Schematic PIC Data Logger with Delta-Sigma Converter

The aim of the project is to build a lab-grade data logger with PIC18F45K20 microcontroller and a 20-bit delta-sigma converter. It’s named as G5 Data Logger.

This new data converter technology using delta-sigma simplifies the design of high resolution data recording device. One of the interesting chip is Linear Technology LTC2400, 24-bit ADC. Another chip of interest is LTC2420, 20-bit ADC.

 Schematic PIC Data Logger with Delta-Sigma Converter
The chip has pin and data output compatible to the LTC2400. This project uses new data logger using the LTC2420 and use the cheap memory card for data storage.

DownloadSchematic, Firmware, Quick start, Brochure, Sample record of TMP36

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