PIC 18F – 28 PIN PIC Development Board


This is a versatile, configurable, and cost effective Development Board designed for the 18F – 28 pin series of Microcontroller from Microchip. The board is simplest form with all the Port pins terminating in a header connector for easy connection to the outside world.

Power Supply 7-18V DC

PIC 18F – 28 PIN PIC Development Board

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PIC_18F_28_PIN_PIC_Development_Board_PICThis is a PIC18F Development board with ICSP connector.


Some of the key benefits of this Development board are:

  • A ZIF socket enables easy removal of the Target MCU from the development Board.
  • Well Marked ICSP for connecter offers easy programming of the MCU on Board.
  • Plug In – Plug Out type crystal on the development board. Two jumpers J1 and J2 help you Plug In – Plug Out crystal from your project. A 20 Mhz Crystal is supplied along with the kit.
  • Jumper J3 allows you to use RE3 as a IO pin and VPP for the ICSP connector.
  • A bridge rectifier (D2) takes care of  any polarity connection at CN5.  Power On LED D3 displays Power on the PCB and the Voltage Regulator IC –U2 7805 ensures regulated power to the microprocessor and other devices connected to this board.
  • All Port Pin Connector are capable of providing DC supply to the ADD ON cards. Please ensure that you calculate your current requirement before sourcing this supply from this PCB. No short circuit protection is provided at these outputs.

 Please refer to the schematic diagram for the configuration of this board.


Schematic PIC 18F – 28 PIN PIC Development Board

For more detail: PIC 18F – 28 PIN PIC Development Board

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