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Writing Robot Arm

Writing Robot Arm

Introduction In this project, we built a writing machine using a 4-DOF robot arm. This robot arm is controlled by PIC32 and can write the 26 letters and ten numbers. Users can send instructions to the microcontroller through the serial interface to control the robot arm to write words or digits they want. What we …

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copper foil with pattern

Capacitive Sensing Robot Arm

Introduction For our final project, we built a 2 axis robot arm with a capacitive sensor on the final member, which will allow the robot to detect a person near the robot. When there is an object detected, the arm will stop depending on the measured capacitance. The purpose of this type of sensor is …

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Block Diagram

Karaoke Robot Judge

Introduction Karaoke Robot Judge is a karoke machine with a robot Simon Cowell as a judge. For this project, we designed a karaoke machine on the PIC32 with a robot judge made of two servo motors. The user can choose one of three songs to sing from the Python GUI. The background audio is played …

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Block diagram demonstrating high-level system components.

ECE 4760: Final Project Report

Introduction For our final project we made a digital vocoder, which could be accomplished over this semester’s remote desktop environment. A vocoder is a synthesizer that generates sounds which are modulated by an input signal. It was originally designed to reduce the bandwidth of voice signals over the telephone, but was never introduced practically. It …

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4760 Final Project: Spy Robot

Introduction For our final project, we created a spy robot: a robot that uses remote radar sensing to detect intruders. The physical system consisted of the servo setup we had from lab 4, a time-of-flight distance sensor (discussed in depth below), and the PIC32 microcontroller. The distance sensor was affixed to the servo setup and …

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Introduction Almost everybody has used a rubik’s cube puzzle before, whether they are picking up the cube for the first time, looking up the solution algorithms, or playing around with a different iteration. Many different kinds of rubik’s puzzles have come out over the years, such as the Rubik’s Cube Pyramid and the 2-by-2 cube …

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The completed Cat Bot


Introduction Cat Bot, as its name suggests, is a cat robot that sees and follows around a cat toy, simulating actions of real cats. We have decided on this project since this system involves significant hardware and software elements, and constructing it required us to bring in a variety of knowledge gained through the previous …

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How to Build a Self Navigating Robot

This is a detailed tutorial on how to realize a robot starting from scratch, and giving it the ability to navigate autonomously in an unknown environment. All the typical arguments involved with robotics will be covered: mechanics , electronics and programming . The whole robot is designed to be made by anyone at home without professional (i.e. expensive) tools and equipment. …

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Mini Sumo

Today we will explain how to perform the design, operation, and construction of a sumo robot, a robot is considered an automatic programmed machine to accomplish a certain task. In this opportunity, our robot will have the task of facing another robot on the battlefield whose The aim is to move the opponent out of …

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