Voltage, Temperature & Frequency Meter With PIC Micro controller


  • Voltage, Temperature and Frequency can switching to each others using push buttons.
  • Voltage Meter can measure DC voltage between 0v to 50v.
  • Frequency Meter can measure frequency up to 65KHz.
  • Temperature Meter can use between 00C to 1500C.
  • Every functions can paused using push button.

Voltage, Temperature & Frequency Meter With PIC Micro controller


Voltage meter – 

Volt meter can measure dc voltages up to 50v. 5V is the maximum voltage can handle PIC microcontroller, as it is voltage divider (10K,1.1K) use for convert 50V to 5V . 5v zener diode use for safety of PIC microcontroller analog input pin.

Temperature meter – 

Temperature meter can use between 00C to 1500C. But LM35 sensor can use between -550C to 1500C. Sensor’s resistant is changing opposite to temperature, as it is maximum temperature gives maximum voltage output(5v)  and minimum temperature gives minimum voltage output(0v).  

Frequency meter – 

Theoretically, frequency meter can use up to 65KHz, that is because this circuit made by using Timer 1(16bit) of PIC microcontroller.

Voltage, Temperature & Frequency Meter With PIC Micro controller schematicTimer 0 can only measure up to 256Hz, that is because timer 0 is 8 bit timer. Transistor part is use for safety of microcontroller from amplitude of wave signal. This circuit can apply 12v amplitude or more changing transistor base resistor value(4.7K). I tested it, using 12v amplitude square wave signal


If you have problem about accuracy of voltmeter, temperature meter and frequency meter, you can change values (*1,*2,*3)


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