DIY $1 PIC 12f675 JDM Programmer (Cheap and Easy)

Hi EveryBody i am Again Doing something. and it is with PIC’s!

Almost Everybody do not want a Big Arduino in their projects or to control a rgb led with Arduino uno?

Enjoy Compressing your projects with PIC and Attiny too. but in this wwe will be making a PIC Programmer

To Program 12f675 PIC. Here i am not sure that it works for other 8 pin PIC too.but for sure it will work for PIC 12f675.

It is Really Cheap Programmer if you have a computer with JDM Port and has a 13v supply in it.

DIY $1 PIC 12f675 JDM Programmer (Cheap and Easy)It is not really my Work but the Site was in Russian so i translated the project into English and it would great for persons like me who don’t want to spend 100$ on a PIC Programmer and just want to tinker with Microcontrollers.

It Cost me only 1$ (Excluding PCB which i made at home)

Project can also be found at – Here

So, Let’s Make it!

Step 1: Get the Parts

List of Parts you Need:-

1. 8 Pin IC Base(1 pc.)

2. 470uf /25v Capacitor(1 pc.)

3. 10uf/25v Capacitor(1 pc.)

4. 0.1uf Ceramic Capacitor (104 Code)(1 pc.)

5. 78L05 5v Regulator(1 pc.)

6. 1N4148 Zener Diodes (1 pc.)

7. 5v6 Zener Diode (2 pc.)

8. 12v Zener Diode (1 pc.)

9. 10k Resistor (2 pc.)

10. 1k Resistor (1 pc.)

11. Green 3mm Led (1 pc.)

12. DB-9 Connector

(Images are Not Mine and they are for reference only)

Step 2: Schematic

I Have Converted the Schematic From Russian to English and therefore For All Those who cannot understand Russian Like me, can See English ones.

DIY $1 PIC 12f675 JDM Programmer (Cheap and Easy) Schematic(It took me to 20 min in finding the correct russian words to convert it to english with google translate) and another is the pinout to connect the PIC with labeling on other Schematic 😉

Step 3: Print Out the PCB

Sprint ViewerI Made Toner Transfer and used HCL with Hydrogen Peroxide to Etch the PCB.

it worked great with glossy Photo paper with Laser Printer!

PCB Files can be Found Below.

PCB Files can Be Opened in Sprint Layout Viewer.

Download it from here – Sprint Viewer


For more detail: DIY $1 PIC 12f675 JDM Programmer (Cheap and Easy)

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