589. Measurement of temperature and relative humidity using DHT11 sensor and PIC microcontroller using PIC16F628A
    Measurement and control of temperature and relative humidity finds applications in numerous areas. These days devices are available which have both temperature and humidity sensors with signal conditioning, ADC, calibration and communication interface all built inside them. The use of such smart sensors greatly simplify…... Listed under: , ,
  590. A brief overview of Allegro ACS712 current sensor using PIC16F1847 (Part 2)
    In the first part of this discussion, the features of ACS712 device were briefly discussed. Now we will use that theory to implement the ACS712 sensor to make a simple DC current meter. The analog output voltage from the sensor is measured through an ADC…... Listed under: ,
  591. Persistence of Vision (POV) Dino Game
    Introduction Our project is a persistence of vision styled dinosaur game. Our team was really intrigued by POV displays and we wanted to explore how POV works. That‚Äôs what led us to this project. Unlike most POV projects we have seen on the internet that…... Listed under:
  592. Making a digital capacitance meter using PIC16F628A
    Capacitors are one of the most common passive electrical components that are extensively used in all kinds of electronic circuits. In this project, we will discuss a technique of building a digital capacitance meter using a PIC microcontroller. This project can measure capacitance values from…... Listed under: ,
  593. Digital Voltmeter (DVM) using PIC16F688
    Introduction This project will describe how to make a simple digital voltmeter (DVM) using a PIC16F688 microcontroller. The range of this DVM is 0-20V, but you can easily increase or decrease the range of input voltage as your requirements after you understand the voltage scaling…... Listed under: ,
  594. PIC16F84A Temperature Controller
    Ever needed to measure temperature and display it? This project details measuring temperature using a temperature sensor ,an ADC and a Microcontroller PIC16f84a with schematics,codes and illustrations. You can also get the following kit, although not based on the pic, which would make your life…... Listed under: ,
  595. pic12f683 Microcontroller based Programmable LED
    Alex Weber over at Instructables built a great programmable LED based on the AVR chip.¬† Since I am tooled for PIC, I thought it would be fun to replicate what he has done. This simple project is fun and it provides a great building block…... Listed under:
  596. DotStar Light Painter
    High Level Design The painting is created by a vertical pole with a flashing one-meter LED strip attached to a cart being pushed by two motors. A user can use their DSLR camera to view the long exposure effect. To upload an image, the user…... Listed under:
  597. pic18f458 Microcontroller based Solar Recorder
    The device used for measuring daily insolation has been developed. The device was built with a PIC18F458 and the 128MB Multimedia Memory Card, MMC. The solar radiation is measured by a calculator solar cell. The PIC chip interfaces the MMC using SPI mode. The interval…... Listed under:
  598. PIC Based Speed Controller using PIC16C54
    Introduction Real world applications often call for controlling small to medium sized DC motors from digital circuits. For smaller motors it is usually economically infeasible to buy a commercial speed controller as the cost of the controller will far outstrip the cost of the motor…... Listed under: , ,
  599. Stepper Motor Controller using pic16f628a
    Since I finished my degree in April, I have been looking for work. The search has been slow but hopefully soon I will be making the big bucks. To fill my spare time I decided to do something with the mounds of electronics and such…... Listed under:
  600. Make your own USB LCD controller using PIC18F2550
    Hi everybody Ages and ages ago, I posted this and many people said they'd like a guide. So here it is! This is a guide for making an LCD that connects to your computer using USB, primarily intended to be external. You can see mine…... Listed under: , , ,
    We created Skywriter because lightsabers are cool. Although we are fans, we are not passionate about the Star Wars franchise. However, we are passionate about the technology in Star Wars. For our final project, we wanted to replicate the futuristic lightsaber. And add a twist…... Listed under:
  602. Intelligent NiCd/NiMH Battery Charger using PIC16C711
    This cheap and easy to build NiCd/NiMH Battery Charger is suitable for automatically charging a wide range of batteries for many applications. Proper chargers are usually expensive and cheap chargers supplied with the original equipment often incorrectly charge the cells and dramatically shorten their life.…... Listed under: ,
