Low cost OLED module interface using PIC18F452

Here are the technical specifications:

  • OLED resolution: 96 x 64 pixels
  • OLED manufacturer: OSRAM.
  • OLED model: Pictiva 1.1 inch OS096064PN11MY0B10 (San Diego.)
  • On-board lcd controller SSD1303, with 31 pins connector, can be soldered directly.
  • Low power operation (less than 15-25mA @3V, depending on contrast/brightness setting)
  • Fast serial interface (only 8 wires needed)
  • Molex miniature connector.
  • OLED: dimensions: 34 x 24 mm (without flexible ribbon)
  • PCB interface: Dimensions: 29 x 22 mm


OLED module interface

This OLED modules can be bought in our online shop. You’ll need the interface described below and a PIC microcontroller to get the OLED  module running.

Here’s a short movie showing a working module (flickering is due to the camera and the movie’s software compression.)



PIC example Source code (CCS C) , pcb layout and schematics (Eagle) available.  Last update: March 24, 2007.

 Interface: Eagle PCB layout: 043 – 004.brd  – March 24, 2007.

 Interface: Eagle Schematics: 043 – 004.sch  – March 24, 2007.


 PIC CCS example: source code: 043_v02.zip for 18f452 @ 20MhZ – March 24, 2007.

 PIC CCS example:Hex file: 043_v02.hex for 18f452 @ 20MhZ – March 24, 2007.


For more detail: Low cost OLED module interface using PIC18F452

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