Analog & Digital propeller clock using PIC16C84

An Analog & Digital propeller clock i made!
It isnt Real its just because your so awfully slow!!! 😉

based on an afterimage phenomenon, ie the reaction slowness of the retina, the illusion of reality our brains are “lying”
Picture’s made 12-12-1997 by Luberth Dijkman Clock was actually running 2 weeks earlyer

Bob Blick started the propeller clock

This clock is based on Don Zehnder’s Clock. He made the first analog version (+/- 1996)

Analog & Digital propeller clock

Some technical information!

Assembler Code written by Don Zehnder
This clock has 14 red led’s & 1 Green
(red diffused 200 to 300 Mcd Kingbright L-53-SRD-D)
I prefer difused LEDs as they are better vissible from the side(angle)
Bright LEDs are perfect only when you look/stand straight in front of it
Tommorow (13-12-’97)i wil try red diffused 700 to 1000 Mcd Kingbright L-53-SRD-G
Nowadays(2002)a large choice, back in 1997 it was a bit harder to get ultra bright led’s
The propeller is mounted on a “Mecano”(Kid’s metal construction) base
7 outher led’s are controlled direct from pic’s port
8 inner led’s are together switched by a transistor
The moter comes out a Philips VCR VR 2022 two of them in 1 recorder
A 4mhz pic16c84 is clocked at 10 mhz
Later i made a brush/slipring the balbearing give too much errors
Rotation pulse is given by infrared gate
Time setting is done with a reed switch (when a magnet apears near propellor time speeds up)

Luberth Dijkman Andijk Holland 12-12-1997


For more detail: Analog & Digital propeller clock using PIC16C84

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