GSM Based Versatile Robotic Vehicle Using PIC Microcontroller

This project is designed to develop as a robotic vehicle that can be controlled by a cell phones. DTMF commands from a phone send to another cell phone which is mounted on the robotic vehicle. These commands are fed to a PIC microcontroller of 8-bit architecture to operate the vehicle movement through motor interface.
GSM Based Versatile Robotic Vehicle Using PIC Microcontroller
Conventionally Wireless-controlled Robots Use Rf Circuits, Which Have Limited Working Range, Limited Frequency Range and Limited Control. Use of a Mobile Phone for Robotic Control Can Overcome These Limitations. It Provides the Advantage of Robust Control, Working Range as Large as the Area of the Service Provider, No Interference with Other Controllers. Although the Appearance and Capabilities of Robot Vary Vastly, All Robots Share Feature of a Mechanical, Movable Structure Under Some Form of Control. The Control of Robot Involves Three Distinct Phases: Perception, Processing and Action. Generally, the Preceptors Are Sensors Mounted on the Robot, Processing is Done by the On-board Microcontroller or Processor, and the Task is Performed Using Motors or with Some Other Actuators. In This Project the Robot is Connected to GSM mobile (using DTMF technology) Which is Controlled by User Mobile Phone. With the Help of Commands We Can Move Our Robot in Desired Direction as Per Our Requirements. This project is Advanced version of my last project, Namely, Wireless Radio Frequency Module Using PIC Microcontroller.

Step 1: [Video] Brief Introduction & Configuration Of GSM Based Robotic Vehicle.

In this section, The video of working project is embedded, almost every (minimal) explanation is described in Video it self. e.g:

Press 1 for Move/Start/Forward,
Press 2 for Backward,
Press 3 for Moving Right,
Press 4 for Moving Left and
Press 5 for Stop.

Step 2: Components & Installation

In this section all the components are mentioned with some working & installation images. e.g:
GSM Based Versatile Robotic Vehicle Using PIC Microcontroller


For more detail: GSM Based Versatile Robotic Vehicle Using PIC Microcontroller

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