Home Automation and Safety via GSM Remote

To test a level of understanding for my final year project.
To present about programmable control home safety via gsm modem; the performance or what have been achieved.
To improve myself, in term of knowledge, presentation and communication.
Gsm Remote

Content / Procedure: 
Refer to FYP scheme, presentation degree semester 2 to prepare a material.
Discuss with supervisor, about how to tackle the question.
Done a more research about basic knowledge of GSM modem and program microcontroller.
Prepare a video as an supported material
Ensure the prototype in high good condition.

Gsm Remote
Result and Analysis:
I’m done a slideshow, poster and a few testing towards hydro prototype to ensure it work properly during presentation.
The presentation will be conducted by 2 referee.
My presentation considerably good and smooth.
The poster and pictures for presentation shown below:

 Schematic GSM Remote
GSM Switch is a project to turn on or turn off electrical appliances such as light switching home or anywhere remotely via GSM.
How to turn on equipment by sending SMS ‘1111’ ON ‘and switch off the equipment by sending SMS’ 0000 GSM Switch will receive instructions either load 1 (L1), load 2 (L2), load 3 (L3) or load 4 (L4). Then the GSM Switch will send the four load status is ONor OFF either. Skematiknya are as follows
Personally, i’m glad that i be able to complete my FYP project until achieved the goal because of some difficulty to find a reference and so on.Then i got top 20 in BMI.Alhamdulillah.
This project   programmable control home safety via gsm modem  takes more effort to make it with excellent.
This project can be develop into another level if the new candidate; who have an interest towards control the appliances in the house to spend an effort, time and money to make it more useful.

Source : Home Automation and  Safety via GSM Remote

3 thoughts on “Home Automation and Safety via GSM Remote”

  1. Microchip PIC Engineering

    Hi, It sounds to me complete home automation project using gsm phone, I would like to introduce few more features like water tank measurements, PIR based intrusion detector. Then it would be complete final year engineer project.

    1. thanks to those guys who worked and shared their project. we can do the same project using atmel avr or arduino board, theme will be the same…

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