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    naseer najibi

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for providing detailed information about the counter.

    I have made a pcb and used your software for a project ,

    but the problem was that the segments did not have enough time to be on an give a bright display

    so i worked on software and modified it as following:

    1. I used a 1 msec interrupt timer.

    2.A pic16f887 with internal 8 mHz is used.

    3.modified the circuit so that it can be used for various counting needs.

    4.have added one more digit so that now it is 7 digits.

    and after all the display is very bright and very visible with a very low visible flicker.

    If any body needs the modified software and circuit diagram plus pcb

    Please feel free to contact me I will provide it free of cost.


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