Efficient Energy Management System with Smart Grid

In this post we will discuss Efficient Energy Management System with Smart Grid. Smart Energy Management is the system, which uses communication and control centre for simplifying and upgrading the power system. In this paper, different types of energy management systems are discussed and also analyzed various methodologies adopted for
implementation of smart grid.

Efficient Energy Management System with Smart Grid

Introduction to Efficient Energy Management System with Smart Grid:

Smart grid is the integration of advanced information, communication and networking technologies in traditional electric grid to make it smarter and faster in making decisions. This integration will bring more automation, reliability of electrical services, safety of electrical equipments and hence increases in consumer comfort level. With the advancement of smart grid several emerging techniques and technologies have been proposed in past years. Smart meters, bidirectional communication, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), home automation and home area networks are the techniques and technologies addressed by various researchers. Smart grid has applications in generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption of electrical energy. Smart grid technology enables distributed power generation, where power can be generated locally, use the required energy and save the power by implementing smart energy management system.

Block Diagram of Efficient Energy Management System with Smart Grid:


Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) is interfaced with the PIC 16f877a micro controller. The PIC 16f877a controller is programmed with MPLAB. When PIR is ON, then entire electrical home appliances in building is OFF that means power save mode ON and the display mode in PIR detects no human being in the home. If PIR is OFF, then electrical home appliance will automatically switched to ON modeand it sends a message to the server. So it makes easy to viewer if there is any body presents in his/her building or

Bluetooth Module Block Diagram:


Block Diagram for Smart Energy Management System Using FPGA:


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