PIC 18F4550 Motor Controller Video Project

In this video, we cover how to breadboard and write the firmware for a motor controller (controlling a servo, 2 DC motors, and a stepper) with the PIC 18F4550. A few notes on this video:

-I recorded most of the video during the evening of July 4th here in the U.S., there were fireworks going off in the background during most of the video. Also, there was a thunder storm at the beginning. I hope this does not detract from the viewing experience all that much.

-In this video I showed and explained the firmware rather than typing it out during the video. To save time I may do this often in future videos, please let me know what you think of the format change in the comments if you feel strongly one way or the other in terms of which way makes for the best viewing experience.

Current Project / Post can also be found using:

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