gsm based dc motor speed control using pic microcontroller

GSM Based Speed Control of DC Motor Using PIC Microcontroller: In this project, an easy method has been proposed in order to control the speed of the DC motor by simply sending an SMS from mobile. The purpose of designing this system was to convince the user that speed of the motor can be controlled anywhere by using the SMS application. As an SMS receiver, Siemens TC35 GSM module has been used and is then connected with MCU PIC16F877A for the processing of SMS. Dual H-bridge Motor Driver L293D IC is relating to MCU for controlling the speed of the motor where the PWM method has been used. This project is practically implemented.

gsm based dc motor speed control using pic microcontroller

Components for gsm based speed control dc motor

Normally, Motors are used for automation, industrial control and as a home electrical appliance. It divides everything starting from fans, washing machines, hand-held power tools, traction control system, automotive window lift to the industrial devices. Without a controller system, a motor application is not fully completed. Control system became easier after the invention of microcontroller and microprocessor. The main responsibility of the control system is to control the speed, switch, and direction of the motor. By connecting the switch directly to the control circuit, a control signal is being generated. For controlling and monitoring the motor, a user should be present at the point where the switch is placed. In this project, as a control switch, the mobile phone has been used. By sending an SMS, which is basically the part of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications).

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GSM BASED DC motor speed control working

A control signal is being sent wirelessly to control circuit. After the implementation of GSM module on the motor control circuit, it enables the user to the send SMS that contains the instruction from any of the mobile to the GSM module. Now, this instruction will be received by the GSM module and it will be then sent to the microcontroller for further processing and then converting it into the desired control signal.

A motor controlling using SMS application is an easy and convenient way for enabling the user to monitor and control the motor from anywhere if coverage is available to those places. However, sending SMS is being considered at a low price and most people have their phones as it has become one of the necessities of today’s life.

gsm based dc motor speed control using pic microcontroller schematics

As GSM has become a popular network, GSM terminal equipment is not used only in the typical voice communications but also in the applied control area. By showing some GSM-based typical applications and cellular engine of Siemen, TC35 were introduced. In such developed system, advanced MCU and GSM technique was used with a low cost. It can also be used in remote access control with good security value applications.

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