HAPPY BIRTHDAY using PIC12F629 Microcontroller

Why spend $10.00 on a Happy Birthday musical card when you can produce the tune yourself.
This project uses just 4 components and a small prototype PC board to produce a project that will teach you a lot about programming.
The circuit uses a piezo diaphragm connected to pins 3 and 5.
That’s the only component.
All the work is done by the program.
The project is so easy, we don’t need to provide any construction details

Happy Birthday


Here are the files:

Here is the program.
You must use the .hex file to “burn” the chip or the .asm file as these are laid out so that the compiler and programmer can understand the data.
The following program is just for viewing.


For more detail: HAPPY BIRTHDAY using PIC12F629 Microcontroller

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