Other Projects

Glove Controller with PIC32 and LCD

Digital “Etch A Sketch” Glove

Introduction For our ECE 4760 final project, we designed, constructed, and tested a glove-operated system that dynamically simulates the classic toy, Etch A Sketch, on a TFT LCD screen. In deciding what to build, our team wanted to create a device that would utilize several of the technologies overviewed in the course, in a fun, …

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Picture of all components, including the USB cable and the PICkit3.

Keyboard Gloves

Introduction We created gloves that allow users to type on any hard surface as if they were using a QWERTY keyboard. The gloves recognize the standard QWERTY keyboard layout by recognizing which finger is pressed, and how bent the finger is. It is limited to recognizing the three primary rows along the keyboard, from “q” …

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Whistle Controlled Light Switch

Whistle Controlled Light Switch

Introduction For our final project, we built a whistle controlled light switch. We were motivated by the daily struggle of getting out of bed to turn on/off the light. You can attach our final product on any light switch that can be commonly found in U.S. households. Once a correct sequence of whistle frequencies is …

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Actual System Setup

Electronic Tuner Design

This project aims to implement an electronic tuner which is able to analyze sound samples and display the notes contained in the sound. It utilizes a PIC32 microcontroller, a microphone circuit, and a TFT LCD to achieve that purpose. The intuition of making this project came from the musical experiences of both of us. We …

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High level design

LAWL-E: The Platform Stabilizer

Introduction The purpose of this final project is to implement a microcontroller-based platform stabilizer. The major components of the platform stabilizer is an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and two 180 degree rotation servos. The IMU uses a combination of a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope to provide measurements of the platform’s motion and angular …

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Full System Image

Automated Resistor Sorter with GUI

Introduction Our project is a resistor sorter that allows users to input multiple resistors, measure their resistance, and sort them into predefined bins or return them to the user. For a video of our sorter, please see our Project Demo. From the onset, we wanted to make a project that approached a realizable product where users …

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