PIC32 microcontroller based Projects List of PDF

PIC32 microcontroller based Projects List:

PIC32 microcontroller based Projects List Building on the heritage of Microchip Technology’s world-leading 8- and 16-bit. PIC microcontrollers, the PIC32 family delivers 32-bit performance and more.

PIC32 microcontroller based Projects List

Most of the electronics geeks are asking the whole list of pic projects PDF here we will share list every month as our projects are being updated on daily basis. PDF is a good source to work offline. We will offer direct PDF file download link with info of its release date , number of projects.

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04 June 2018
  1. Beginners Guide to Debugging in MPLABX Using ChipKIT PRO MX7 by DIGILENT
    This Instructable is a beginners guide to debugging code programed in the MPLAB X IDE v2.0. The steps covered are common application's of the debugger software and problems I encountered…
  2. Debouncing Interrupts With MPIDE Part 2: RC Filters
    Hey guys! You ready for the second part of my debouncing series? "But Jay!" I can hear you asking, "I didn't know there was a first!" Or maybe you said…
  3. Lab Test Bench-oscilloscope/waveform
    Lab test bench For electrical engineering classes, basic lab equipment such as oscilloscopes and signal generators usually cost hundreds of dollars. In this project I want to implement the hardware…
  4. Debouncing Interrupts With MPIDE Part 1: Brute Force
    It's about time isn't it? Welcome back! If you've been following my I'bles up to this point, I've shown you two different ways to set up interrupts in MPIDE using attachInterrupt() and setIntVector().…
  5. Building Your Own Micromite Companion Minicomputer
    The Micromite Companion Minicomputer is the next generation in the Pocket Mini Computer series. It is the combination of two Open Source systems, the Micromite software, a PIC32 creation by…
  6. Microcontroller Register Manipulation
    I'm always amazed at the new technology that is constantly coming out that allows hobbyists like myself access to powerful and cheap microcontrollers like the Arduino or chipKIT development boards.…
  7. Programming the PmodOLEDrgb on the ChipKIT Pro MX7
    LED screens are everywhere. Chances are you're using one to read this right now. With the release of Digilent's PmodOLEDrgb, now you can program one yourself! Step 1: Materials For…
  8. ​Bluetooth Controlled- Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car Using PIC32 Microcontroller
    "Robot-Car: Design Fused with Obstacle Avoidance Technology" Recently, there is an intensive research undertaken in the field of intelligence robotics and autonomous mobile robot applications. Through the this project we…
    Spectrum Analyzer application PIC32 series from PIC32MX360F512L performed by imaging the 3.5 TFT LCD (16.7m. Color) 320X240 screen using software Microchip MPLAB C32 compiler prepared with ssd192x driver (SSD1928L Drivers)…
    Nowadays Touch TFT LCD control when a lot of people interested in microcontroller programming first thought the Pic18, Pic24, Pic32, ARM, etc … but a little advanced microcontrollers and application…
  11. New Microchip PIC32 Microcontrollers Run at 72MHz
    CHANDLER, Ariz., Nov. 5, 2007 - Microchip Technology today announced the new Microchip PIC32 family of MIPS 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs). The Microchip PIC32 is based upon the MIPS32 M4K Core,…
  12. NU32: Introduction to the PIC32 using pic-microcontroller
    The Microchip PIC32 is a family of complex and powerful microcontrollers that can be purchased for less than $10 in quantities of one. This microcontroller offers many peripherals useful for…
  13. Uploading Firmware to Your ChipKIT Boards
    There may come a time in your chipKIT explorations when you have to put some new firmware onto your board. Well, fear not. This Instructable will go through how to…
  14. Addressable LEDs (WS2812) on ChipKIT
    There has not been a simple addressable LED library for PIC32 microcontrollers until now! The PICxel library is an MPIDE library that handles the timing required to use addressable LEDs…
  15. How to Install ChipKIT Core
    For those of you with a chipKIT board, I have good news! If you like using the Arduino IDE instead of MPIDE, your dreams have become a reality with chipKIT-core…
  16. Ultrasonic Obstacle-avoiding Robot
    This is my attempt at designing and building an obstacle avoiding robot! RekaBot (named after a fairy (: ) can detect obstacles with an ultrasonic sensor that can move around…
  17. Starting a Project in MPLAB X for ChipKIT Products
    This tutorial comes right after my Installing MPLAB X tutorial, so if you haven't installed MPLAB X and the XC32 compiler, check that one out first. In Arduino, programming a…
  18. PIC32 Multimedia Expansion Board Review Video
    PIC32 Multimedia Expansion Board Review
    Review of the Multimedia Expansion Board for the PIC32 Start Kits from Microchip. In this review I'm going to show the board and it's periphirals, and then I will show…
  19. $15.00 BASIC Computer using PIC32MX1 microcontroller
    $15.00 BASIC Computer? Imagine a microcontroller that you can connect a serial terminal up to to get an ok prompt? What would happen if you changed one of the control…
