1Hz – 2MHz Function Generator with XR2206 using pic microcontoller

1Hz – 2MHz Function Generator with XR2206 Component List:
XR2206 – Function Generator IC
Function Generator PCB
RCA Gold Plated Connector
SW1 – 4-DIP Switch
SW2 – (Sine / Triangle) / Square Switch
SW2 – Sine / Triangle Switch
1x 3-PIN Gold Plated Male Header
2x 2-PIN Gold Plated Male Header
P1 – 100K Potentiometer (Frequency – Coarse)
P2 – 50K Potentiometer (Frequency – Fine)
P3 – 100K Potentiometer (Amplitude)
1x 100uF Audio Capacitor
2x 10uF Audio Capacitor
2x 100nF Capacitor
1x 1nF Capacitor
1x 150pF Capacitor
3x 6.8K 1% Metal Film Resistor
2x 1K 1% Metal Film Resistor
Β Β Technical Specifications:

Voltage Supply: 9-18V DC Input
Waveforms: Square, Sine & Triangle
Impedance: 600 Ohm + 10%
Frequency: 1Hz – 2MHz

β€’ Amplitude: 0 – 3V at 9V DC input
β€’ Distortion: Less than 1% (at 1kHz)
β€’ Flatness: +0.05dB 1Hz – 100kHz

β€’ Amplitude: 8V (no load) at 9V DC input
β€’ Rise Time: Less than 50ns (at 1kHz)
β€’ Fall Time: Less than 30ns (at 1kHz)
β€’ Symmetry: Less than 5% (at 1kHz)

β€’ Amplitude: 0 – 3V at 9V DC input
β€’ Linearity: Less than 1% (up to 100kHz) 10mA

Β 1Hz - 2MHz Function Generator with XR22061Hz – 2MHz Function Generator with XR2206

Premium quality XR2206 Function Generator kit capable of producing high quality sine, square and triangle waveforms of high-stability and accuracy. The output waveforms can be both amplitude and frequency modulated. Coarse frequency adjustment is accomplished using 4-DIP switch for the following four frequency ranges; (1) 1Hz-100Hz, (2) 100Hz-20KHz, (3) 20KHz-1MHz, (4) 150KHz-2MHz. Frequency output can be fine tuned using P1 and P2 potentiometers. 1Hz – 2MHz XR2206 Function Generator kit includes premium quality components, including Audio Grade Gold Capacitors, Gold Plated RCA Connector, WIMA Capacitors, 1% Metal Film Resistors and premium quality PCB with red solder mask.

1Hz - 2MHz Function Generator with XR2206Function Generator Adjustments

P1 – Coarse Frequency Adjustment
P2 – Fine Frequency Adjustment
P3 – Sine / Triangle Wave Amplitude Control (0 – 3V at 9V DC input)
SW1 – Coarse Frequency Adjustment (only one switch must be in ON position at a time)
SW2 – Sine / Square Waveform Selection
S3 – Sine / Triangle Waveform Selection (SW2 must be switched to Sine)

Β PCB Layout
Displaying Output Frequency on LCD
XR2206 Function Generator kit includes output that can be directly connected to 60MHz Counter kit for measuring and displaying output frequency on LCD display. 60MHz Frequency Meter / Counter measures frequency from 10Hz to 60MHz with 10Hz resolution. It is a useful bench test equipment for testing and finding out unknown frequency of various devices such as oscillators, radio receivers, transmitters, function generators, crystals, etc. The meter provides very stable readings and has excellent input sensitivity thanks to onboard amplifier and TTL converter. It can even measure weak signals from crystal oscillators. With the addition of prescaller it is possible to measure frequency of 1GHz and above. Please see the link to learn more aboutΒ 60MHz Frequency Meter / Counter.

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