PIC microcontroller power supply circuit by Chayapol

This is 5V portable power supply circuit for pic microcontroller experiments.
or PIC microcontroller power supply circuit.
As The PIC16F627A microcontroller use 5 volts DC power supply. My son need to build it as 5V portable power supply circuit, because of the need for safe and convenient use in all locations.PIC microcontroller power supply circuit by Chayapol

How it works
I want my son to embarked on building this projects by himself. So choose a simple circuit. as Figure 1. We use IC-7805 5 voltage DC regulator IC, which has been very popular.

Figure 1 the circuit diagram of the PIC microcontroller power supply circuit

We use the power supply input is 6 x 1.5V AA battery, Are connected in series The total voltage 9V. We used a conventional battery. It’s easy and cheap to buy.

9V to 5V DC converter circuit

S1 : switch to turn on-off this circuit.
F1 : Fuse is used to protect this circuit from overload output. We use 0.4A 50V only to safe all circuit.
IC1 : convert input voltage from 9V to 5V and the ability to maintain the regulated supply
LED1 : for show power on
R1 : reduce current flow to LED1 in safe value
C-100uF 16V : to filter current to smooth
C-10uF 16V : to filter output current to smooth
C-0.1uF 50V : to reduce noise as ripple voltage on high spike

Then I tech myson understand all components using on this project. As Figure 2 he draw them on his note book.

Figure 2 all components that we use

How to builds

Next step He solder parts on DIY Prototype Paper PCB Universal Board as Figure 3PIC microcontroller power supply circuit by Chayapol schematic

Figure 3 To solder parts on DIY Prototype Paper PCB Universal Board

We tried to cut leg of parts with the nail of my wife. As it’s small, easy to use. And very cheap as Figure 4.

Then, we apply 9V power supply to the circuit, and measure voltage output is 4.95V it is ok.

Next, I assemble the circuit in the Box as Figure 5, it look is great, this step I help my son build it because it is hard for him.
He draw text on the box to clear to use.


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