Motion Activated Led Dice using PIC16F688


  I’ve always wanted to build an electronic led dice, but something different from what we see on the internet. Making it motion controlled… now that’s new!   Many new cell phones that have accelerometers built in also have dice games. These dice move when shaking the cell phone. My Led Dice project will also work with a shake motion but without the use of the expensive accelerometers.

shake dice

Parts List

R1                   500 ohms resistor
R2                   500 ohms resistor
R3                   500 ohms resistor
R4                   500 ohms resistor
R5                   500 ohms resistor
R6                   500 ohms resistor
R7                   500 ohms resistor
R8                   10K resistor
C1                   100nF cap
Led1 to 7        5mm flat led
Piezo               Piezo HPE-120
IC1                  16F688 microcontroller from Microchip
S1                    Normal On/Off switch

AAA x2 battery support
Spring, screws and wire
Hex program for the microcontroller


For more detail: Motion Activated Led Dice using PIC16F688

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