Emergency Vehicle LED Light

Described here is a low-component count Emergency Vehicle LED Light circuit which can be used for capturing the attention of (or warning) drivers and pedestrians. These type of lighting gadgets kindle an instant response that makes people look up and pay attention -an important consideration when a matter of moments can mean life or death in an emergency situation. It is 100% suitable for emergency vehicles of all types, police and first responders. The bright LEDs ensure the vehicle is clearly visible, even in bad weather conditions.Emergency Vehicle LED Light

Schematic of the Emergency Light Circuit

Note that there’s no external crystal is used so it works on PIC12F675 micro-controller’s internal 4MHz oscillator.

About Initial Test!

Initial test was carried out using 2 white LEDs with current limiting resistors on a breadboard. Please check the unedited video. Note that this video is of very poor resolution, for which i deeply regret.

The circuit is wired around the popular and less-expensive PIC microcontroller PIC12F675 (IC1) and a bunch of 6 white LEDs (LED1 – LED6) to produce an alternating flashing effect (near-replica of the famous US police signal light). It can be powered from the 12V automotive battery. After construction and testing, try to enclose the entire circuit in a suitable polycarbonate (or similar) box with enough accessories like small reflectors, two color (usually Red & Blue) transparent cover plates, and mounting hardware, etc.Emergency Vehicle LED Light schematich

Enclosure idea

The program written in C (not included here), and compiled using MicroC PRO for PIC enables IC1 to flash one branch of LEDs 3 times then the other branch of LEDs 3 times, endlessly. Ready-to-use Hex Code required to program the PIC micro-controller (IC1) is available here (author’s Google Drive) for free download: http://goo.gl/TKPllt



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