  20. Execute Open-Source Code in a PIC Microcontroller Using the MPLAB IDE
    The PIC32 single-board computer is a de facto standard tool for developing microcomputer applications within the hobbyist and educational communities. It provides an open-source hardware (OSH) environment based on a…
  21. j. ICSP Programmer for PIC32 microcontroller family
    PIC32 ICSP Programmer v1.0 is based on a simple PIC32MX270F256B microcontroller basic circuit. It connects to a PC via USB 2.0 port and therefore needs no external power supply. It…
  22. Bluetooth-Controlled Guitar FX Amplifier
    As part of our final project for ECE 4760: Digital Systems Design Using Microcontrollers, we built a guitar amplifier with remote distortion and digital effects capabilities controlled from a smartphone…
  23. Open Source 3.2” TFT Smart Display
    This project is an open source 3.2″ Smart TFT display board. The board is based on a PIC32 and a 3.2′ TFT with touchscreen (ILI9320 controller, using 16bits PMP). The…
  24. Rev 4.2.2 schematic and PCB
    A long while back I posted a version of the schematic for the electronics for my project to build a GPS-steered parachute for rocket recovery. Since then I’ve tweaked the…
  25. Mork Microchip PIC32MX ICSP
    Mork is adaptation of Nanu nanu Microchip PIC ICSP for the STM32 based vcc-gnd or Maple mini. Both STM32 boards are inexpensive boards which don't cost much more than the…
  26. Introduction to the PIC32 using pic-microcontroller
    The Microchip PIC32 is a family of complex and powerful microcontrollers that can be purchased for less than $10 in quantities of one. This microcontroller offers many peripherals useful for…
  27. Augustus’s Lab Notebook using pic microcontoller
    Week 01 January 10, 2012 (1 hour): Met as a team after class to discuss preliminary project proposal. January 12, 2012 (2 hours): Met as a team after class to…
  28. One PIC Microcontroller Platform Development Board
    One PIC Microcontroller Platform Development Board   Develop firmware using Microchip's 8/16/32-bit PIC® Microcontrollers all on one board! Each device comes preprogrammed with firmware to operate the LCD, LED and…
  29. Self-made development board for the 32-bit PIC32MX220F032B Microcontroller
    Few months ago Microchip introduced smallest, lowest-cost PIC32 microcontrollers – new PIC32”MX1” and PIC32”MX2” families. PIC32 MX1 and MX2 MCUs include up to 32 KB of Flash and 8 KB…
  30. The chipKIT™ UNO32™ and MAX32™ development boards for the Arduino™ Community
    Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, and Digilent, Inc. announced expanded capabilities for the 32-bit PIC32 microcontroller-based chipKIT™ Development Platform for the Arduino™ community.…
  31. PIC32MX: Interfacing to a Secure Digital (SD) Flash Card
    Original Assignment Do not erase this section! Your assignment is to create code that will allow the PIC32 to read and write data to a FAT32 SD card. The SD…
  32. Andy Robison’s Lab Notebook using pic microcontroller
    Week 01 January 14 (2 hours): Met as a team after class to discuss preliminary project proposal. January 15, 2010 (1 hours): Met as a team to discuss design implementation…
  33. chipKIT Tutorial 2: Serial communication with PC
    The PIC32 processor on the chipKIT Uno32 board provides two hardware serial ports. One of these is used by the on-board FTDI chip to create an USB-UART interface that allows…
  34. What is Chipkit Development Board?
    In order to understand the chipKIT platform, it is important to talk about Arduino first. Arduino is an easy-to-use and powerful open source environment for developing microcontroller based applications.Chipkit Development…
  35. chipKIT Tutorial 3: Analog-to-digital conversion
      [caption id="attachment_12035" align="alignnone" width="570"] Analog-to-digital conversion[/caption] Theory Many embedded applications deal with physical variables such as motion, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, light intensity, and sound. A microcontroller cannot directly…
  36. Top PIC Microcontroller Projects with Embedded C Programming
    Peripheral Interface controller (PIC) family is one of the most powerful advanced microcontroller which is developed by the microchip technology with Harvard architecture, i.e., it has a minimum set of…
  37. Audio spectrum analyzer on PIC32 using pic microcontoller
    This simple audio spectrum analyzer is based on PIC32 proto board on PIC32MX360F512L with 320×240px colour LCD (LVC75Z779 Eval Board).  The analyzer can be connected to unamplified audio source like…
  38. Usbpicprog – A free and open source USB Microchip PIC programmer (Software and Hardware) for Linux, Windows e MAC
    Usbpicprog is an USB in circuit programmer for Microchip PIC processors family PIC10F, PIC12F, PIC16F, PIC18F, PIC24F, PIC32F and I2C Eeprom 24xx. The hardware is as simple as possible, the…
  39. Pickit 2 Download & Develop Your own USB pickit ii programmer
      PICkit 2 Introduction: There are many PIC programmer available, commercial and DIY devices. As Microchip introduces the new microprocessors the programming software got to be updated accordingly playing catch-up…

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