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EMG Signal Controlled Game

The idea of this project is to design and implement two channels EMG signal controlled video game. The player controlls the motion of the ball to the left or to the right to avoid the descending obstacles. Electrods will be placed to the back of the player’s hands to measure the voltage difference of the …

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LED Cube with SnakeGo

LED Cube with SnakeGo

Introduction The idea of our final project is to design and implement a PIC32-drived 8x8x8 LED cube with 3-dimensional display. Besides 3D display feature, another major feature of this magical LED cube is that it provides a playing field and users can play 3D snake game on the cube by using NES controller. Six buttons …

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Overview of System Design

IoT Hand Gesture Video Control

Introduction In this project, we designed and implemented a system that will utilize light & shadow and relative distance to to recognize the single hand gesture in the air and use different gestures as commands like volume up or speed up to control a video playing. While using keyboard keys to control videos can sometimes …

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High level design

EOG-Controlled Video Game

Introduction The goal of this project is to develop an electrooculography (EOG) system that can record potentials across a user’s eyes, and use the resulting signal to control a simple video game. An electrooculograph is a device that measures the standing potential across the human eye. In this project, we will use silver-plated electrodes to …

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