Automatic Railway Gate Control System Using PIC16F877A microcontroller

Generally railway gates are closed or opened menually by gatekeeper to prevent collision between road traffic and train . Time schedule and other information are sent from the main controller station menually in this tutorial we will try to make a railway line which has automatic gate open and closed system .

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In this tutorial we will describe how to make automatic railway system using PIC microcontroller . Before that you need to know about working principle of railway system . When road cross railway line then traffic must wait and let the train pass , to prevent the collision . For that train time should be fixed and set inside the microcontroller and that perticular time the gate of train will open and road side traffic should wait and let train pass . The concept behind this project is very simple and is intended for beginner as a learning purpose . In this content we will only show you design concept in simulation based , but you can design your own concept in the real hardware .

Automatic Railway Gate Control System Using PIC16F877A microcontroller (Schematic Diagram)

Automatic Railway Gate Control System Using PIC16F877A microcontroller schematioc diagram

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