IRMimic2™ Trainable IR Remote Control Transmitter with Macros


  • Simple to train – Can learn up to 57 commands, and each can be in a different format/protocol
  • Two different operating modes – Keypad or MCU interface
  • Supports up to 32 keys in keypad mode
  • Any key can be a macro (multiple command sequence) key
  • LED indicator output – Indicates training is complete
  • Chip operates from 3-5 volts DC
  • Standby mode permits battery operation
  • Can learn many different IR remote control protocols.  Not limited to a few specific ones.
  • In keypad mode, most commands are repeated if key is held down, except within macros.
  • Kit w/pc board available for easy implementation. (All through-hole components for easy assembly.)

Add IR remote control of other equipment to your next project.

IRMimic2™ Trainable IR Remote Control Transmitter with Macros

With IRMimic2, just apply power, train the chip with the IR remote control codes you want to generate, and you’re ready to go. Code patterns are safely stored in internal non-volatile memory. The chip can be re-trained many times if needed.

IRMimic2 can learn up to 57 different commands, each in a different format, if needed.

In keypad mode, up to 32 PB switches, plus the “Learn” switch, can be connected. Each key controls a different command, or sequence of commands.

You can also control IRMimic2 with your favorite microcontroller, using MCU mode.  Just provide 6 code select inputs, a learn input, and a send input.  (Macros are not implemented in MCU mode, since they are not needed.)

Based on a 28-pin Microchip® PIC 18LF2420 CMOS microcontroller with EEPROM, IRMimic2 has been developed to work with most modern IR remote controls and accompanying equipment. It supports bi-phase, pulse width, and pulse position encoding techniques, as well as others.

Note:  If you need 16 or fewer commands, and do not plan to use macros, or will be using MCU mode, IRMimic uses the same algorithm and should work exactly the same as IRMimic2.  It uses a smaller PIC chip and a smaller PC board.

IRMimic2™ Trainable IR Remote Control Transmitter with Macros schematicIRMimic2 Complete Kit:

In addition to the IRMimic2 chip, we offer a parts kit, which includes a double-sided pc board and all components.

Kit includes IRMimic2 chip, on-board voltage regulator, 38 KHz IR sensor (works with most remotes, although several modulating frequencies are used), indicator LED, IR LED, 20-pin dual row header accepts ribbon cable connector for power, control signals. Regulator not required if 3-5V DC is available. Board dimensions: 1.25″ x 2.5″. Note: You will need to connect this board to either some switches, or to a microcontroller to complete your design. Please see sample application schematics.

Sample application schematics using IRM2 pc board:

This schematic shows how a keypad would be connected to the board.

This schematic shows an MCU being used for control.

This schematic shows how the board can be controlled in MCU mode with switches.



For more detail: IRMimic2™ Trainable IR Remote Control Transmitter with Macros

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