Tiny PIC bootloader using PIC16F microcontroller

Tiny Bootloader

This is a bootloader for the Microchip PIC microcontrollers.

  • It is the smallest bootloader, taking less than 100 words of program space;
  • Supports families of PIC devices: 16F, 18F, dsPIC30 (those devices that support self-programming)
  • Does not support yet PIC24, dsPIC33, PIC18xxJyy

Tiny PIC bootloader

Features of the firmware

  • Size of only 100 words; (all versions, for 16F,18F,dsPIC occupy less than 100 words);
  • Can write flash, eeprom and configuration bytes(18F);
  • On reset, waits 1 second (adjustable) for a message from the PC, if not received, launch user application;
  • The .asm file can be easily modified and adapted for any frequency (or baudrate);

Features of the PC software

  • Can upload programs into flash (in current version eeprom and cfg bytes can be modified only manually, depending on the device type);
  • Works with PIC16F,PIC18F and dsPIC types; automatically detects HEX content and PIC model;
  • Remembers last settings;
  • In case of errors, performs retransmissions or tries to resynchronize with pic;
  • The communication settings are editable so you can write any COM number or desired baud;
  • If a filename is specified as a command line parameter, it will automatically try to write it;

Supported/Tested Devices

Device Devices of the same type Flash ram EE ser adc osc pin    

PIC 16F Family

PIC16F876 877, 873, 874                  
PIC16F876A 877A, 873A, 874A 8k .3 .2 1 y   dD    
PIC16F887 PIC16F886                  
PIC16F88 87 4k .3 .2 1 y y d    

PIC 18F Family

PIC18F252 452, 242, 442;  2420, 2520, 4420, 4520 16k 1.5k .2 1a y   dD    
PIC18F258 458, 248, 448;  2480, 2580, 4480, 4580 16k 1.5k .2 1a y   dD CAN  
PIC18F2620 4620, 2525, 4525 32k 3.9k 1k 1e y y dD    
PIC18F1320 1220, 2220, 2320 4k .2 .2 1e y y d    
PIC18F8720 6520, 8520, 6620, 8620, 6720; 6621 64k 3.8k 1k 2 y   Q ext.mem.  
PIC18F2550 4550, 2455, 4455 16k 1.5k .2 1e y Y dD usb  
PIC18F4431 2331, 2431, 4331 8k .7 .2 1e Y   dD advPWM  
PIC18F4680 2585,2680,4585 32k 3.3 1k 1 y   dD ECAN  
PIC18F4580 2480,2580,4480 16k 1.5 .2 1 y   dD ECAN  
PIC18F4620 2525,2620,4525 32k 3.9 1 1 y   dD    
PIC18F4320 2220,2320,4220 4k .5 .2 1 y   dD    

dsPIC Family

Device Devices of the same type Flash ram EE ser adc osc pin    
dsPIC20F2010   4k .5 1k 1 y y d 6pwm  
dsPIC30F6014 6012, 6013, 6011, 6012A 44k 8k 4k 2 yy y Q 2CAN  
dsPIC30F3013 3012, 2012, 2011 8k 2k 1k (2) yy YY d    
dsPIC30F4012 4011 16k 2k 1k (2) y Y dD 6pwm, CAN  
dsPIC30F3011 3010 8k 1k 1k (2) y Y dD 6pwm  
dsPIC30F6010   44k 8k 4k 2 y y Q 8pwm, 2CAN  
  blue – tested for longer periods
blue – verified (or user source provided)
navy – reported to work (may require modifications!)
Flash, RAM, EEprom:  max. amount
ser:  a=addr.; e=enh.(brg/lin)
adc:  yy=12bit
osc:  internal+features
pin:  d<=dip28;  D=dip40;  Q>=tqfp


For more detail: Tiny PIC bootloader using PIC16F microcontroller

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