Electronic Security System With RTC and User Define Pin Code

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This is a project that I made using pic microcontroller its an Electronic PIN Code Security System with real time clock and user define pin code features, this page contains all the details to make one yourself.Electronic Security System With RTC and User Define Pin Code


Well by turning Security System on, it will ask for a PINCODE to open gate, (its 140595) if you enter it correct, the door will open. Door is opened for 1 min only, then its closed again. If you enter pin code wrong Security System will give you 3 more chances, if all chances are wasted then it turns buzzer on, and asks for alternative code to stop buzzer, if this alternative code (i.e. 1984) is entered correctly then:

1) It stops buzzer

2) Resets original code which was 140595

3) Asks new code to replace original code which was 140595 (not more then 6 digits)

now the gate will be opened by this new code.

Suppose a wrong alternative code is inserted then System asks to wait for countdown of 1 min during which all buttons are disabled and buzzer keeps ringing.



sorry i haven’t uploaded the video to any video site yet.


Before we get started, I am assuming that you already have basic knowledge of C language and have worked on MikroC pro before and that you know how to glow an LED, how to interface a LCD with a PIC Microcontroller. Okay lets get started !


1) 1 16×2 LCD Pin 14 to Pin 1 then Pin 15 and Pin 16 pins package.

2) 1 PIC18F4550 Microcontroller

3) 1 PCF8583 Real Time Clock (RTC) IC

4) 14 Reset Buttons Instead of Keypad I used reset buttons

5) 1 9v Battery Main power supply.

6) 1 10K Ohm Pot For setting contrast of LCD

7) 2 3.5mm audio jacks for externally connecting buzzer and gate

8) 1 100uF Capacitor Ceremic cap for using with pin1 of controller.

9) 1 32.682kHz Crystal For PCF8583 IC

10) 1 DC Power Jack If using project with a DC adapter

11) 1 IC7805 For converting 9V to 5V

12) 1 1K Ohm resistor for using with pin1 of controller.

13) 3 10K Ohm resistor for using with pin1 of controller and RTC IC

14) 13 220 Ohm resistor each button will use 1 220 Ohm I’ll explain later

15) 1 3V Cell for using with RTC IC

16) 1 TICK TICK Switch

17) 1 PCB Board your choice if your comfortable on verro its fine.

18) 1 8 pin DIP for RTC IC

19) 1 40 pin DIP for PIC184550 or you can Zip socket if you want

20) 1 3V Cell holder

21) 1 9V Battery holder

22) 1 male header for soldering with LCD

23) 1 female header for soldering on PCB or verro where LCD will be placed.


20) Breadboard for testing

21) Soldering iron

22) Soldering wire

23) PIC Programmer (or PICKIT2)

24) Etching solution (for PCB)

25) PCB Drill

26) Multimeter

One think you’ll notice I haven’t included a crystal for PIC Microcontroller right ? Well thats because I used internal Oscillator of PIC18F4550


Step 2: TESTING ON PROTEUSSchematic Electronic Security System With RTC and User Define Pin Code

You can test the circuit on proteus, so you can get an idea about the project.

For more detail: Electronic Security System With RTC and User Define Pin Code

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