Prometheus/Pandora’s Box using PIC12C508 microcontroller

Prometheus/Pandora’s Box

Some of you monkeys out there think you can PWN me. You need to be Spanked.
Here is an obfuscated ultraminimalized Monolith for you.
It is enlightening and harmless, except to the devil, who really hates it, because I’m letting you have it (for “free”).

You’re curious. So Make it, if you have tools.

Pandora's Box


This is easy.
You need:
-a PIC12C508 or 509 or anything compatible or be able to translate to what you have.
-an assembler and burner for your PIC
-a 78L05 voltage regulator which looks like a small transistor
-a dead 9 volt battery to rip the plus and minus terminals out of
-a new alkaline 9 volts battery
-some 20-ish gauge wire…
-a really stupid antenna which may be made out of the wire and hangers and aluminum foil,
so pretend to pretend you don’t know a thing about making an antenna and make something that looks like one.
-A shortwave radio. A guitar amp will also be interesting, but definitely find the radio first.
-The CODE i am giving you to put in the PIC.

sorry this was too easy to make so I show the parts all together. You don’t need the blue ship light.

If you don’t have the right PIC, recoding just involves choosing different registers and a different port.


Note: Burn the clock fuse any way you like, but first time now use the internal oscillator. It is not in the code.
Note: replace “(spaces)” with spaces. (problems making columns)

LIST p=12C508
start movlw 0Eh
(spaces)tris 6
loop incfsz 08
(spaces)incf 09
(spaces)btfss 3,2
(spaces)goto skipy
(spaces)incfsz 0ah
(spaces)incf 0bh
skipy movf 8,w
(spaces)andwf 0ah,w
(spaces)movwf 0ch
(spaces)movf 9,w
(spaces)andwf 0bh,w
(spaces)iorwf 0ch,w
(spaces)bcf 6,0
(spaces)btfsc 3,2
(spaces)bsf 6,0
(spaces)goto loop

Burn (program) it now. Ignore this binary because it’s just for show.

Schematic- build on a breadboard

If it does nothing you can try again.
Of course you won’t know if it’s working yet.

Prepare your antenna. Unroll up to 3 meters or 10 feet of wire.
Wrap it around an umbrella like E.T. phones home.

Notice that a transistor-looking 78L05 has it’s pins reversed compared to a bigger 7805
and also that the upper right corner of the PIC12C508 is negative ground,
not positive Vcc like on many chips.

My browser is putting an icon on top of the antenna so if that’s what you see then
the third wire used on the PIC that goes away from the circuit is the antenna wire.

Schematic Pandora's Box

After you peeked ahead to see it all, and tested it, Make it.

See drawing. Looks so similar to schematic why make 2 drawings?

Notice that facing the flat part of the 78L05 with writing on it that
the pins are in backwards order compared to a 7805.

Gob up the antenna wire pin with hot glue so it doesn’t break the pin off the chip.

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