ISD2560 Voice Recording Playback Project PIC16F84 Controlled

ISD2560 to directly control the PIC16F84A, audio recordings and multiple block will be able to play. LSI can be driven directly speakers also, in view of the lack of volume, only added to the amplifier IC. This volume 10 minutes to drive the speakers. One LSI chip for voice recording playback “ISD2560″ using a simple audio recording and playback unit prototype itISD2560 Voice Recording Playback Project PIC16F84 Controlled

ISD2560 is playing this voice recording, in the same basic configuration, the sampling frequency, Divided into the following series. The use of the series in the most wide-frequency band; Instead of recording time limited to 60 seconds.

PIC16F84 ISD2560 Voice Recording Project Schematic

The above configuration, PIC16F84 controlled CCS C program written in C language ISD2560 directly as a result. LSI around as a standard configuration, so as MDS. Address the problem of how to control, but trying to control all the bits and 10 bits will be necessary in the event. Therefore, a control unit 64 and the lower six bits is 0 and leave it. This control is not only necessary to address the 4-bit, and easy configuration.ISD2560 Voice Recording Playback Project PIC16F84 Controlled schematic Eventually 6.4 × 19 seconds blocks can be controlled. From the PIC, as well as switch addresses can be specified in order to make it possible to switch. The switch is using 4-bit DIP switch.

ISD2560 Voice Recording Playback schematic pcb PIC16F84 code files download: isd2560-voice-recording-playback-project-pic16f84-controlled.rar alternative link2




For more detail: ISD2560 Voice Recording Playback Project PIC16F84 Controlled

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