Making your own Digital Clock using PIC16F887

Small LED dot matrix development board

I was very busy for the past two months so this blog just didn’t move.

Digital Clock using PIC16F887

As you may know, the LED dot matrix display is my favorite device. I have designed a small development board for testing my led dot matrix related programs.

The PCB is single sided so I can make it at home. Most of the components are SMD to keep small footprint of the board. The PCB size: 58.4mm x 46mm

The schematic is as the following:

Digital Clock using PIC16F887 schematic

Acutally, I made a PCB and installed all components but the board didn’t work :p. It was working when I tested the schematic on breadboard (with through hole version of PIC16F887).


For more detail: Making your own Digital Clock using PIC16F887

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