Rotary Encoder Interfacing with PIC Mirocontroller

i am currently working with some power supply design and i can say using conventional pots(potentiometer)  and rotary  switch  to adjust the voltage and other stuff is quite old school.
so i have decided to go for a bit high tech , actually bit digital.
so here is the solution
Incremental Rotary Encoder
first of all i would like to tell you , these type of rotary encoder is totally digital component so you can’t directly replace these  with you conventional pots. so lets start what are Incremental Rotary Encoder ,
Rotary Encoder Interfacing with PIC Mirocontroller
and hear the output wave form

Decoding with Microcontroller 

in this examples we will be decoding the rotary encoder with the help of sate machine.

view of state machine in the wave form
Schematic with PIC18F458
Source code and firmware

CLIK Here To download Source Code and Firmware. if you have any problem please leave in the comment section.

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