Cheap PIC Programmer using PIC16F84 microcontroller

Cheap PIC Programmer

This programmer works only with PIC16F84 but it’s great because it never causes errors and works with almost all computers,unlike some other homemade programmers.

PIC ProgrammerStep 1: Step one : Materials

For this programmer you won’t need many materials.In fact , you will find all you need in your local electronics shop ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here’s what materials you will need:
-IC Board
-RS232(Serial) FEMALE connector
-BC547B or 2N3904 (I couldn’t find the BC so i used 2N3904,it works great)
-5.1 V diode
-100 uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor
-18 PIN IC Socket
-10Kohm resistor
-15Kohm resistor

-Flashing red LED / 2.1 V Standard Red LED
-3.3Kohm Resistor]

-PIC16F84A Microcontroller

-Soldering Iron
-Scissors or any other cuting tool

-Hot glue gun]

Step two : The scheme

This is the scheme you will use for your programmer.
As you can see , i tagged two connection in the scheme as “Optional point” one and two .
Those are the points where you will connect the “Optional” circuit i will show you in step 3

Schematic PIC ProgrammerStep three : The optional circuit

The optional circuit consists of the LED and 3.3 Kohm resistor marked as optional in step one.
One pin of the resistor goes in the Optional point one , the other pin goes in the anode(+) of the LED.
The cathone(-) pin of the LED will go in Optional point two.
If you don’t understand , use the ellipse marked area of the scheme below.

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