  603. 2.5 GHz Frequency counter using PIC16F870
    Background It is time to update the frequency counter again. A frequency counter is one of the most important measuring tool we need as homebrewers of RF electronic. This frequency counter has very high performance and still is very easy to build and to use.…... Listed under:
  604. Universal RC5/RC6 transceiver using PIC16F628
    This project is an expansion from another project from this website. On the one side you can read the RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes from remote controls on a LCD and on the other hand you can send all thinkable RC5, RC5X and RC6 codes…... Listed under: ,
  605. Universal Infrared Receiver using PIC16F84 and PIC12C508
    The UIR is a device that enables you to control your PC with ANY remote controller you have (TV, VCR, CD or Stereo). Original hardware & software was designed by Martinus & Ties Bos. You should check their site first. There it was, now it…... Listed under: , , ,
  606. Play Your Cards Right
    Introduction The purpose of this lab is to build a machine that alleviates the process of distributing cards in gameplay with a given set of players in random order. Our team has successfully built a prototype of such a device that takes in a deck…... Listed under:
  607. IK3OIL 16F84 PIC Frequency Counter Files
    Caption (copied from the NorCal meeting listed in the links below): IK3OIL Frequency counter built by Wayne McFee.¬† This is from IK3OIL‚Äôs web site, and the cost of the counter was about $2, minus the display, which was about $7.¬† Wayne got the source was…... Listed under:
  608. Ir Light Dimmer v.1 adjusting lights with remote controller using PIC12F629
    This is a device for adjusting lights in your home with any type of remote controller (tv, dvd, video,‚Ķ). Today we are using many devices in our homes to improve quality of our life and this is another example on how you can enhance a…... Listed under: ,
  609. My GPS LCD Display Project using PIC16F84
    This is a project that I started back late 2003 when I just starting to learn PIC programming. I wanted to building something that actually did somthing useful. This project is based on a PIC16F84. I actually came up with this idea and then after…... Listed under: , ,
  610. PIC32 Racing Game
    Introduction Our project is a racing game with human input control that emulates the act of driving a car. We decided on this project, as all three of us greatly enjoy playing games. The goal of the game is to cross the finish line in…... Listed under:
  611. Simple RF/Microwave Frequency Counter using PIC16F876A
    2. Counter The whole counter design is based on the PIC micro-controller 16F876A. The latter includes several peripherals and just a few of them are used in this project. The most important in this project are two internal, hardware counters/timers called TMR0 and TMR1. The…... Listed under: ,
  612. LCD Oscilloscope for Spectrum Analyzers using PIC16F876A
    1. Spectrum-analyzer project 2007 update Since the development of the wide-band VCO almost 10 years ago, the whole spectrum-analyzer project with all related accessories: tracking generator, harmonic converter, storage-normalizer, marker counter and accessories developed by other experimenters (Darko S57UUD) have been published in many different…... Listed under: ,
  613. LM75 Temperature Sensor with 7 segment display output using PIC16F628
    This is a test project built hastily on a solder less breadboard. It uses a LM75 to read the current temperature via I2C and displays the result on three 7 segment displays. It uses a PIC16F628 with an internal 4 Mhz clock. The program was…... Listed under: , ,
  614. Medallion: Circle LED Animation PIC16F628A
    This project uses the Simple LED Animation Kit (SLAK post or page) with the LEDs arranged in a circle around the PIC16F628A. I decided to do this project after picking up some red SMD LEDs at HSC in Santa Clara, CA, last week. Although the…... Listed under: , , ,
  615. Traffic Light Intersection Simulator
    Introduction The Traffic Light Intersection Simulator records user input through a touch screen of traffic flow at a four-way intersection for play back. Additionally it is capable of storing and reading to a FAT 32 formatted microSD card. The simulator is also capable of clearing…... Listed under:
  616. DC motor speed control using PWM using PIC16F876
    If you do not have EAGLE, you can download a full working version from CadSoftUSA Here is a zip file with the EAGLE schematics and PCB layout.¬† New ! Source code¬† available C source code... requires CCS PCM compiler. PCM is available from…... Listed under: , ,
