pic12f675 Microcontroller 8-PIN PONG

This project is based on ideas from Rickard’s electronic projects page and David B. Thomas VCR Pong. However, I have developed the simplicity even further, eliminating most of the external components. Using microcontrollers with internal 4MHz clock generator there is no need for the xtal. The 12f675 part also operates on wide voltage range, and the regulator can be removed.

VCR Pong

For game controller, I plan on using the old Commodore 64 style paddless. They include firing buttons, which I plan on using as power switch and game reset. 16F675 has a low power sleep mode with 1nA current consumption, so I plan on using that to switch off.

schematic pong


I think this schematic diagram tells you all. Note that the power to paddle resistors comes from an output pin, so that current can be switched off also in sleep state.

Prototype board still has redundancy, but is already quite impressive for a ‘video game system’.

Parts list:

1x PIC12F675  
1x 100 nF
1x 100 kohm
2x 10 kohm
1x 220 ohm
1x 560 ohm
1x 9P male D-connector for Commodore 64 paddles
1x RCA female for video output
1x 2xAA or 2xAAA battery case

For more Detail:  pic12f675 Microcontroller 8-PIN PONG

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