PlayPIC Tutorial Board for the PIC16F84A Microcontroller

This is a new design of a tutorial board based on the popular PIC16F84A microcontroller. It features eight single leds, a 7-segment display, an LCD display and five push buttons. It is an ideal solution for the beginner to take his/her first programming steps in the world of microcontrollers. Having an in-circuit-programming (ICP) header, it can be easily reprogrammed without unplugging the microcontroller each time, provided that the programmer also supports this feature (like OziPic’er).

Play PIC

Feature Description

S1 switches the board on and off. When on, the indicator led LED9 is lit.
S2 resets the microcontroller.
S8 switches the LCD display on and off
S9 switches the eight individual leds AND the 7-segment display on and off.

– Push buttons S3 to S6 correspond to RA0-RA3 inputs. They are enabled or disabled by the SW2 dip switch.

– The SW1 dip switch enables or disables the following features :

        1. Connects RB0 (used as output) to LED1.
2. Connects RB0 (used as interrupt input) to S7.
3. Enables the debouncing circuit for interrupt switch S7.
4. Connects RB0 (used as output) to the buzzer.

This dip switch must be either 1000 or 0100 or 0110 or 0001.

For more detail: PlayPIC Tutorial Board for the PIC16F84A Microcontroller

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