Interfacing LCD Modules with PIC Microcontrollers.

A large number of embedded project require some type of user interface. This includes displaying numerical, textual and graphical data to user. For very simple numerical display we can use 7 segment displays. If the requirement is little more than that, like displaying some alphanumeric text, we can use LCD Modules. They are cheap enough to be used in low cost projects. They come in various sizes for different requirement. A very popular one is 16×2 model. It can display 2 lines of 16 characters. Other models are 16×4,20×4, 8×1,8×2 etc.

In this tutorial we will learn how we can use such modules with Microchip PIC Microcontrollers. Here I will present my LCD library which you can use to create LCD based application/projects quickly. For demo I will use PIC18F4520 Microcontroller but you can use any PIC18 MCU. But you have to calculate the CONFIG values for correct setting and CPU clock selection etc. That means the chip should be configured correctly. See datasheet for more info on CONFIG bytes.

Interfacing LCD Modules with PIC Microcontrollers. MPLAB Project Creation

First create a MPLAB project as described in this tutorial. Name the project LCD. Also add a main file called “lcd_test.c”. To use my LCD library you need to add it to your project. Just copy/paste the following files to your project folder.

Header Files

  • lcd.h
  • myutils.h

Source File

  • lcd.c

How to add files to MPLAB Project is described here.

Now you are ready to the library functions to interact with the LCD module.

Interfacing LCD Modules with PIC Microcontrollers SchematicSample Program (lcd_test.c)




A testing program for our LCD library.

Easy to use library for interfacing 16x2 lcd in 4 bit mode.
MCU: PIC18FXXXX Series from Microchip.
Compiler: HI-TECH C Compiler for PIC18 MCUs (

Copyrights 2008-2009 Avinash Gupta
eXtreme Electronics, India

For More Info visit

Mail: [email protected]

#include <htc.h>

#include "lcd.h"

//Chip Settings
//Simple Delay Routine
void Wait(unsigned int delay)
{   for(;delay;delay--)      __delay_us(100);}void main()
{   //Let the Module start up   Wait(100);   //Initialize the LCD Module
   LCDInit(LS_BLINK);   //Clear the Module
   LCDClear();   //Write a string at current cursor pos
   LCDWriteString("Good Is Great !!");

   Wait(20000);   //Now Clear the display
   LCDClear();   LCDWriteString("God Bless all !!");
   //Goto POS (X=0,Y=1 i.e. Line 2)
   //And Write a string
   Wait(20000);   //Write Some Numbers
   for(char i=0;i<100;i++)
   {         LCDClear();  LCDWriteInt(i,3); Wait(3000);   }
   LCDClear();   LCDWriteString("    The  End    ");
   //Loop Forever   while(1);}


For more detail: Interfacing LCD Modules with PIC Microcontrollers. 

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