LED Character Moving English Font Display Project (8×16)

LED Character moving play Project is Very popullar and very valuable project in microcontroller field.In here we play English Language font on 8×16 play.You can Expand this 16 colun to up to 32 column.We use 16 LED columns and 8 LED Rows in this play.We use Microcontroller for drive LEDs and you can easily change your play message on this project .

LED Character Moving English Font Display Project (8×16)
Mainly we use Mikro C Programming Language in this Project and ISIS Proteus Software use for testing Purposes.
Mikro C Programming Language Software  Here..
ISIS Proteus Full Software  here..

Basically LED Column side connect to LEDs Cathode and Row side connect to LEDs Anode side in here.PIC16F887 Microcontroller IC use for this project and 74HC595 IC and ULN2803A IC use for LED Column side.74HC595 IC and BC337 Transister use for LEDs Row side.See Circuit…

1) PIC16F887 Data Sheet Download

2) 74HC595 Data Sheet Download

3) ULN2803A Data Sheet Download

LED Character Moving English Font Display Project (8×16) Schematic

This Project Succesfully Tested in Real Hardware and Work very well.

Watch ISIS Simulation Video Go to Video..


How to play Different Language on LED Display >> Read This Post in Here


For more detail: LED Character Moving English Font Display Project (8×16)

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