PIC 16F917 Microcontroller Programmer

In this instructable , I ‘ll show you how to build a PIC 16F917 Microcontroller programming circuit. This Microcontroller is a very nice Microcontroller chip form the famous chip manufacturer Microchip.
This Microcontroller is easy to program and powerful to use.
The photo above shows the programmer circuit after completion.

PIC 16F917 Microcontroller Programmer
This circuit uses the serial port on the PC . You must use this circuit on a PC having a standard RS-232 serial port.
The USB-to-RS-232 converter will not work as this circuit is power from the +12 volts form the serial port

Step 1: Build the circuit

Here is the programming circuit. It is very simple and easy to build. It is called PicProm
I got it from that website.
The website contains the programming circuit and the programming software.
The circuit and the software supports many Microcontroller chips other than PIC 16F917. You may try it with other chips.
Just build the circuit on a copper board or on a bread board.
Start welding the components together as shown on the schematics.

Step 2: Test your circuit

Now , after you ‘ve completed your circuit . You must start to test it with a programming software.

The circuit would be working fine if you could download any sample Firmware on your chip.

For more detail: PIC 16F917 Microcontroller Programmer

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