Pingbot – Micro RC Rechargable Musical Robot Pal using PICAXE

Pingbot is a very small (38mm diameter), usb rechargeable, programmable, musical, remote control robot designed for maximum fun and danceability.

I’ve built a few experimental robots in the past and, to be honest, they all looked the part. They were nothing more than circuit boards with wheels glued on.They did help me learn, but they just didn’t feel like completed robots. The main purpose of this project was to combine electronics and 3D fabrication into a robot complete in both form and function. A fun robot with a sleek look and a bit of personality. The second goal was to make the robot as small as possible, smaller than half a ping-pong ball (hence the name).


In this Instructable I will share what I’ve learned while creating the Pingbot. Included is information about PICAXE Micro-controllers, surface mount soldering, PCB design, Autodesk’s 123D 3D design software and 3D fabrication, rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries, as well as a few painting techniques.

Included are schematics, a PCB layout, PICAXE code, 123D model files and pictures of the construction process. You will also find a wealth of links to detailed information that is relevant to the project, as well as suppliers for the parts used in the Pingbot.

MSurguy, a friend I made through this instructable, has finished his own version of the robot. Instead of a 3D printed shell he used an actual pingpong ball cut in half, check out the video:

Step 1: Body Shell 123D Design and Fabrication

The outer shell for Pingbot was designed using Autodesk’s FREE 123D 3D modeling software. It took me about a week of fiddling around with the program and referencing the tutorials before I got the feel for it. Once I had a handle on the basics, I chose a material and created the final model. The model was saved as an STL file, a common 3D model file type, and uploaded to 123D for fabrication. The completed model along with a version containing the separated components are both available in the 123D gallery, where they can be viewed in an interactive 3D preview. They are also included with this Instructable


For more detail: Pingbot – Micro RC Rechargable Musical Robot Pal using PICAXE

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