A simple programmer for PIC microcontrollers

Perhaps this circuit is the simplest programmer for PIC microcontrollers you can build. It is connected to serial port of your PC and it has a very similar design with the SI-Prog programmer for the AVR microcontrollers. With the help of adaptors you can extend the possibilities and program more PIC microcontrollers.

A simple programmer for PIC microcontrollersNotes

By default this programmer supports the micros: PIC16C8x, PIC16F8x (PIC16F83, PIC16F84, PIC16F84A), PIC16F62x (PIC16F627, PIC16F627A PIC16F628, PIC16F628A), PIC16F648A, PIC16F716 and generally any PIC microcontroller which has the same pinout, with the very well known PIC16F84. However, with the help of the adaptor, you will be able to program almost any PIC micro that supports the ICSP programming technique.
Keep in mind that the programmer is not supporting low voltage programming. So you must always leave the MCLR fuse selected.
USB to serial converters will not work with this programmer. Your motherboard must have build in serial ports. If it doesn’t then you can use PCI serial cards (for one serial port the cost is low).


  • Two Zener diodes at 5.1V (low Watt).
  • One 10KΩ resistor (1/4 Watt).
  • Two 4.7KΩ resistors (1/4 Watt).
  • One 100μF electrolytic capacitor (16 Volts).
  • One 100nF capacitor
  • One 7805 voltage regulator (you don’t need any cooler).
  • One 1N4001 common diode.

A simple programmer for PIC microcontrollers

  • One resistor of 270 Ohms (1/4 Watt).
  • One common green LED.
  • A 18 pin DIP socket (for the PIC16F84 type of micros).
  • A female 9 pin DSUB connector (for PCB).
  • Male pin header (5 pins. If you have one with more pins, just cut it).
  • One power jack.
  • A small piece of a Veroboard.
  • Wire for connections.
  • Solder and soldering iron.


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