Book: PIC Microcontrollers

Appendix B: Examples The purpose of this chapter is to provide basic information about microcontrollers that one needs to know in order to be able to use them successfully in practice. This chapter, therefore, does not contain any super interesting program or device schematic with amazing solutions. Instead, the following examples are more proof that …

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Circuit Diagrams .

How to work with External (Hardware) Interrupts of PIC Microcontroller (PIC18F4550)

Interrupts are special events that require immediate attention. They cause the processor to cease the running task to serve a special task for which the interrupt event had occurred. After the special task is over, the processor resumes performing the original task. The processor can also serve these events by polling method. But polling is an …

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After using the Microchip tools to program and debug the projects I work on, I wondered about creating my own programming/debugging module that I could put on my own boards – just like Microchip does with their starter kits and such. As I became more interested in that idea, I began to search the web …



Getting started with PIC Microcontroller: Introduction to PIC and MPLABX

Introduction to PIC Microcontroller and MPLABX IDE In 1980, Intel developed the first Microcontroller (8051) with Harvard Architecture 8051 and since then Microcontrollers brought a revolution in Electronics and embedded industry. And with the technological advancement over the time, now we have many more efficient and low power microcontrollers like AVR, PIC, ARM. These Microcontrollers are more …

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Simple GAL Programmer

It’s very easy! This is a simple GAL programmer that hobbyists will able to use the GAL very easy. Building costs are less than 1/10 of cheaper GAL programmers. This is good for parsonal use. And added an optional function to program to the Microchip’s PIC with using a socket converter. Programer Specifications Supported Device …

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Input programming activity schematic

Input programming activity

The previous activities showed you how to make the microcontroller activate outputs. This activity demonstrates how to receive inputs from externally connected devices. The input programs also introduce the concept of abstraction—the ability of a program to refer to I/O circuits using assigned variable names rather than their specific hardware addresses. What you should know …

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