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Acceleration and brake pedals

PIC32 Racing Game

Introduction Our project is a racing game with human input control that emulates the act of driving a car. We decided on this project, as all three of us greatly enjoy playing games. The goal of the game is to cross the finish line in the shortest amount of time while avoiding obstacle collisions, which …

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CAD design of Flippers and Actuation Mechanism


Introduction Our ECE 4760 final project is PICBall: a PIC32-powered, old-school pinball machine! When trying to come up with a project that would encompass multiple parts of the class, we figured a more physical project (as opposed to virtual project) would be the most fitting. At the same time, per the recommendations given on the …




Introduction TFTanks is a two player game in which small artillery tanks shoot projectile shells at each other across the TFT display screen. The game board consists of a randomly generated terrain landscape with sharp hills and valleys that players can destroy incrementally with their shells. The game is turn based, where players use sliders …

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Voice Controlled Dino Game

Introduction We have all been in a situation where we didn’t have access to the internet and to pass time we started playing the Google Dino game. However, the game tends to get a little monotonous with all the key presses and the biggest fear is that if we regain the internet connection, we might …

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