PIC Programmer MkV is designed to get you into PIC Programming for just a few dollars. It uses just 12 components. Most of them will be in your “junk-box” and the PC board is a small piece of matrix board. It’s the cheapest way to get started.
As well as PIC PROGRAMMER MkV you will need these 4 things:
1. A desk-top computer with DB-9 serial port. (This programmer will not work on a lap-top computer and may not work with Vista.)
2. A software program called IC-Prog 105C-a and some helpful notes to guide you with setting up your computer. (This project is not suitable for In-Circuit Programming. You need to remove the chip from the project you are creating and program it in the 18 pin socket on the programmer. Eight pin chips are fitted with pin 1 aligning with pin 1 of the socket.)
3. A PIC chip, either PIC12F629 or PIC16F628 and
4. A project using one of these micros.

PIC Programmer MkV

This will get you into producing a MICROCONTROLLER PROJECT.
We have concentrated on two PIC chips. An 8 pin and 18 pin chip. The 8 pin chip can be either PIC12F629 or PIC12F675 and the 18 pin chip is PIC16F628 or PIC16F675.
The programmer will work with many other chips but we are concentrating on these two types to get you started.
Not only is a microcontroller project simpler than using lots of discrete chips, but it can be cheaper and easier to modify and provide a greater range of features than lots of individual chips.
On top of this you can produce a project that requires a program and this can be “locked” from prying eyes. This makes it saleable and you can protect your Intellectual Property – and make money.
Talking Electronics has produced a range of simple projects and provides assistance to get you into programming and creating projects that you have only “dreamed of.”
Getting into microcontroller programming will change your life.
But before we go any further, let’s build the programmer:

The circuit is constructed on a small piece of matrix board. All the components are readily available and the 3 red LEDs act as a visual indication that the programmer is operating as well as creating a 5v rail for the chip. The other two LEDs indicate the clock line is operating and 13v is present on the programming pin. It does not indicate the actual voltage – you will need to measure the voltage with a voltmeter to determine this.
A 470R resistor is connected between pins 4 and 8 inside the plug. This allows 4 lines to be taken to the project.

The lead can be any 4-core cable. We have used 4-core telephone cable. Follow the diagram to prevent any mistakes. The 470R resistor is soldered to pins 4 and 8 of the female plug.

For more detail: PIC PROGRAMMER MkV using PIC12F629

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