“Microchip Technical Library CD-ROM” cd’s with PIC microcontroller series information and i have a lot of practices PICmicro® Devices: Microchip is a leading supplier of 8-bit microcontrollers, with one of the broadest product offerings…. Electronics Projects, Microchip Technical Library CD-ROM “microchip projects, microcontroller projects, “


“Microchip Technical Library CD-ROM” cd’s with PIC microcontroller series information and i have a lot of practices


PICmicro® Devices: Microchip is a leading supplier of 8-bit microcontrollers, with one of the broadest product offerings. Products range from 8-pin, 12 bit instruction word to 68-pin, 16-bit instruction word devices.

Memory Devices: Microchip offers one of the broadest selections of memory devices on the market for embedded control applications. Ranging across a variety of densities, operating voltages, bus interface protocols, operating temperature ranges and space saving packages, you are sure to find the right one for your application.

Security Devices: KEELOQ® is a patented code-hopping technology. Microchip KEELOQ products provide a method for encrypting data for a unidirectional transmission, where each transmission is unique even if the same button is pressed.

microID™ RFID Tags: World-class components to turbocharge every application in your RFID tag, peripheral and reader design. From the advanced, feature-packed microID™ family of RFID tagging IC’s and high-endurance serial EEPROMs, to high performance PICmicro® microcontrollers (MCUs) and KEELOQ® code hopping encoders.

Analog and Interface Products: Microchip is now offering a new product line of stand-alone analog and interface products. This product line complements our existing PICmicro® MCU products and offers our customers a more flexible system solution.

Microchip Literature: Direct from the engineers, find the latest information on the entire line of Microchip products right at your finger tips.

Microchip Design Center: In this section we guide you through a variety of Microchip product solutions to specific design requirements. From application parameters to product specifications, to device selection and technical support, the Design Center will point you to the right solution to meet your needs

Microchip Consultant Program and Its Members: The consultants on the Microchip Consultant Program have a wide range of expertise and capabilities.

Technical Support FAQ Notes: Many of these entries are taken directly from our own internal technical support database. As such, many are repetitive of information that is explained elsewhere, but are included there (and here) because they are in fact, Frequently Asked Questions.

Microchip Application Notes: Choose from one of the categories below to get a detailed application note on our devices. Each application note describes one of the many practical uses for our products.








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