External interrupt For CSS Compiler

#include <16F877.h> #device adc=8 #fuses XT,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=4000000) #INT_EXT void EXT_ISR(void){ output_toggle(PIN_B7); delay_us(300); } void Init_MCU(void){ enable_interrupts(GLOBAL); enable_interrupts(INT_EXT); ext_int_edge(H_TO_L); set_tris_B(0x01); output_low(pin_B7); } void main(){ Init_MCU(); while (TRUE) { output_toggle(PIN_B6); delay_ms(1000); } }  

Basic input-output For CSS Compiler

#include <16F877.h> #device adc=8 #FUSES NOWDT ,XT #use delay(clock=4000000) void main() { set_tris_a(0xff); set_tris_b(0x00); setup_adc_ports(NO_ANALOGS); setup_adc(ADC_OFF); output_b(0x00); while(true){ if(!input(pin_a0)){ output_b(0xff); delay_ms(100);} if(!input(pin_a1)){ output_b(0x00); delay_ms(100);} } }

Programming Eight Program Memory Words at a Time

The Theory of PIC Programming

Frustration! Have  you ever experienced frustration when you didn’t have a PIC programmer handy?  Your programmer breaks or you loaned it out to your buddy and you sit just twiddling your thumbs.  It left you feeling powerless because you couldn’t test that great idea, didn’t it?   If so, you share experiences similar to mine.  It …

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PIC16 Microcontrollers Video Tutorial Series

PIC16 Microcontrollers Video Tutorial Series

Lecture on “Intro to Microprocessors” using Wilmshurst’s “Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers” Chapter 1, sections 1-3 Topics: What is an Embedded system?, Embedded examples, CISC vs. RISC, Memory: Volitile vs. non-volitile, Memory Organization: Von Neumann vs. Harvard Chapter 1, sections 4-6 Topics: Microcontrollers vs. Microprocessors, Microcontroller families, Microchip Inc. History and background, Table of …

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