  617. Caller Line Identification (CLI) using PIC16F628A
    'Caller Line Identification' displays on a (2x16) LCD the phone number of the person who is ringing you, before you even answer. When start up the first few seconds appears the version number in the display. Direct after programming the PIC stays in TEST-mode. You…... Listed under: ,
  618. Serial Port Servo Controller using PIC16F84
    Revision History 28 Jan, 2002 - Bug found in 8 Servo motor variant, refer to 8 servo code page for details. 28 Oct, 2001 - Serial Transfer Bug found. Dec, 2005 - This project is no longer supported. The information is here for you to…... Listed under: , ,
  619. PIC Based Imaging Sonar using PIC16F84 microcontroller
    I've wanted to build a sonar for a while now, and I was hoping to be able to do it with a design someone else had made, but alas, I've never had much luck. I've done many searches of web pages, and all that ever…... Listed under: , ,
  620. Designing a PID Motor Controller using PIC16F876
    Background From the first robot I ever made, I have always felt that when designing the motors, wheels and drive train, it will almost always be important to know where you are - that is, to have some sort of encoder feedback. So the first…... Listed under: ,
  621. A Two-Degree-Of-Freedom Ball Balancing PID Controller
    Introduction In this project, we implemented a two-degree-of-freedom ball balancing platform using a resistive touchscreen, two servo motors, and PID control. We used a PIC32 microcontroller to read position data from the touchscreen and drive the servos, adjusting the platform‚Äôs angle. We tuned the system…... Listed under:
  622. Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) using PIC16F84 microcontroller
    Background DDS stands for Direct-Digital Synthesis. This synthesizer is simply a circuit that can create a sine- wave signal from a reference crystal and a programable frequency-register. All this circuit needs is a reference oscillator (crystal) and some filter. See fig above: A crystal oscillator…... Listed under: ,
  623. DDS/PLL based VFO synthesizer using PIC16F876
    DDS (Direct Digital Synthesized) VFO seems to be very popular among amateurs in last few years, mainly thanks to cheap and easy available single-chip DDS synthesizers. There are plenty of different amateur designs, some of them also available in a KIT form. They mostly use…... Listed under: ,
  624. Brushed Motor ESC using PIC12F675 microcontroller
    Background There are a number of other projects that have been documented for brushed motor ESCs. The good starting point for other ESCs is this rcgroups thread. The information in the Microchip AN847 is also very useful. Most of these designs are very similar, the…... Listed under: ,
  625. GTP USB PIC PROGRAMMER (Open Source) using PIC18F252
    GTP USB PIC PROGRAMMER (Open Source) This work includes, GTP USB (not plus or lite) . The schematic, photos and PCB have been developed by PICMASTERS based on some valuable works done before. This programmer supports pic10F, 12F, 16C, 16F, 18F,24Cxx Eeprom. Unfortunately, it works…... Listed under: ,
  626. Countdown Timer using PIC16F84 microcontroller
    It's a kitchen timer. Use it to time spaghetti, or maybe an egg. It uses two PICs, one acts as a keyboard encoder, the other drives the display and supports the timer functions. You key in the desired time and press '#'. It's accurate to…... Listed under:
  627. Grid Powered Battery Charger – The Plans using PIC16F676
    You get a really good feeling when you plug in some lights and appliances and power them with your own electricity from the sun or wind. You get a really bad feeling when you run those items and the clouds come for days or weeks…... Listed under: ,
  628. Infra/radio remote control transmitter/receiver with PIC16F630
    description This is a general purpose remote control project with using programmable PIC microcontrollers. Schematics are shown for using infrared (RF) or radio (RF) media. If you are not familiar with microcontroller programming, you can use fixed encoder and decoder integrated circuits instead. Well-known such…... Listed under: , ,
  629. Writing Robot Arm
    Introduction In this project, we built a writing machine using a 4-DOF robot arm. This robot arm is controlled by PIC32 and can write the 26 letters and ten numbers. Users can send instructions to the microcontroller through the serial interface to control the robot…... Listed under:
  630. NOPPP, the “No-Parts” PIC Programmer using PIC16F83
