How to display text on 16×2 LCD using PIC18F4550

Several automated and semi-automated devices require a message to be displayed in order to indicate their working status. In continuation to LCD interfacing with PIC18F4550, this article explains how to display a message or string on a 16×2 character LCD.

text on 16x2 LCD

In the previous article, a single character was displayed on LCD by properly configuring its data and command registers. A string is nothing but a sequential arrangement of several characters that can be displayed on LCD by using the programming steps mentioned here. The circuit connections and user-defined functions are same as earlier. The LCD data pins are connected to PortB of PIC18F4550 while the control pins are connected to first three pins of PortA.

Programming steps:
·         Configure the LCD.
·         Store a string in a character array.
unsigned char data[20]=“EngineersGarage”;
·         Run a loop till the loop counter encounters the null character ‘\0’ of the string.

·         Use lcddata() function to send individual character values of the string to be displayed on LCD.


For more detail: How to display text on 16×2 LCD using PIC18F4550

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