Quozl’s Alarm Clock using PIC16F877

Old Alarm Clock Problems

  • wake’s Quozl’s wife, a side-effect,
  • needs to be armed each evening,
  • 12-hour clock, cannot be armed more than 11.5 hours before alarm time,
  • triggers at plus or minus ten minutes, depending on how it was dropped,
  • battery cover needs to be removed to change time,
  • changing time at daylight saving loses minutes and seconds,
  • immitated by rural birdlife, causing false triggers,
  • second hand has failed from repeated dropping,
  • closed source implementation.

Alarm Clock

New Alarm Clock Features

  • wakes Quozl up each day,
  • doesn’t wake Quozl’s wife,
  • defaults to wake Quozl up the next day, doesn’t need to be told,
  • can be told at any time in the previous day not to wake Quozl up,
  • can be configured accurately without having to hold buttons down,
  • can emit per-second tick noises, or not,
  • can emit tones in response to key presses, or not,
  • can be told that Quozl is on holidays,
  • changing time for daylight saving can retain minutes and seconds,
  • open source, capable of being further hacked.

Not yet features

  • automatic daylight saving transitions,
  • gradual daylight saving alarm time shifts,
  • weekend alarm suppression,
  • recording of how long it took to wake Quozl up,
  • serial port for GUI configuration,
  • synchronisation using NTP or rdate over PPP or SLIP,


For more detail: Quozl’s Alarm Clock using PIC16F877

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