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PIC12F Board V1.0

Revised version of the PIC12F microcontrollers breakout board

The 12F series of PIC microcontrollers are handy little 8-pin devices designed for small embedded applications that do not require too many I/O resources, and where small size is advantageous. These applications include a wide range of everyday products such as hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, and blenders. Despite their …

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the board

4 Channel DMX512 Driver for PIC16F1823

The original DMX512 driver project #800 is now redesigned to incorporate the optional address configuration switch on the main PCB. The no-switches in-band DMX configuration feature is still retained Double sided PCB has resulted in a more compact board size. Firmware has been updated to run a latest generation enhanced midrange PIC16F1823 processor.

Web Controlled Multifunctional Car

Introduction In our final project, we have built a multi-functional car controlled by a web application on the PC, which allows users to drive the car as well as play music from the interface on the website. All the requests from the website are collected by JavaScript and the runtime environment Node.js serves to transmit the command via Bluetooth …

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