    NOPPP is a simple programmer for PIC16C84, PIC16F83, and PIC16F84(A) microcontrollers. It attaches to the parallel port of a PC. Plans were published in Electronics Now Magazine, September, 1998, and are included in shorter form in the downloadable ZIP file. An article about this programmer…... Listed under: ,
  631. Classic LED 7-Segment Displays using PIC16F887
    Just recently I have been addicted to old LED displays as they are small and bright and I love the classic look. We can see them in vintage calculators and vintage led watches. However these displays consume significant amount of power, so they are not…... Listed under: ,
  632. Capacitive Sensing Robot Arm
    Introduction For our final project, we built a 2 axis robot arm with a capacitive sensor on the final member, which will allow the robot to detect a person near the robot. When there is an object detected, the arm will stop depending on the…... Listed under:
  633. PIC sound player (PCM to PWM converter) using PIC18F1320
    Description This project makes a PIC microcontroller play audio PCM sounds using PWM modulation! Pulse-code modulation (PCM) is a digital representation of an analog signal where the magnitude of the signal is sampled regularly at uniform intervals, then quantized to a series of symbols in…... Listed under: ,
  634. Single-Supply Portable ECG Monitor
    Introduction The aim of this project was to produce a portable ECG monitor that displays the ECG signal of an Einthoven triangle configuration of electrodes (3 leads). The motivation of this project comes from the pervasiveness of cardiac problems in the world, which cause the…... Listed under:
  635. A 12hr/24hr LED Clock with display control using PIC16F628A microcontroller
    This LED clock may not be the easiest to build but surely it is the one with fewer parts that you can find, for that reason I call it "The ANP LED Clock". (ANP stands for Almost No Parts.) Using the micro controller PIC 16F84A…... Listed under: ,
  636. A simple display that uses the POV to display messages in the air using PIC12F629 microcontroller
    A simple rotating display. Just spin and enjoy. While the "Air display" is rotating, it writes the message on the air. Because the "persistence of the vision", you will be able to read the message. Here is the circuit: Download the HEX file HEREProgram the…... Listed under: ,
  637. PicPOV – Persistence of Vision with a PIC18F1220
    Description PicPOV is a project based on "persistence of vision".¬† A PIC microcontroller blinks 8 LEDs on and off so that when waved through the air, a message appears to float in front of the viewer. Design and Implementation The design goals were: be simple…... Listed under: ,
  638. How to getting started with microcontrollers projects using PIC12F629 microcontroller
    Microcontrollers are, basically, a computer in a single chip. It contains memory, processor, I/O ports (I/O = Input/Output) and other periphericals. Can you believe a single chip does contain RAM, ROM, CPU, I/O Ports, timers and other gadgets? It only needs a keyboard and display…... Listed under: ,
    Introduction Our ECE 4760 final project is PICBall: a PIC32-powered, old-school pinball machine! When trying to come up with a project that would encompass multiple parts of the class, we figured a more physical project (as opposed to virtual project) would be the most fitting.…... Listed under:
  640. Candle Simulator using PIC12F675 microcontroller
    Description The aim of this project is to create a credible simulation of the light of a candle. Candle light is usually warm and waves slowly with random oscillations caused by the air flowing in the surrounding environment. Using a random number generator to modulate…... Listed under: , ,
  641. 7-Segment ASCII character Set A 127-character ASCII table for 7-segment LED or LCD displays using PIC16C84
    I started to develop what I call my "next generation of microcontroller projects" (I have to find a name for that), so I needed a character set fully compatible with ASCII using only 7 segment displays. When I started to determine how many characters and…... Listed under: , ,
  642. Power Pic RGB with voltage control using PIC12F675
    Power Pic RGB with voltage controlis a circuit that generates many colors using a RGB LED and those colors can be changed using two independent voltages,¬†supplied by some external device, in order to select the color (Hue) and its intensity (Value)! The idea originally came…... Listed under: ,
  643. I2C keypad using PIC18F4550 microcontroller
    I2C keypad This instructable explains how to interface with a 4x4 keypad over an I2C bus. I started this project because I wanted some plug and play input and output modules for easy and fast prototyping of my electronics projects (mostly with PIC microcontrollers).¬†Of course¬†you…... Listed under: ,