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We created gloves that allow users to type on any hard surface as if they were using a QWERTY keyboard. The gloves recognize the standard QWERTY keyboard layout by recognizing which finger is pressed, and how bent the finger is. It is limited to recognizing the three primary rows along the keyboard, from “q” in the top left to “?” in the bottom right. For the index fingers, the gloves also distinguish when the left index finger is away from the other fingers to distinguish between “t-g-b” and “r-f-v” keys, and similarly for the right hand. Furthermore, the gloves act just like a keyboard, meaning that a user can use our product on to type on any program that they want.

While touch screens are a good alternative for portable computer mouses, keyboards on touch screens give little haptic feedback, and are frequently small. This makes it difficult for people accustomed to normal keyboards to use. Although there are other projects that have tried to use gloves as a computer interface, such as CyberGlove and KeyGlove, most are either (1) gesture based, (2) generic sensor gloves, or (3) prototypes that have not been completed. The most similar project that we could find is KITTY, but it is still in early development. For a list of popular glove-based input devices, we refer the reader to the KeyGlove website. Our project is unique because we propose to create a glove input that acts as a generic QWERTY keyboard, rather than a general input sensor. A pictures with all components is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Picture of all components, including the USB cable and the PICkit3.

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