Weather meter using PIC 16F877 Microcontroller

Weather monitoring systems are available in plenty and these are pretty handy gadgets we use in our daily life for weather forecasting and other purposes. But these kinda gadgets might be expensive and may not be available for customization to our specified purpose. To overcome these advantages you can build this customized weather meter using PIC microcontroller which won’t cost much like those gadgets.

The system is built around PIC microcontroller where three parameters are measured in this system. Humidity,Temperature and ,Light intensity are the parameters this system takes as input to understand the weather condition. Then these parameters are displayed in the LCD screen for the user.

Weather meter using PIC 16F877 MicrocontrollerLM35 was used as a temperature sensor which is capable of sensing temperature ranging from -55 C to 150 C. The output voltage will be proportional to the temperature hence there is no need of trimmers. The output voltage of this sensor varies by 10mv per degree change in temperature.

Bought this Humidity sensor from a local store. The obtained output voltage is scaled to percentage and the reading in means of percentage is displayed in the LCD.

Simple LDR is used to measure the light intensity of the environment. Here LDR was used along with a resistor to form a voltage divider and the output is obtained from that divider. This output is also scaled to percentage and displayed in the LCD for the user.

Weather meter using PIC 16F877 Microcontroller Schematic


  1. Initialize the LCD display.
  2. Display “H” , “L” and “T” which represents the parameters Humidity, Light intensity and Temperature.
  3. Define various weather conditions such as Sunny, rainy ,etc  for the expected sensor readings.
  4. Initialize the ADC Channels for the respective sensors.
  5. Read the sensor output one by one.
  6. Make appropriate conversion of the ADC value.
  7. Display the sensor values in the LCD display for the user.


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