An LED Persistance Of Vision Name Badge using PIC16F88

An LED Persistance Of Vision Name Badge

This Instructable shows a name badge that I have built for my daughter.

I have seen the Defcon badges, and thought they were cool. Why cant my kids have one as well – but specially built for them?

So here you go – A simple badge that uses a PIC 16F88, and a handful of LEDs, and flashes your child’s name in lights when they shake it, or push a button.
LED Name Badge
I have left space on the PCB that I designed so that it can support an accelerometer.  It isn’t in this version because I have to order the parts.  This one is created using the bits I had in the garage!

schematic.pdf(595×842) 149 KB

Etch up a board – Make it decorative

The first step it to create the PCB using your favourite PCB package.

You could download my PCB file, but it probably wont work unless your child is named Sian!  Just in case people ask, I have included it as a PDF file.
Schematic LED Name Badge
In Sians case, I created a PCB layout – and made a decorative fill as a background – I think it turned out pretty well!

Here is a photo of Caties board having finished the etching process – I just have to clean the etch resist off the board, and mount the components.

NameBadge-Sian.pdf(595×842) 7 KB

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