Microcontroller based Data Logger


This project is a fine combination of analog and digital electronics. This project is designed so as to fulfill the requirements of the industry applications, home applications. The project consists of parameters monitoring, parameter storage. PC interface is one of the main features of the project in which various data like value of parameters, date and time are sent to the PC using a hyper terminal.

We have used Microcontroller as a main component of the project. Now a Microcontroller has become a main component of many of the electronic circuits. Also Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and EEPROM is used on major basis for the display and storage purpose. This project which will consist of two basis modules. First is “Data Monitoring” & other is “Data Storage”

Microcontroller based Data LoggerA display unit will show the value of parameters. This will help for the person to know the values, for this purpose we are going to use various sensors, which will be connected to ADC.

The other module is named as parameter storage. It can be used to store the parameter values in the memory. We are going to use EEPROM memory IC. These values can later seen using a keypad provided on the front panel. This system is useful as many times its difficult to measure the parameter values manually and also this module is more accurate than the domestic system.

Description in detail:

Explanation of Block Diagram:

1) SENSOR ONE: This is first sensor which uses to sense parameter one. This can be temperature sensor, say LM35. The sensor will be placed on the front panel. One can use LCD display to read the temperature.

2) SENSOR TWO: This is second sensor which uses to sense parameter two. This can be Humidity sensor, say LDR. The sensor will be placed on the front panel.

3) AMPLIFIER: We are going to use LM324 which is having 4 inbuilt amplifiers. Since we have two sensors, we have used this Amplifier.

4) ADC: We are going to use ADC 0808 which is 8 bit and 8 channel ADC. Since we have two inputs for ADC, we have used this ADC.

Microcontroller based Data Logger Schematic5) LCD: Liquid Crystal Display which is commonly known as LCD is an Alphanumeric Display it means that it can display Alphabets, Numbers as well as special symbols thus LCD is a user friendly Display device which can be used for displaying various messages unlike seven segment display which can display only numbers and some of the alphabets. The only disadvantage of LCD over seven segment is that seven segment is robust display and be visualized from a longer distance as compared to LCD. Here WE have used 16 x 2 Alphanumeric Display which means on this display WE can display two lines with maximum of 16 characters in one line.


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