Traffic Message Channel receiver using PIC18F8722

Main roads traffic status and incident report and display.

Technical specifications:

  • Dual display: colour road map (left) and detailed text messages (right) both with LED backlight.
  • Up to 120 TMC messages are stored in memory.
  • Auto/manual TMC message scrolling.
  • GPS position locator/follower optional.
  • Map navigation with  mouse sensor and/or micro joystick.
  • Map zoom 10km to 80km (in 10km steps)
  • City and area presets preconfigured.
  • High quality NXP TEF6901AH chip used for best performance.
  • Integrated RDS/RBDS radio data demodulator.
  • All parts will be available at our shop.

  • TMC countries to be supported: Belgium , Netherlands, Germany , France , Sweden  and more to come…
  • This product will be ported to a smaller OLED OmniBoard project (054 – LiveQ) and will be available as a KIT (PCB + parts) from our online shop.

Traffic Message Channel receiver

Free schematics and source code available for download. Last update: August 15, 2008.

Dual display, mouse touchpad and joystick.

Power in (9V..12V AC/DC)

The tuner TEF6901AH, microcontroller PIC18F8722, USB controller, Memory card and power supply  are located on the backside.

  • Audio output and antenna input.
  • Nokia 6610 Colour LCD (128×128) with road map.
  • Mouse sensor (red) for touchpad navigation.
  • Micro joystick for controls and navigation.


For more detail:  Traffic Message Channel receiver using PIC18F8722

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